10 Best Liquidation Pallets San Diego (Jackpot Like Deals) 2022

Anyone who stays in San Diego knows the city is full of unique liquidation stores that provide some of the best liquidation pallets in San Diego. As branded products are becoming more and more expensive, people are leaning towards liquidation pallets in San Diego to buy everyday products along with some special orders. The benefit is that it is much more affordable without compromising the quality.

In this article, we’ll summarize the ten best liquidation stores in San Diego that you must visit this year. These stores are known for their versatile range of products to fulfill your needs and match your style. The quality, pricing, and customer experience are of topmost priority so don’t shy away to visit the best stores you like.

Best Liquidation stores in San Diego

The Nada Shop

The Nada Shop

The Nada Shop is one of the best liquidation stores in San Diego that specializes in liquidating body care and household products. This company claims to sell safe and sustainable liquidation pallets in San Diego. Whether you love purchasing skincare products, hair care, clay masks, topical oil, essential oil, hand soap, laundry detergent, or even dish soap, these companies provide premium quality products at the most reasonable prices starting from $7.20 – $353.90.

All the products are certified organic and environment friendly. They make wonderful gift products for your near and dear ones. Not just that the website offers seasonal discounts for bulk orders as well, which makes it even more affordable.

Currently, there is a delivery fee of $50 for orders below $99. You can also order online and pick the products from the nearest store at your convenience. It usually takes 2-5 days for delivery to arrive at your doorstep, which is standard. For any help, the Nada Shop has 24/7 customer service.

 Lucky Imperial Liquidation

Lucky Imperial Liquidation

Next on the list of the best liquidation stores in San Diego is Lucky Imperial Liquidation. This wholesale liquidation company is best known for its customer service, which sets it apart from its competitors. From the website interface, store locator, online customer support, offline assistance, and price offers to return policies, product warranties, and more, this company takes care of everything.

With Lucky Imperial Liquidation, you can safely shop online for anything you need in your day-to-day life, including clothing, kitchenware, toys, shoes, electronics, house appliances, and more. This company is also one of the best furniture liquidators in San Diego.

The best part about this website is that you can view the product and get a reasonable quote for it via the customer service team. This saves your time and energy to visit the store, especially if you are someone who loves online shopping.

Even if the desired product is unavailable, you can contact the team and get an estimated date of re-stock. They also have a personal e-mail notification system that keeps you updated with every new product arrival, special discounts, and seasonal sales.

Consignment Classics Liquidation

Consignment Classics Liquidation


Next on the list is San Diego’s largest antique and vintage liquidation center – Consignment Classic Liquidation. With several warehouses and over 100 dealers across the city, this store offers a diverse vintage and antique product range. The best part is that they receive new inventory every week which helps to continuously change the collection. Thus allowing all the vintage lovers to keep re-visiting the store.

At the Consignment Classics, you’ll find vintage products from all over the world and from all eras. Some of the categories include vintage furniture, music records, jewelry, clothing, watches, artwork, lights, home décor, and more. Explore this hidden gem to find some stunning, stylish products that blend in with your personality.

DC Computer Warehouse

DC Computer Warehouse


Like most other locally owned and operated liquidation stores in San Diego, this store takes pride in serving its community for over a decade. It specializes in liquidating computers especially used Apple desktops/laptops as well as Windows laptops/desktops.

Most of the products sold by this company are acquired from corporations that keep upgrading their computers. Therefore, they are all off-lease units. All the products undergo a rigorous examination to ensure premium quality. Any damage detected in a product is repaired immediately.

A fresh software is installed on every device before re-selling it on the website. However, with an exceptional customer service team like DC computers, you won’t have to worry too much about it. They make sure to guide you through any situation. They also offer repair services for any future problems.

 Antiques of San Diego

 Antiques of San Diego- Liquidation Stores in San Diego

Just like its name, this liquidation store offers authentic fine jewelry, coins, silver antiques, and collectibles. Spread across various locations in San Diego, this liquidation store caters to people who love local handmade/customize accessories.  Don’t take them lightly as they provide some of the most unique designs that you’ll never find in any other store.

They have been in the antique liquidation business for more than 30 years which makes them the pioneers in this industry. Every piece of jewelry is made to suit a certain style. Pair it up with a bunch of different accessory pieces or wear one thing at a time, this store has something to offer everyone.

GTM Discount General Store

GTM Discount General Store- Liquidation Stores in San Diego

Launched in 1980 as a garage sale, GTM general store has established itself as one of the best liquidation stores in San Diego. GTM stands for ‘Get the Money’ which is also the motto of the company to offer premium quality products at affordable prices. GTM provides an excellent shopping experience to all its customers both online and offline. Their dedicated team of professionals is knowledgeable and works with clients to get them the best deals for high-quality liquidation pallets.

Here, you will find a variety of clothing apparel, general merchandise like accessories, bags, and special sales including electronics, glassware, household items, appliances, kitchenware, hardware, and more.

GTM is also a proud furniture liquidator in San Diego providing long-lasting and industry-grade furniture, flooring, patio designing, and more. So, don’t think twice when it comes to visiting a store that offers amazing customer service. Check out their product range now, you’ll be surprised to find some incredible items for your home.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree 

Dollar Tree is the one-stop-shop for all household things. From cleaning supplies, groceries, drinks, personal care products, toys, and books to craft supplies, cooking, baking, kitchenware, and holiday decorations, Dollar Tree provides extreme value on every product. The best part about this company is that they have a new product range every week! Thus helping you buy the most useful liquidation pallets.

Another benefit of Dollar Tree is that they have multiple stores in San Diego, so you can easily commute from your home and avail the best discount deals. The store is full of high-quality products to meet all your needs. So, you don’t have to visit multiple stores to get all the products. The website provides the phone numbers and location of all the stores which makes it more convenient for you to find the store. So, visit the nearest Dollar Tree store now.

Big Lots

Big Lots- Liquidation Stores in San Diego

Much like its name, Big Lots is one of the largest liquidation pallets in San Diego. They are committed to bringing tremendous change to the wholesale industry by offering valuable products and delightful prices. Not just this, they promise to provide a store which is rewarding for their customers and the employees altogether.

Talking about the products, Big Lots is one of the best furniture liquidators in San Diego. At Big Lots, you’ll find furniture under $500, rugs under $100, home décor under $500, and amazing weekly deals. Whether it is your home or office, you’ll find some of the finest seating and utility products for any space. And if you are confused about what to buy, the team of experts at Big Lot can help you find the right piece by understanding your style. If you are looking for an incredible furniture liquidator in San Diego then look for the nearest Big Lots store.

Reusable Finds

Reusable Finds- Liquidation Stores in San Diego

Reusable Finds is a liquidation company with a passion for restoring, Recycling, and re-creating new products. In addition to this, it also has dedicated services to salvage furniture that has reached its peak usage. This means that they refurbish and re-purpose such materials to make them usable for a long time.

If you are an avid shopper who loves to purchase from liquidation stores that have strong core values like Reusable Finds, then do check their website. Their finds are unique and add instant character and personality to your home/office setting. Being one of the best furniture liquidators in San Diego, Reusable Finds will not disappoint you in terms of quality and price.

 Mid Century Store

Mid Century Store-Liquidation Stores in San Diego

The ultimate liquidation store on this list is Mid Century Store which specializes in rescuing and selling iconic products from the 50s to the 70s. Their showroom is one of a kind and has a personality of its own displaying the vibrant mid-century vibes. This company is one of the biggest vintage liquidation stores in San Diego that mainly deals with mid-century furniture and accessories. Here, you will find beautifully refurbished furniture designs that’ll add value to your room.

If you love vintage or love collecting old, iconic yet premium quality home accessories like tables, lamps, chairs, recliners, chandeliers, and more, then Mid Century Store is the perfect liquidation store for you. They have the best furniture liquidation pallets in San Diego available at an affordable price.


The above list of stores offers some mind-blowing product range that’ll not only fulfill your requirements but also add value to you. From clothing, accessories, jewelry, home décor, body care, household items, and kitchenware to garden supplies, office set-ups, and furniture, the above stores will help you buy anything and everything.

All these liquidation companies have been in the market for several years so they are trusted and reliable. Most of them even offer environmentally friendly products. Go through their website or drive down to their warehouse to find an exclusive, one-of-a-kind liquidation pallet in San Diego.

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