10 Best Liquidation Stores in San Jose in 2022

Whether you are a retailer or a buyer looking to get some amazing deals in Liquidation Stores in San Jose. Everyone can benefit from liquidation companies. These stores are excellent places to find something useful and worth the price. You can even buy bulk liquidation pallets in San Jose if you know the right store.

San Jose has some incredible hidden gems that offer great prices on liquidation goods. From grocery, personal care, kitchenware, and household items to office supplies, home décor, and furniture, there are top selling wholesale liquidations in San Jose. And to help you find the best liquidation store, we have curated a list of the ten best liquidation stores in San Jose. Have a look and find the most interesting store near you.

Here is the list of the 10 best liquidation stores in San Jose in 2022.

Liberty Liquidators

Liberty Liquidators-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

Liberty liquidators are one of the top-selling furniture liquidations in San Jose. From office desks, chairs, cubicles, and lamps to executive furniture products, this company offers everything. Whether you want to open a brand new office or revamp the old one, you’ll find some incredible product range to suit your style.

The idea behind Liberty Liquidators in San Jose is that they buy used furniture from offices that are about to close or relocate. All the furniture items are then inspected and refurbished if necessary. The refurbished furniture undergoes quality tests to ensure it is durable and comfortable.

If you want new office furniture, Liberty Liquidators have that too. They purchase brand new furniture from the manufacturers to help you save a lot of money that goes into the retail pricing. When you cut the middleman, it brings in big savings for all. So, take advantage of the discounted prices over amazing furniture before they run out of stock.

The Source Zero

The Source Zero-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

Source Zero is a business that promotes women and their creative skills. They have one-of-a-kind liquidation pallets in San Jose that are 100% plastic-free. Some products sold by this liquidation company include soap refill, bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel cutlery, straw, bamboo cutlery, wool dryer, water bottles, and more. The best part is that all the products are environmentally friendly and plastic-free. They are durable and very chic in style.

Surplus Buyers and Liquidation Services

Surplus Buyers and Liquidation Services-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

Surplus Buyers is another furnishing liquidator in San Jose that offers premium quality office supplies, computers, and laser printers. Launched in 1990, this company emerged into liquidating goods from closing corporate facilities or offices that are being relocated. With over 30 years of experience in the liquidation business, this company has become a pioneer in selling office furniture, computers, servers, e-waste, tools, and machinery.

In 2007, Surplus Buyers was awarded the top ten worldwide eBay sellers as they sold about one million items of their inventory on eBay. Not just that all the orders received 99.9% positive feedback from the customers. This shows how reliable and amazing this liquidation center is to fulfill your office setup needs.

The Costless Brand Name

The Costless Brand Name-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

The Costless Brand Name is a wholesale liquidation in San Jose. They have a retail merchandise outlet store that provides brand new, closeout, overstock, or liquidated inventory containing a variety of quality products. Their liquidation pallets in San Jose consist of electronics, furniture, home décor, home appliances, clothing, accessories, phones, household products, and more.

Besides the regular products, this liquidation company also offers branded garments at discounted rates. Here, you will find high-quality products from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Levis, Adidas, Michael Kors, and many more. The goal of this company is to provide amazing products at the lowest possible price so that the customers can save their money and enjoy the products at home.

Living Spaces Furniture Liquidators

Living Spaces Furniture Liquidators-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

Living Spaces are the best furniture liquidators in San Jose. Their priority lies in providing a comfortable and convenient shopping experience. They specialize in liquidation furniture for living room, home office, bedroom, dining, and more.

In addition to this, you’ll also find some amazing home décor products, patio furniture, rugs, and kid’s supplies. The best part about this company is that they deliver on the same day. So, you don’t have to wait for the new furniture.  With over 150 living room designs, 100 bedroom furniture ideas, and 115 dining furniture sets, Living Space offers a huge collection of modern and contemporary living options to meet your design style.

So, visit the store today and get some exclusive furniture pieces for your home. Don’t shy away to bring your kids along as the Living Space store has a supervised fun room for kids to play and watch movies all day while the parents shop without any hassle.

Bay Area Estate Liquidators

Bay Area Estate Liquidators

Bay Area Estate Liquidators is well known for its full-service auction and liquidation services. They have a team of experts that guide you through the estate auction process and make sure your estate content is sold at a reasonable price. They have a wide network of reliable buyers so you don’t have to worry while liquidating your estate products.

Whether you want to sell clothes, jewelry, vintage products, carpets, or even furniture, Bay Area Estate Liquidators never disappoint you in getting a quality deal. Besides this, they also organize auctions to sell cars, RVs, or any other vehicle bringing immense value to your assets. Here no item is big or small, so visit their store now and buy or sell valuable products at the best price.

BT Express Liquidators

BT Express Liquidators

Like many other liquidators in San Jose.BT Express Liquidators also specialize in buying and selling new or used office furniture. They have every furniture style for any size. Business includes new or used office desk, chair, table, benches, file storage, shelves, art, reception furniture sets, electronic, lockers, storage cabinets, and much more. The best part is that they get new inventory every week which keeps the inventory new and exciting for the customers.

If you have any particular design in mind, the expert liquidators can get it shipped to your office in the shortest time. It is best for people looking to set up low-budget office space but with premium quality furniture that’ll last long.

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

As the name suggests, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is the largest grocery liquidator in San Jose. They work towards bringing premium brands at low prices. With over 400 stores across the country and a customer base of 1.5 million people. This liquidation company takes pride in offering the biggest and most innovative grocery outlet to all.

What makes them stand out is their worldwide networks with some of the most thrilling grocery brands. Here, you’ll find everything from fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat to organic and natural grocery products. It is the perfect place to visit with your families and buy wholesale food items for your home.

Daiso Japan Liquidators

Daiso Japan Liquidators-Liquidation Stores in San Jose

Daiso Japan aims to provide the best items for daily necessities, hobbies, and luxury care. The majority of the products are developed in-house and are extremely useful in simplifying your daily chores. They have all sorts of products from personal care, stationery, storage, kitchenware, tableware, travel accessories, interior décor, and more.

All products are made from premium-grade material that is durable and great to look at. The best part is that everything in the store is available at a single price. So you can buy more than usual. The idea behind a one-priced product is to encourage customers to try new items that they would otherwise not purchase.

This opens up a market for a plenitude of new products. This innovative idea also makes shopping exciting for people. Because they might come across a product that they have never used before.

Home Consignment Center

Home Consignment Center

Home Consignment Center is one of the first premium consignment businesses in San Jose that offer high-end furniture, art, and accessories to make your home beautiful living space. This liquidation company allows you to buy and sell furniture, consignment jewelry, and high-quality products at very affordable prices.

The consigners are also the buyers here. When you drop your products, you can get in touch with them immediately and make sales right away. This center is primarily known for selling upscale furniture, home accessories, home décor, art, and more.

They also have a wonderful outlet for floor models, closeouts, and model homes. Since they love buying new consignments, their inventory is always beaming with fresh collections. Apart from this Home Consignment Center also offers beautiful vintage jewelry including gold, platinum, diamond, and colored gems at reasonable prices.


The above ten liquidation stores in San Jose are incredible at providing the best products at reasonable prices. They also offer the most comfortable customer experience. Go through their website to order online or visit the nearest store to get quality merchandise. These liquidation stores in San Jose will make sure you do not compromise on your deals and make the most out of them.

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