10 Best Places to Buy Telegram Accounts in 2022

Telegram is a very well-known social media Interface used to connect with people. It helps people connect through cloud-based messaging and video chatting services Buy Telegram Accounts. It is being used across the globe today and you can easily buy a Telegram account. Almost around 500 million people in the world use Telegram today.

It has a wide set of audience and are active users on this social media interface. The unique part about Telegram is that its messaging services are end to end encrypted. The users have to verify their phone numbers before using their service. This makes all of the existing accounts authentic and prevents people from creating fake or spam identities.

They have extra facilities like secret messages, unique stickers, voice calls, video calls, etc. Telegram has grown to such an extent today, that it has become a revenue-generating source. Many people use Telegram for promoting business, goods, and different products. People can buy Telegram accounts, followers, members as well as views. If you are planning to buy a Telegram account and have no idea from where to buy it, then we have got you covered.

Here is the list of 10 Best Places to Buy Telegram Accounts.


AccsMarket-Buy Telegram Accounts

AccsMarket is one of the top websites to buy Telegram accounts. It provides Telegram accounts at super cheap prices. Most of the accounts on this website are below the one-dollar mark, making it very affordable for people to buy. Their services are excellent and have top-rated accounts.

They also provide all the necessary account details in the account description section. You can gain knowledge about the owner of the account, account location, statistics or database, pre-existing followers, phone numbers, engagement, etc.

This will make it easier for you to choose between a variety of options. They have a lot of sales and their customers are happy with their service. They have received top ratings and reviews from their clients. This makes them one of the best places to buy a Telegram account.

App Sally

App Sally-Buy Telegram Accounts

App Sally is one of the top websites to buy Telegram accounts. They work in a variety of social media promotion and sales activities. They are one of the top-rated social media service providers in the world. App Sally bring in a variety of some of the most authentic accounts. Their service is the best and will help you get great accounts at cheap prices. They have limited timeframe sale system.

There are offers on an account for a limited timeframe. Once this time period is crossed the account price rises. If you wish to get the best deal, you will have to keep a track of their website. Their prices are comparatively high because they provide accounts with pre-existing base of followers. They deal in many social media platforms. They also offer follower and member packages.

Other than Telegram they also handle Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tiktok, Dubsmash, Twich, Discord, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube account sales. They also provide 15 days unlimited warranty after availing service from their website. The great part about App Sally is that it is not a bot handled service.

They have a professional working class unit engaged in these activities. Even the followers that they attract are real people. They do not bring bot following and believe in organic account growth. If you wish to buy an account and help it grow, then this is the best option you can go for.


Accfarm-Buy Telegram Accounts

This is the best site to buy a Telegram account.  It provides you with different packages and a variety of options. Their packages start from basic $10 mark and can go up to $300 premium packages. You can simply choose your desired package and move ahead.

The process has been made very simple and anyone can buy these accounts. A basic Telegram account on Accfarm costs around $2. As the number of followers for an account increases, the account price increases. The prices can go up to $100 depending on the account engagement.

The unique feature about this website is that they have packages in almost all categories. They also handle other social media account sales, for example Facebook. This is one of the top sites to buy Telegram accounts and is very trustworthy.


Z2U-Buy Telegram Accounts

Z2U is a very well-known site to buy game account services and social media accounts. They provide some of the most authentic and established accounts for sale. They have a huge variety of Telegram account options you can buy from. Almost over 100 accounts have been listed on Z2U website.

This will help you choose a desired account and help you grow your followers. Their prices are cheap and affordable. They have variety of packages. The most basic package starts below the $1 mark. They also offer discounts if you buy many accounts at the same time.

They estimate the seller’s delivery time, account insurance, and account quantity. These details help the buyer understand the process in a better way and set Z2U apart from other social media service providers. They have huge number of customers. Their everyday sales are very high and most of the gamers prefer buying accounts from them. They have received top reviews and five-star ratings, which makes them one of the best places to buy a Telegram account.



Playerup is a website that will help you buy not only a Telegram account but also subscribers and member groups. This site facilitates the buying as well as the selling of accounts. It helps you get connected with top account owners and set up the perfect deal. Their rates are affordable and you get amazing deals on different accounts.

They provide all the detailed information below every account search. You can buy accounts in a bunch. This is the only website that will give you a basic account at only half a dollar. They also have amazing offers. If you are lucky enough, you might get free followers for your account or extra two accounts!

They claim that they are the world’s safest player-to-player marketplace. All the accounts for sale are verified. They ensure fast delivery and sale. Their account delivery takes place within a few hours of approval. You can definitely trust them and buy accounts from them. If you want fast service and want to buy bunch of accounts at a great offer, then this is the best option for you.


Salvanik-Buy Telegram Accounts

This website helps you analyze different Telegram accounts and choose the best out of them. They have a variety of options to choose from. The accounts that they handle have high followers and members. Some of the accounts have followers ranging from ten to fifty thousand.

The site provides star-based ratings, which will help you choose the best account as per the five-star category. They provide high quality services at affordable prices. Their customers are very satisfied and they have received some great reviews. If you wish to study accounts before buying, then Salvanik will provide you each and every detail, before your purchase.

Epic NPC

Epic NPC

Epic NPC is a marketplace, where you will find a great variety of Telegram accounts. It provides all the necessary information. The owner of the account is mentioned. Hence you can contact the owner through the site or directly externally. They always suggest contacting account owners using their website for safety reasons and smooth dealings.

Their pricing is cheap and the accounts are of the best quality. The unique part about Epic NPC is that they accept payment not only in dollars but also in crypto currencies. They accept all types of crypto currencies. Their website

has a facility where you can search for a particular type of a Telegram account because of the categorical distribution. This makes the search process very simple. If you want to buy an Telegram account and want to search through different options, then Epic NPC is the perfect marketplace for you. They will not only provide you best options, but also will make the search process  easy.

SMM Laboratory

SMM Laboratory

It is a very well-designed website, which will make it simple for you to buy Telegram account. They also help users add members and followers to their existing social media accounts. They focus on organic follower growth. Their prices are affordable and also have a variety of options to choose from.

Other than Telegram, they also deal in almost all social media including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify as well as Pinterest. They are trusted and super cheap services. They provide account information according to users, followers, locations and engagement.

This will help you while buying an account. They also accept cryptocurrency payments on some of the deals. All of this makes SMM Laboratory one of the best places to buy Telegram accounts.

One Dash

One Dash

Last but not the least we have on our list One Dash. This website will help you find some authentic Telegram accounts. They have limited options to choose from, but will provide you the cheapest options. One Dash will also help you buy Telegram members and teach you promotional tactics.

They help not only in setting up an account, but also help in building it and making it grow. One Dash increase the following and get your channel monetized. They also help beginner accounts establishment. Despite being last on our list they have received top ratings from their customers and provide the best service. You can definitely consider them if you are planning to buy a new Telegram account.


This is a website that helps you buy telegram members. Besides that they have some top Telegram accounts for sale. They sell limited time deals on top following Telegram accounts. If you wish to buy a very well- established account, then you should definitely visit this website for the perfect deal.

These deals appear after regular intervals and the buyers wait for long periods for them. Compared to the other recommendations on the list their prices are higher. Their accounts are a bit expensive because of the account popularity. At the same time they provide top quality service by providing you the best account options on Telegram. They have received five-star ratings by their customers.


Telegram is a fast-growing platform. The most important thing is to keep your account active and have a lot of followers. These followers keep on engaging and increasing the traffic on your handle, leading to a great promotional scope. This was our list of 10 Best Places to Buy Telegram Account.

These websites and platforms are trusted. They will offer you the best service and will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Their pricings are very cheap and have received top customer reviews and ratings. You can definitely visit their websites and buy yourself a Telegram account.

If you like the article save it for future reference. We hope we have covered all the top websites to buy Telegram accounts and members. If we have missed on any recommendation, then feel free to drop in your recommendations in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar recommendation lists on different topics.

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