5 Trends Stylish New York Women Are Wearing on Repeat

Every trip back to New York is a treat. Simply put, New Yorkers’ sartorial instincts are unrivaled. They’re usually some of the first to adopt emerging trends, so any outing to a restaurant or Duane Reade is like interacting with a living mood board.

Recently, I went back to the city and couldn’t help but notice how put-together everyone looked. Among the various pieces I observed on its dwellers, there seemed to be five standout staples that consistently popped up among the most stylish women. Of course, upon returning to L.A., I immediately began looking for these to add to my very own closet. The items in question range from fresh runway trends to edgier streetwear staples to tried-and-true foundational pieces. Essentially, they reveal how New York fashion is a grab bag of eclectic styles and tastes. For a full list of the real-life trends New Yorkers can’t stop wearing, keep scrolling. 

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