10 Best Stores for Liquidation Quebec City in 2022

Whether you are a retailer or a customer, we all can profit off from liquidation Quebec. Liquidation stores are a great way to find some unique or day-to-day items at unmatched prices.

Since most of the inventory is sold at the discounted process, they are affordable for everyone. You are at the right place if you’re looking for the best liquidators in Canada, Quebec liquidation, to be specific. There are several liquidation stores in Canada and even liquidation in Quebec. However, everything boils down to quality and affordability.

Given below are the 10 best liquidation stores in Quebec City. 

Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger-liquidation Quebec

Founded in 1961, Giant Tiger is a leading family-owned Quebec liquidation store. The store was first established in Ottawa’s Byward Market and has now expanded over 260 locations, becoming one of the leading liquidators in Canada. This discount store is committed to providing grocery needs, on-trend fashion, household, health, and beauty stuff at the lowest prices possible.

From kitchen appliances to pet store items, they have everything. All its location stores are privately and locally owned with over 10k employees with a very strong team. They offer a shopping experience that fits everyday life- fun, safe and easy.

Besides this, they also offer home delivery and in-store pickups. This official mascot also makes various appearances at charity events and celebrations. Their only mission is to make every dollar matter and be everyone’s favorite discount retailer with high-quality pieces. 



Another one of the leading liquidators in Canada, Dollarama is many people’s go-to one-stop shop for great bargains. This dollar store operator has expanded to more than 1000 locations, including many in Quebec.

They are known to provide customers with compelling value deals at the most convenient and accessible locations. Dollarama provides its customers with a broad assortment of products, from party planning accessories to office supplies. Their product range consists of both general items and seasonal merchandise at unbeatable offer prices.

The store sells its products in multiple units or individual items at fixed points that go up to $4. They aim to create a consistent shopping experience as one of the most modern liquidation Quebec. One can visit their store any day between Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.

La Maison Simons

La Maison Simons-liquidation Quebec

La Maison Simons is known to be a store that never goes out of stock! Established in 1840, Simons is one of the oldest fashion liquidation stores in Canada. This store is exclusively for fashion lovers, with unbeatable discounts and sales all-round the year. The store is known for its attentive customer service with emphasized quality merchandise.

From design items to cloth face masks, they have a well-rounded A to Z collection. Besides this, they also have a dedicated collection from Canadian artisans consisting of accessories, jewelry, kitchen and dining, beauty and wellness, interior, and food and drinks.

You will never have to complain about the quality of their products, as their functionality is long-lasting. You can also join The Simons Loyalty Program for additional discounts and super savings. 

Larry the liquidator

Larry the Liquidator

Larry the Liquidator specializes in clearances, liquidations, and blow-out sales. This Quebec liquidation is known to offer3 convenient ways to shop for customers. This includes online, in-store, or curbside. They offer special 2-days home delivery, regardless of the size of your order.

They offer a wide range of products including automotive, books, babies, clothing, food, pets, tools, hardware, and more. Moreover, they also offer items based on occasions such as Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. Their prices are competitive, especially for the high-quality products that they have to offer.

This store is always interested in collaborating with different sellers, so interested sellers may also get in touch with them. Regular customers can also sign up for their membership for special offers and extra savings. 


B stock-liquidation Quebec

Next up, we have B stock which is yet another liquidation Quebec. This is a one-stop destination consisting of a million products. With hundreds of product categories of lots of all sizes and conditions, this store conducts hundreds of liquidation auctions. No hassle of middlemen and markups, buy directly from brands and designers through this platform.

This is one of the best liquidators in Canada for businesses that want to top up their inventory. One can bid and buy with confidence as they are very transparent about the order condition, size, quantity, and other details. Some of their top retail marketplace tie-ups include Amazon, Unilever, Walmart, The Home Depot, Best Buy, and many others.

Their services also come with a dedicated customer service team and buy education center with endless resources and tools. They have a dedicated place for both buyers and sellers, and blogs for the same. 

Restock Canada

Restock Canada

Founded in 2013, Restock Canada is one of the most trusted liquidators in Canada. They deal with overstock, return and open box items purchased in truckloads from major retailers. Their wide product category includes home products, technology, household, fashion, toys, general, merchandise, etc. for each product, they take care of rechecking, retesting, repairing, and refurbishing.

Quality and client satisfaction is their number one priority, without compromises. Their lots are available in truckloads, pallets, and boxes; depending on one’s requirements. Retailers can also shop from this B2B platform for exceptional margins and profits for their stores. They also offer price protection on all lots starting with CP. 


Korvette-liquidation Quebec

Korvette is another one-stop Quebec liquidation store. This family-owned discount store was founded in 1948 and has been offering unmatched product categories ever since. They have thousands of essential products available for the right prices at accessible locations. Their inventory includes health, beauty, pet, clothes, electronics, CDs, food, storage, utility, paper, and much more.

Besides this, they also update their inventory as per the seasonal items and trends.  Their philosophy centers around excellent customer service have passed down from generation to generation.

One can also sign up for lotteries and gift cards to score goods for free. The idea behind this store is to develop local markets, including the one’s location in the city outskirts. For extra savings, users can also sign up for a newsletter for promotional emails. 

Closeout King

Closeout King

Closeout King is one of the largest and renowned liquidation stores Canada that ships to various places, including Quebec. They buy their inventory from only reliable manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Their prices are really flexible and affordable for everyone. They also have a separate inventory that is slightly higher priced, available in truckloads.

 Their discounts are amazing, with most of their items available at 90% off. Their inventory consists of all sorts of products, from the pet store to healthcare, from clothing to office supplies. If you are looking for holiday and seasonal supplies, they’ve got truckloads of special items. Customers residing in Quebec can also get free shipping for a bill above $149 before taxes. 

Liquidations Canada

Liquidations Canada

Just as its name suggests, this is yet another credible liquidation in Canada. This dollar store has something new in store for customers every week. They mainly specialize in brand new items, furniture, CL, toys, and similar items.

Their unique standout point is that they act as a hub for all liquidations. This implies that you can send a request for your desired product and they will fetch it for you at affordable prices.

All their products are available at wholesale prices, making them pocket-friendly for everyone. They also have different sections for new products, refurbished, used, returned, and overstocked products. One can get in touch with them through their store, website, or social accounts from Monday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. 

Direct Liquidations

Direct Liquidation-liquidation Quebec

While searching for liquidation Canada, one cannot miss Direct liquidations because of its established name in the market. Over their years of experience in the market, they have also expanded to the USA. Their interface is very user-friendly to navigate, created with the idea of customer satisfaction in mind.

Whether you want bulk orders, pallets, or refurbished items; they have an inventor for every kind of item. This discount store is also a great option for wholesalers who are new to the industry.

Direct liquidations are one of those rare liquidation stores in Canada that also offers a 90-days warranty on refurbished products. Customers can also order smaller pellets as a part of their First Test facility for new customers.


So here’s your list of the best liquidators in Canada, mainly liquidation Quebec. These liquidators are known for their reliable delivery, high-quality products and affordable prices. If you come across other liquidation stores in Quebec, feel free to drop a comment. You can always bookmark this article and come back to our space for more similar recommendations.

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