10 Best Jet Ski Rental Service Providers in Dubai in 2022

Jet ski rentals in Dubai are one of the most sought-after recreational activities to do, whenever you’re on a holiday. Speaking of holidays, Dubai is one of the most visited places in terms of tourists per year. This is because of the obvious attractions and the extravagance that you get to feel in the city.

So for the people who want to spend their holidays the best way in Dubai, jet-skiing must be one of their top priorities. This is why we have gathered the 10 best jet ski service providers in Dubai on today’s list. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Here is the list of the 10 best jet ski rental service providers in Dubai.

Popeye jet ski

Popeye jet ski-jet ski rentals in dubai


The next one on the list is also a pretty popular jet ski  in dubai . They offer a variety of different places on the 30-minute tour, which makes it possible for you to get a wholesome experience of the entire city without spending too much time in the water.

They have Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Downtown Dubai on their itinerary. However, they also include bottled water for the entire trip, a cabin to change, safety jackets, glasses, and even a photo taken by their guide from a professional camera.

Their package is great to just enjoy the city from the shoreline and take back home an experience overall, the visitors who have tried their jet ski service, have recommended it to their friends which implies that their services are great and hence they are on our list. Coming to the pricing, they charge 367 AED for their 30-minute jet ski tour, which is pretty affordable in our opinion.

Shark jetski

Shark jetski

Next on the list is a pretty popular name in the jet ski rentals in Dubai , shark jet ski. They have been in this industry for a long time and hence have the expertise and the knowledge to give you the best day of your life.

Jet skiing is always fun, but what makes it even better is knowing spots from where the entire city looks great. These guys know those exact places and the timings, to capture those perfect moments.

Which is a part of their jet ski rentals in Dubai as well. They will take you to the perfect spots at the perfect time so that you can enjoy and create memories.

Also, their services are not too expensive, which is great for people who are looking for an affordable jet ski rental service in Dubai. If you come to Dubai, contact shark jet ski to experience the best views of the city from the ocean. 

Octopus jet ski rental

Octopus jet ski rental

The next jet ski service in Dubai on the list is the octopus jet ski service. They have a 4.5-star rating on google reviews and also have been appreciated by a lot of tourists on their website.

Octopus jet ski rental service rents their jet skis out to people who want to experience the city from the shoreline. This makes for a perfect activity in the city on a lazy day. They also have guides that can help you perform some of the more adventurous tricks related to water sports and hence are the best in the game.

Apart from that, octopus jet ski rental is also very affordable for tourists, despite having the best jet skis available. This is why we highly recommend contacting them whenever you’re in the city to get an experience of your lifetime. 

Aquablue jet ski service

Aquablue jet ski service

Aquablue jet ski rental service is one of the cheaper jet ski services in Dubai. They are very affordable in terms of timing and hence are perfect for people who are on solo trips. For large groups, you can still take their jet skis out and have fun in the water. They give you firsthand experience of the Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa, and all the famous tourist spots you can think of.  They have a 5-star rating on google reviews, which makes them one of the best jet ski rentals in Dubai.

Jet ski tour of Dubai

The first one on the list is one of the most popular jet ski rental services that offer a huge value for the price they offer. A jet ski tour of Dubai gives you an overview of the most popular attractions of the city, including Burj al Arab, Dubai Marina, Atlantis, palm, and Burj Khalifa.  They let you enjoy what the entire city has to offer from the shoreline, where the jet skis are. You get to experience the natural and man-made beauties of Dubai, which makes it perfect for tourists to enjoy.

In our opinion jet ski tour of Dubai is the perfect option for people looking for a package deal, instead of renting out jet skis and going to random places. Their services are high quality, meaning, you will enjoy the tour and would want to come back and experience it more.

Also, the best thing about this jet ski rental service is that they let you choose the morning departure times so that you can experience it to the fullest. Coming to the price, they will charge you 623 AED, which is affordable enough in our opinion.

Dubai’s fastest jet ski

Now, as opposed to the first one we mentioned this jet ski service is much more adventurous. They offer you a glimpse of the water esports with the packages they have on offer and hence are the perfect jet ski rental service in Dubai for people who are looking for that exact adventure.

If you’re someone who is very interested in taking part in water sports or if you have experience, then you’re going to love this. They offer premium sightseeing from a vantage point which makes it perfect for people who want a peaceful look at the city’s shoreline. They have two packages on offer, the first one is a 60-minute jet ski ride and the other one is a 30-minute jet ski ride.

Whichever package you choose, we’re sure you will enjoy your time in the water and will be mesmerized by how the city looks. You can choose your preferred timings as well. Speaking of affordability, their 30-minute ride will cost you 277 AED, which is pretty reasonable in our opinion.

1H jet ski tour Dubai

This jet ski service is a 1-hour tour of the entire city’s shoreline and covers all the landmarks that you’d wish to cover. A lot of people visit these landmarks, but only a few get to experience the water. The city looks beautiful from the coastline, especially at night when the shimmering lights make the city come alive. If you want to experience the real beauty of Dubai, we highly recommend you to take this trip across the place.

They have only two places on their itinerary, Burj al Arab and the Atlantis, which makes it possible for you to experience these spots to the fullest and hence gives you an entire hour to be awestruck apart from that, the jet ski service includes all necessary equipment including life jackets, glasses, masks, bottled water and even photographs being clicked by their guides. Overall, their jet ski service is one of the best in Dubai, which makes them one of the most recommended jet ski services as well.

 1.5 hour jet ski tour

This package is insane. They let you enjoy the shoreline to the fullest. This jet ski rental service makes sure that you get the full experience of water sports and also get to experience the sights the city has to offer.

Their Yamaha jet skis will swoosh you around the Jumeirah area, which is perfect to enjoy some adventure sports.

Sine their jet ski tour is 90 minutes long, you get to experience the adventurous and the beautiful parts simultaneously.

The items that they have included in their itinerary is amazing, as it lets you circle the man-made island past Atlantis and also gives you an entire tour of the city from the shoreline.

Also, you get to experience the Dubai marina, Jumeirah residence, and Burj Khalifa from the water. However, the only downside is that you have to ride behind a guide the whole time and not experience it first hand.

However, that can be arranged if you get in touch with the owners and you have experience riding the jet ski before. They charge 790 AED per person, which is a bit expensive but is definitely worth the money.

 2-hour jet ski tour Dubai

If 90 minutes isn’t enough, then this is the perfect package for you. This package comes with a total trip time of two hours, which is an activity for the entire evening. You get a chance to explore Dubai’s most attractive tourist spots from the shoreline, which makes it look even more beautiful.

Since you have a 2-hour package, the tour will be much more extensive the activities that you perform are going to be even more advanced. If you’re in Dubai for the first time and you want to experience it to the fullest, then this is the jet ski service we recommend you take up. This 2-hour jet ski tour also includes all the necessary gear that you need and complimentary photographs wherever you want.

This is the perfect package for people who are in Dubai to have fun. Speaking of the dough, this tour package is going to cost you 900 AED per person, which is a lot, but if you’re here to have fun, then this is the least you can do. 

Dubai: jet ski adventure rides

If you want to experience the best views of Dubai’s skyline from the shore, then we recommend you to take this jet ski tour across the city.  They have Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Atlantis on their itinerary, which is quite a lot for the price they’re offering their services at. Speaking of which, you can rent a jet ski from Dubai jet ski adventure rides for as low as 320 AED, which is pretty affordable in our opinion.

All the necessary safety equipment, packaged water, and complimentary photographs come with the package which is perfect for making it an activity for an evening. They have different departure times that you can customize according to your plans, which is great. If you come to Dubai and feel like jet skiing, then we recommend using Dubai jet ski adventure rides’ services.


If you’re in the city looking to have fun and experience the real beauty of the city, then the above-mentioned 10 jet ski rental services in Dubai are the ones you should reach out to. If you’re looking for cheap jet ski services in Dubai or even the most premium, we have both on the list and hence were sure you will find something up your alley.

Each jet ski service will give you a different, unique experience of the city’s shoreline, and hence it’s totally up to you to choose. But if you’re here for vacation, then jet ski rentals in Dubai are a must and hence you should definitely invest in it. Till then, keep scrolling!

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