15 Best Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai (Top-Rated) in 2022

Dubai is home to some of the best facilities in the world. From luxurious five star hotels to pristine beaches, it’s one of those places that you can’t help but love. With so many options, it may be difficult to decide on where to stay and where to go for your medical needs in hospitals in Dubai. Have no fear: we’ve got you covered! Below are 15 of the best hospitals and clinics in Dubai.

Every year millions of people go through healthcare systems all over the world, and it can be difficult to find one that offers exceptional service. It’s important for you as a person who loves his health and is always trying to do all he can for himself, health-wise, not only to know what these services provide but also how they work with each other.

Best Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai:

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSHRC)

The KFSHRC is one of the most well-know hospitals in Dubai and is consider to be the best hospital in UAE. This hospital are over 30 operating rooms and their high-tech facility is one of the most advance in the world and is equpie with the latest surgical techniques, diagnostic equipment and high-tech imaging equipment for both preoperative and intraoperative use.

The majority of their staff has been training in some of the best hospitals in New York, London, Paris and Berlin. They have an incredible team of specialists on hand that Specialise in all sorts of medical treatments, such as gastrointestinal parasites and mental health hospitals in Dubai.

This hospital uses brand new medical equipment for testing including endoscopic ultrasound. They provide patients with care that varies from standard care to complex disease management issues, such as managing cancer or heart disorders.

American hospital Dubai

American hospital Dubai-hospitals in Dubai

This American hospital Dubai is know for its family-oriented environment. It has the most advance CT scanning technologies and is well known for their high technology robotic surgery. They have been featuring on ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today Show, as well as several other magazines, newspapers, radio stations and publications. This hospital is well know for its level of service and the professionalism of each of the staff members.

They are also well known for their Level 1 Trauma Centre, which is a state-of-the-art trauma centre that was opened in September 2005. Currently, this facility has a cardiac catheterization laboratory and radiology department, which can provide CT scans in less than two hours. The facility also has a rehabilitation team who works very closely with patients to help them get better after an accident or surgery.

Saudi German hospital

Saudi German hospital-hospitals in Dubai

The Saudi German hospital in Dubai is a German-style hospital with the most up-to-date technologies and provides medical rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases and sports medicine, as well as cancer treatment. This is one of the most reputed hospitals in Dubai.

It has been awarding the several international awards for its high level of medical care. staff orientation and international cooperation between countries every year since 1992. This hospital is one of the most important hospitals serving Dubai’s population with more than 30% of its patients from outside the country.

It has been awarding by the German company a certificate for its outstanding achievements in health care services and for being a model hospital in the Middle East. They have been awarding the King Faisal International Award for Arab Health Services twice, in 1995 and 2004, as well as being select to represent KFIAH in 1996.

Al noor clinic 

Al noor clinic-hospitals in Dubai 

Al noor clinic in Dubai is a family clinic that specialises in providing high-quality general health care to children from newborns to 18 years of age. Dr. Muffazal Zaeem is the founder of Al Noor Clinic and has more than 20 years of experience in General Practice Medicine. Al noor clinic mainly provides family doctor services. we also provide emergency care and immunizations for children age 10 or younger.

International Medical Centre Dubai

International Medical Centre Dubai-hospitals in Dubai

International Medical Centre Dubai, also known as IMC, is a multi-specialty hospital located in Dubai and accredited with the following healthcare specialties: orthopaedics, cardiology, oncology, paediatrics (children’s hospital), general surgery, trauma and vascular surgery.

It has founded in the early 1980s and has grown to become one of Dubai’s most prominent hospitals. At its inception the hospital is called the International Hospital for Kidney Transplant and had a single general ward.

In 1984 it moved into its own building; by 1985 it had built up an operating theatre, a physiotherapy department and an outpatient department, besides having separate departments for urology, ear nose and throat (ENT), orthopaedics and geriatrics.

By 1985 it was able to admit 250 patients a year. In 1987 – 88 international dialysis treatment started at IMC under the guidance of Dr. N Sharaf, who later became the director general of Dubai Health Authority. In 1989 a dialysis unit was constructed as a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi Arab Nephrol Dialysis Centre and donated by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

In 1991 the hospital’s orthopaedic department saw a major expansion and the facilities for cardiac surgery were expanded. The Cardiac Unit was opened on 26 October 1992 and 55 patients could be admitted with intensive care beds.

Al Zahra hospital

Al Zahra hospital-hospitals in Dubai

Al Zahra hospital Dubai is a multi-specialist hospital located in Dubai, UAE. It offers a wide range of medical services such as diagnostic imaging, laser surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, cardiology, maternity services and more. The specialties of the hospital include cardiac care and cancer treatments.

Al Zahra hospital has earned an international reputation for advanced diagnosis and treatment of gynaecology illnesses. The hospital is located in the heart of Dubai, next to the Burj Khalifa, at the Al Zahra Tower within the Dubai Healthcare City complex.

It has a main building that consists of six floors and is design as a single-level pavilion for patients to come and be accommodation within a comfortable environment. The hospital features 12 operating theatres, seven service departments, a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging facilities, two fully equipped maternity wards, three pathology laboratories and two lymphoedema treatment centres.

Aster hospital

Aster hospital-hospitals in Dubai

Aster hospital currently has four branches in the UAE. Including Aster Al Barsha and Aster Medical Centre in Dubai. The hospital was established in 2007 and is recognised as one of the top 5 hospitals in Dubai. By the Health Ministry for its high level of patient care. This facility has been awarding several gold medals for their outstanding service.

The Aster hospital provides comprehensive care. That offers every patient with his or her own private room. Allowing them to feel like they are staying at a hotel or sleeping at home. The hospital has also received many awards for their excellent staff attitude and friendliness towards guests. As well as providing efficient service with dedicated medical staff who are trained to provide the most advanced level of medical treatment available.

Emirates hospital

Emirates hospital

Established in 2001, Emirates hospital is a privately owned facility that strives to give quality care and service to its patients. The facilities at the hospital are well equipped with new technology, including 8 operating theatres. It is one of the leading hospitals in the UAE. Services are available 24 hours a day.

The hospital has several special departments such as neurology and neurosurgery, paediatrics and outpatient clinics. The hospital has an international reputation for diagnosing and treating the most complex medical conditions. This facility was awarded first prize by the Health Ministry for providing quality care to patients during 2012, because it received no complaints during 2012. The hospital provides accurate diagnosis of illnesses in a short time so that patients can recover quickly.

Zulekha hospital

Zulekha hospital

Zulekha hospital Dubai is a private healthcare hospital. This is providing medical care for patients at a reasonable cost. Offering the best facilities and services to their patients. The medical staff at Zulekha hospitals Dubai provide each patient with the most advanced medical care available and make sure. they are comfortable while they are staying in the hospital.

It is a modern and equipped hospital. Zulekha hospital Dubai is fully staff with highly train doctors and state of the art facilities and equipment. The hospital staff will go out of their way to help you out during your visit at the hospital. The emergency team at the hospital is available 24 hours. A day to assist you anytime you need any medical attention or emergency medical service.

Amber clinic

Amber clinic 

Amber clinic in Dubai is a health care centre for women. It is one of the best clinics in Dubai. The clinic offers medical care in the form of gynaecology. So, whether you are looking for family planning advice. If you are in need of maternity consultation, Amber clinic in Dubai can help. The clinic has so much more to offer than just family planning and maternity consultations too.

For example, it also offers sexual medicine consultations. prenatal diagnosis for birth defects and other complications, pre-eclampsia management, postnatal care which includes breastfeeding support and post partum contraception counseling. All services are provided by qualified health professionals with state of the art equipment that will make having medical treatment a pleasant experience.

 Al Diar diagnostic centre & hospital

Al Diar diagnostic centre and hospital  was established to give patients a choice between a public or a private facility. The emergency department here is design very intricately, making it one of the best places to visit if you are in need of immediate medical attention.

This facility has a separate emergency room that can accommodate up to 15 patients. The ER is equipe with all the necessary machines, instruments and emergency supplies. Al Diar uses advanced technology to carry out its primary objective of diagnosing and treating patients professionally.

The Neuro diagnostic centre is the leading unit in Al Diar hospital in imaging neurological diseases. It serves as a training facility for all medical students, nursing students and medical technicians. MRI scanning techniques and interpretations are available in this hospital. This helps them acquire knowledge about the human brain functions which are otherwise inaccessible to doctors and researchers.

Jumeirah Primary Care Centre (JPCC)

One of the largest primary care centres in Dubai. Jumeirah hospital is know for the number of services and facilities it has. It is link with The American hospital and opened its doors to the public in 2012. The hospital has a number of innovative medical technologies that allow for better medical treatment and diagnosis.

This includes the state-of-the-art CT scan technology, as well as advanced robotic surgery. The Jumeirah Primary Care Centre is know for the incredible work they do with paediatric patients. The centre is open to all residents of Dubai, and it is consider to be one of the most modern facilities in the world.

The cost of healthcare at this facility is considered affordable, especially when compare to hospitals in other countries. Some of the available services include X-rays, ultrasound, echocardiography and even a free ambulance service. It also offers chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients who require care beyond what they can receive at their homes.

Ibn uddin centre for medicine and research

The Ibn Uddin Centre is one of the premier hospitals in Dubai. The staff here try to make sure that every patient gets a comfortable stay. In which they are treat well and feel at home. The Ibn Uddin Centre is unique in that it is one of the first facilities in Dubai.

That utilises a team of multidisciplinary doctors. They treat patients with a variety of illness issues as well as those who are cancer patients. The multi-disciplinary approach to treatment is consider an advantage. Because it helps their patients get optimal care from several different experts within one hospital facility.

This hospital has a very good reputation for treating car accident victims with complex and severe injuries. This hospital including fractures of limbs, brain injuries and spinal cord damage. The hospital is located in Dubai city centre. This is also the first to open an emergency department in Dubai air port. And airport free zone offering free transport services to the closest hospitals.

The princess Mahra bint al Mohammed Khalifa Foundation

This foundation has been operating out of Dubai since 1978. This is the first hospital in the United Arab Emirates to operate on a 24-hour basis. They offer a wide variety of services. Such as the pro-health centre which is just one of many facilities. Here are that provide patients with efficient and effective medical care at reasonable prices. The hospital is aware of the Patient First Award in 2010 because of its exceptional level of customer service.

General surgery, dentistry, medical services, paediatrics, X-ray, and laboratory services is all available through the Princess Mahra Bint Al Mohammed Khalifa Foundation. They also provide a wide choice of high-quality products to their patients, ranging from cosmetics to medications.

Al Barah Hospital

Al barah hospital Dubai is a top hospital in Dubai. Because it is one of the largest in the region. It is also because it has been ranking as the top-performing hospital in the region. For treating a range of illnesses such as cancer, heart, neurological disorders and more.

With four hospitals located within Dubai city limits. Al Barah is undoubtedly one of the most preferred options for those looking for a highly-trained team of surgeons and physicians. That have proven their care with time and time again surgical expertise.


Dubai medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry and is a huge contributor to the UAE economy. With the huge number of foreign patients that are looking for treatments in Dubai. It has opened a lot of doors and brand new opportunities for domestic medical facilities as well.

The UAE has some of the best-dedicated healthcare providers in the region. This is offering high-quality treatment and care to all their patients. It is an extremely safe place to stay while you are receiving your health care treatment; this means you can focus on your health and not on anything else- which ultimately equates to a speedy recovery

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