10 Best Liquidation Stores in London For Great Deals in 2022

Liquidation stores became a new trend in late 2000. Most people prefer using liquidation stores because of their variety of products and wide range of prices.  Therefore, it gained popularity among people. Liquidation is a pro because you can get a lot of good choices And many antique products. So many stores have emerged till today that you can compare them well before choosing the best deal. Thus, you need to research thoroughly before selecting good Liquidation stores in London.

Again, it is quite a difficult task to get a good liquidation store that will provide you with the best deals and can be profitable for you. Many of them out there can provide you with the wrong products at cheap prices.

To know more about the best London Liquidation pallets, go through this article. Herein we compiled the wide range of goods and services that are offered by different London Liquidator stores. After rigorous research, we concluded on the 10 best liquidation stores in London that you can refer to in 2022 to cut out good, reliable, and profitable transactions.

Check out these top 10 Liquidation Stores in London.

M Brill Ltd 

M Brill Ltd 

Let’s start with M Brill Limited which is one of the most visited liquidation stores in London. They are well known for their fastest stock buying services. The excess stock purchased by any other dealer can be cleared out by this liquidation store in London. They will offer you warehouses, retail shops, and outlets in different areas of London where you can easily deal with your extra stock. They do not restrict any stock and also deal with the removal of damaged goods.

The perishable food dealers prefer this liquidation store because this is one such rare liquidation store in London that buys obsolete food products at the best possible prices. Apart from this, emerald limited also deals with bankrupt stocks, provides the highest-rated catalog clearance services, and provides relabelling and repacking services.

M Brill Limited also has its block page where you will find all the necessary details regarding the stock clearances and their new deals at the best prices. Most of the liquidation stores hesitate to pay good prices for the extra stock or unwanted stocks.

M Brill Limited is one such company that believes that the stocks can be resold and reused very efficiently and quickly if they successfully build good relationships with others. Hence, since 1919 M Brill Ltd has been a successful liquidation store in London. 

Rollings Butt 

Rollings Butt 

Another best liquidation store in London is the Rollings Butt whose objective is to provide good products and services for the best value. For years they have successfully provided cost-effective services to their loyal customers. They deal with all kinds of liquidation services starting from distressed companies to appointing liquidators. 

If you are worried about the underperformance of your Company, you can refer to Rollings Butt for the analysis of the same. They work directly with the top stakeholders of the company and help you prepare the restructuring plan, efficient ways to deal with the debts, and equity swaps. Rollings Butt is highly preferred because they can plan your tax matters well.

Apart from this they also provide extensive construction-related technology and intellectual services. Their experience in projection technology, managing the hosts, dealing with renewables, and various technical information is highly appreciated for its establishment.

Some of the famous case documents are also uploaded on their official sites such as the famous Boston Prime Limited administration structure, Harrison and Making Limited liquidation structure, Hot Office Business Centres Limited liquidations structure, and many more.

London Direct Liquidation 

London Direct Liquidation 

Are you looking for some good deals on furniture, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, and mattresses? Then you can refer to another well-known appliance liquidation store in London is the London Direct Liquidation. It is again the highest-rated liquidation pallet in London that provides a good number of deals on the retail prices of all the products to its customers. 

They have been providing brand new and guaranteed products for the last 20 years. No matter whether your mirrors and goods are dented and damaged they will buy directly from you at negotiable prices. People appreciate purchasing from London Direct Liquidation because they provide same-day delivery.  

You will get a wide range of washers, dryers, and other appliances at regular prices with negotiable offers.  They never get stock out and always intimate their customers whenever they are restocked. This is one such store in London that provides extended warranties on their purchases. If you are looking for any accredited liquidation stores in London, you can look for a London Direct Liquidation store where you will also get your possible solutions for your dented appliances questions from their experts.



The World at your feet- Looking for some best quality rugs for this winter? Why don’t you try the Kelaty liquidation store in London that provides a wide range of rugs collections at an affordable range? This is one such London liquidator that is highly reputed for its high-quality Harlequin Collection.

They are always stocked with new products and provide special offers at regular intervals. They deal with a high range of plush zinc, plush white, plush taupe, international designs, Amira collection, and emerald collection.  Kelaty have a huge collection of leather and hides Starting from sheepskin to Rodeo cowhide exotic collection. There are no such rugs that you will not find in this liquidation pallet in London. Unlike other stores, their oriental and traditional rocks collection consists of stocks from Amoral, Anatolia, Bukhara, Chandler, Infinite, Persia, and many more.

They have an endless collection of planes and shaggy rugs starting from Blade, Cascade, Blade Border, Elgin, Fusion, Iliona, Fields, Form, Imperial, Loop, and many more. Apart from all these classic collections they also have the latest and modern rugs collection from artworks, dash, daliya, amira, astral, etc.

Every often, dis London liquidator pallet also comes up with many discounted offers that can range up to 50% off on the list price of some highly demanded items. On all your purchases, they provide a 60-day stand-out guarantee and if they fail to fulfill such, not only will they return your money but will also compensate you with new coupons and items.

Direct Wood Flooring 

Direct Wood Flooring - Liquidation stores in London

Direct wood flooring is an excellent Lumber Liquidators store in Northern London. This liquidation palette has some great collections of distressed smooth and Matte flooring materials of all shades and different styles. You will get some great styles of oak, stone, walnut school farmhouse, villa, dark good, medium wood, and dark woods laminates in their liquidation store.

If you are looking for waterproof and classic floor tiles for your rooms or bathrooms, you can get high-rated and durable ceramic tiles meant for all homes. Occasionally, they provide the highest range of discounts on all their items that can hike up to 75% on the list price. You can also try their HDF Core, BBC, and BBC rigid core materials that can be embedded with the luxury vinyl tiles and other varieties of laminates.

 If you want the flooring materials at an instant along with financial support, you can look for the items of a direct wood flooring store in London. They also provide free samples within 48 hours of your registration to make your pick easier. If you hesitate with your choice after purchase, you can return the flooring within 100 days from its purchase.

Flooring Liquidators 

Flooring Liquidators - Liquidation stores in London

If you are looking for a good lumber liquidator in London, then you should consider using the goods and services of flooring liquidators. It is one of the highest-rated liquidation pallets in London that provides good discounted deals on the retail prices of the products.  It has a wide range of vinyl, carpet, tiles, and other accessories for heated floors, grout, stairs and railings, and moldings and trim.

Your floors and walls need strong, resistant, and stable woods that last for years so, you need to get services from a loyal lucrative liquidator in London. Therefore, customers trust flooring liquidators who provide an impressive range of Acacia, hardwood red oak, Maple, Scandinavia, Vidor Hickory, cover green touch hardwood, and many others of all sizes and all colors.

They will also not disappoint you in terms of their extended collection of laminates such as the Monticello collection, laminate high gloss, king wave collection, Mountville classic estate collection, and many others. If you are looking for great mosaic, natural, and feature wall tiles then you can take the help of flooring liquidators. Every month this liquidator store in London comes up with new discounted offers for their clients.


Criterion - Liquidation stores in London

If you are in search of a good estate liquidator in London, you can consider taking the services from the Criterion liquidator store. Since its establishment, it has dealt with a great range of art, antiques, memorabilia, and jewelry. They divide their items into categories and an expert is assigned to every category.

If you need a proper valuation certificate for your antiques, you can reach the doors of Criterion London’s liquidation store. They arrange weekly and monthly auctions on all the catalogs and the details of all such bidding are available on their official website. Apart from the antiques, they also deal with good furniture and other home equipment. The catalog is settled generally on Thursday midday and the saleroom is open during business hours.

If you want someone to manage your antiques well with the best possible prices, you can extend this to this reputed liquidation store in London.  You will get some old-fashioned valuables in this place and they are always stocked with refreshing items. The independent solicitors here work on a Commission basis and they are highly experienced in their field.

Every valuation of the property items is conducted by the senior valuer and issues individual valuation reports for every item carefully. Criterion has a good team of professional and efficient executors and valuers who will not disappoint you with their services.

Wholesale Clearance Stock 

Wholesale Clearance Stock - Liquidation stores in London

Wholesale clearance stock deals with special liquidation products in all categories. They are generally the wholesale dealers that are trusted by millions of retailers and end-users for years.

Unlike other liquidator pallets, Wholesale Clearance does not charge any extra delivery charge from their customers. You will find great stock of shoes, dresses, accessories, household appliances, electrical appliances, zippers, and many more from their stores at affordable prices.

This British wholesaler restocks themselves every week and you will find everything for your family’s daily use here. Their all-time objective is to provide high-quality stock to their end-users whether online or offline. At regular intervals, this London liquidator also announces discounted sales where up to 99% discount is offered on all the categories of goods. 

More than 1 lac customers visit this store and their online website every month to try out their new collection. They also introduced a new investment plan for their customers where you can invest your money for future use.

If you are willing to participate in their auction you can sign up online and place transparent bids on their excess stock. If you are looking for a perfect liquidator pallet in London for a huge volume of items at a good range of prices, you can try out the best value services of wholesale clearance stock before taking a further move.

Commerce Properties 

Are you in search of a good estate liquidator store in London? Then you can refer to the services of commerce properties which is one of the appreciated estate London liquidation stores. They are known for providing valuable offers at regular intervals.

Commerce properties are mainly appreciated because they understand the meaning of an estate and its related emotion. They have a huge database and thus never disappoint their customers.

They provide training to their employees on a regular interval so that they can become a pro in their work. If you submit your details on their website they will provide you with all their upcoming products and services. You will get a wide range of antique collections in that store. 

If you are looking for any property litigation partner, you can refer to the store in London at an instant. Another fact of this liquidation store in London is that day provides a proper valuation of your items and their related profitability.

Understandably, you are worried about getting an absolute price for your antiques. In such a case, you can always visit commerce properties because they are well-known for their loyal services and providing absolute value for antiques to their customers for years.

London Liquidation store 

London liquidation store is well known for its wide range of furniture deals in various places of London.  They offer very good items at affordable prices. They also deal with high-quality mattresses of all sizes. You can get good products starting from $75 only.

Their huge collection of dining room sets, accent tables, bar stools, TV wall mounts, sofas, and various types of chairs are unbeatable in the market. In regular intervals, the store also provides good deals where you can get a minimum 40% discount on all the items. Users have commented that the store is always stocked with fresh and innovative items and have always got new products every time they visit. 

Depending on the item and the deal, they also extend good negotiation on certain products. We would suggest you visit the Liquidation stores for Discounted deals instantly if you are looking for premium furniture and rugs at an affordable range. You can also provide your details in their stores and thus you will be updated every time they are stocked.


Liquidation stores have been a great trend since the 2000 era.  Since then many good liquidation stores came up with a good number of deals and high-quality products and services for their customers. London is one such place where the concept of liquidation stores is quite famous.

The stores over there have not only modified their services and product ranges but have also added significant technologies to their system so that they can be at par with their customers.

If you are targeting to cut a transaction with a liquidation store in London for any of the above-mentioned goods and services in 2022, then you can try visiting any of these above Liquidation stores in London.

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