15 Basic Crypto terms you need to know!

 Today, cryptocurrency has become a highly well-known investment, especially among the young crowd. Would you like to invest in cryptocurrency? Is this a new concept of investment for you? If yes, the foremost thing you need to know is how the crypto world works.

Apart from this, you need to know the terms and jargon related to cryptocurrency. When you are used to these terms and jargon, dealing crypto world will become simple for you.

Below are some of the terms and jargon you need to be familiar with when dealing in the crypto world:


It is one kind of currency that is decentralized and digital. This currency is utilized for purchasing and selling things. Also, it can be utilized for long term storage.


Blockchain is a technology that controls bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies. It is a permanent and transparent ledger that records all the transactions. Also, this technology links together various blocks in such a manner that it can prevent altering past blocks.


The banking systems or other traditional currency exchange systems are controlled through one centralized entity. It can be in the form of government or a bank. On the other hand, decentralization is the procedure in which all the participants in the blockchain are not controlled by any kind of entity.

Decentralized finance

The short form of decentralized finance is Defi. It is the activity carried out without the control or interference of intermediaries such as the government, bank, or any other financial institution.

Decentralized applications

Decentralized applications also known as DApps; these are the platform where one can trade, purchase, or sell cryptocurrency. Decentralized applications help in finances of decentralized activities. One such application used for dealing in cryptocurrency is profit builder, a secure and user-friendly application.


Bitcoin is the foremost cryptocurrency founded in the year 2009. It is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, as it has reached heights steadily with lots of fluctuations. Recently, the Bitcoin price has shown a lot of fluctuation and still has set a high record.


The terminology altcoin is the short form of alternative coins. Any cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin is Altcoin. Some of the altcoins are Tether, XRP, Ethereum, etc. Experts of the crypto world recommend depending on big and mainstream cryptocurrencies, especially for investment.


When the price of cryptocurrency is expected to go down, it is said that the value of the currency is bearish.

Hot storage

Hot storage is the cryptocurrency storage method. It utilizes private as well as public keys for security. Also, it uses an application wallet or browser extension wallet for storing cryptocurrency. These wallets are associated with the internet. Therefore, the chances of being hacked are less.

Cold storage

If you do not want to save the cryptocurrency online, you can consider cold storage. It is an offline way for cryptocurrency storage. Cold wallets are physical devices and it seems to be like the USB drive. Such wallets are not at the risk of theft and hacking. However, it has some risks though.


Miners are the people that use computers for solving matters related to processing and validating the transactions over the blockchain.

Digital gold

Some cryptocurrencies are compared to real gold as well. At times professionals consider particular cryptocurrencies as real gold, due to their value and the way they can be stored. One of the cryptocurrencies that are called digital gold is Bitcoin.

Market Capitalization

Market capitalization in the crypto world refers to the complete value of the coins which are mined. Crypto market capitalization can be calculated by multiplying the present number of coins with the present coin value.

Public Key

The public key is the address to your cryptocurrency wallet. It is just like the account number of the bank. For removing cryptocurrency or sending cryptocurrency through your account with your authorization, you need to share your public key with the institutions or people.

Private Key

The private Key in the crypto world is the encrypted code, just like the bank password. Make sure you never share or disclose your private key to anyone. It offers direct access to your cryptocurrency.

These are some of the terms and jargon you being the newbie to the cryptocurrency should be aware of. It would let you to go easily.

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