50 Best AppSumo Deals Feb 2022: 98% OFF (Lifetime Deals)

Are you looking for the best AppSumo deals and discounts to save HUGE, you’re in the right place.

Whether you know it or not, AppSumo is like Groupon where you can find a ton of deals on digital products ranging from email marketing to SEO to freelance and so on.

If you’re a blogger or an online marketer who’s looking for the best products and tools to manage your marketing-related stuff, AppSumo is a great platform for you.

The great thing about using AppSumo is that it offers you stunning discounts, most of the time, you’ll find up to 98% discounts on their platform.

Important Note: Most of these deals will be sold out within a week (yes, mostly within 7 days) of their launch on AppSumo.

Furthermore, we’re going to update this post with the latest upcoming deals from AppSumo, so please bookmark this page for future reference.

Before deep-diving into the detailed deals, let’s have a quick look at the trending AppSumo deals.

Best AppSumo Deals February 2022 (Mostly Lifetime Deals)

Zero to $10K: A step-by-step blueprint to go zero to $10,000/mo from blogging.

AppSumo Plus: An exclusive program by AppSumo that allows you to get 10% additional off on AppSumo purchases.

Nichesss: AI-powered tool that helps you find profitable niches and business ideas, and creates marketing copy and social media posts, quickly.

Switchy: Create customizable, retargeting links to boost engagement and conversions.

StockUnlimited: An endless library of stunning graphics, vectors, and photos.

Writecream: This platform uses AI to generate highly customized cold emails and write better copy.

Sleekbio: Amazing solution that lets you create one beautiful, simple link for your social media bios to drive more traffic and clicks.

Woorise: Amazing platform that helps you launch better contests and giveaways to generate more leads and increase sales.

WordHero: An AI writing tool that helps you write high-quality blog articles, sales copy, emails, ads, and much more in just a few clicks!

ShortySMS: Text message solution to engage and motivate your customers and leads.

Readitfor.me: Convert your best business and personal development books into 12 minutes video, audio, and text summaries.

Link Whisper: An amazing plugin to improve your WordPress-based site’s internal linking and search rankings. Do checkout our Link Whisper Coupon Post from here.

Branded Link Shortener: Amazing tool to create branded links and take your domain linking to the next level.

Sendfox: Email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that allows you to create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails.

Agiled: Comprehensive business management tool that helps you consolidate and streamline all your business operations.

TidyCal: Scheduling solution that helps you schedule meetings across your calendars hassle-free.

KingSumo: Great platform to create viral giveaways to grow your audience and business.

Socialmonials: Easy-to-use social media tool that helps you with automated social media posting and viral giveaways increase your ROI.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode: White-label ready WordPress plugin to build awesome Coming Soon and maintenance pages in no time.

Hey Oliver: Marketing automation software to nurture visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Linkjoy: Add optimized social bio links to increase traffic to your site and boost ROI.

Rootpal: Managed lifetime WordPress hosting that offers unmatched hosting experience, delivering 99.99% uptime & 24/7 support.

SiteGuru: Get a full SEO audit, that tells you exactly where you need to start to improve your rankings.

Best AppSumo Deals for Bloggers to Save HUGE in February 2022

Are you a blogger, digital marketer, entrepreneur, or Youtuber and looking for effective tools and applications that empower you to work more energetically? Sharing below 25 best AppSumo deals which will remain live in the month of February 2022.

So grab the deals of your interest before they are sold out.

Best AppSumo Deals (SEO)

1. SEO Playbook (complete SEO training for beginners): 80% OFF

seo play book

Do you want to drive more organic traffic from search engines like Google? SEO is the key!

Well, learning SEO is not rocket science but it’s no cakewalk either. All you need is some proper guidance that helps you go in the right direction.

Here is the solution – SEO Playbook

This is a complete SEO guide designed exclusively for beginners that will help you discover money-making keywords and create great content that generates 1000 visitors every day from Google.

Why should you grab SEO Playbook?

SEO Playbook is a no-fluff SEO course created by utilizing the SEO skills acquired over the last 15 years. This is what you can learn from this ebook;

  • The essential SEO fundamentals
  • How to make your site SEO friendly
  • Topic research to find thousands of keywords
  • Award-winning strategies to create epic content
  • Evergreen link building strategies
  • Best SEO tools and resources

How much does it cost?

AppSumo SEO Playbook lifetime deal will cost you $6.71 instead of its standard price of $34.08.

How to get this AppSumo Lifetime deal?

Best AppSumo Deals (Marketing)

2. Blogely (Content Marketing): 77% OFF

appsumo blogely

Do you want to boost your site traffic without investing in paid ads? 

Well, creating quality content on a consistent basis is the only solution. For doing so, you will need a tool that helps you create and distribute your work across platforms.

Here is the solution – AppSumo Blogely

Blogely is a content creation and management app that lets you craft and publish original content that ranks with ease.

Why should you use Blogely?

This is the best app for content creators and bloggers looking to build quality content that drives traffic.

  • Create quality content faster
  • Collect top 100 SERP results in seconds
  • Optimize written content for SEO in minutes
  • Publish in WordPress effortlessly
  • Best alternative to Contently and Upwork
  • Best alternative to Funnel Scripts, Automatic Scripts, Jarvis, and Copy.ai

How much does it cost?

At AppSumo, Blogely’s Single license lifetime deal will cost you just $79 as compared to its original price of $348.

How to get Blogely Lifetime deal?

3. Writecream (Cold Emails & Marketing): 96% OFF

appsumo writecream

Writing personalized emails is a must if you want recipients to open your emails, click, and respond.

But writing cold emails at scale could be a tedious job. But not anymore;

Here is the solution – AppSumo Writecream

Why should you use Writecream?

This is the best software for sales teams looking for effective cold outreach and content marketers to generate a variety of content.

  • Outperform other AI tools to generate cold emails & write better copy
  • Generate 100’s of personalized intros in seconds 
  • Next level email personalization
  • Generate ad-copies in click
  • 30+ tools to write better copy

How much does it cost?

At AppSumo, Writecream’s lifetime deal will cost you just $59 as compared to its original price of $1440.

How to get Writecream Lifetime deal?

4. EmailWritr (Email Copy): 96% OFF

appsumo emailwritr

Email marketing is one of the most effective content marketing strategies that offer higher ROI. 

But to make the most out of it, you will require great copywriting skills.

What if we tell you there’s a way that helps you grow profits from email marketing without having any knowledge of copywriting?

Here is the solution AppSumo EmailWritr

A fantastic platform that lets you generate almost every type of email copy at a single click that results in a better open rate, more clicks, and more sales.

Why should you use EmailWritr?

This is the best app for digital marketers, freelancers, business owners, and agencies that want better results from their email marketing

  • Generate unlimited single emails
  • Follow-up sequences
  • 1,300+ fill-in-the-blank email templates
  • Best alternative to Funnel Scripts, Automatic Scripts, Jarvis, and Copy.ai

How much does it cost?

The original cost of the theEmailWritr Single plan is $1556 but at AppSumo you can get its lifetime access for just $59.

How to get EmailWritr Lifetime deal?

5. Nichesss (Ideas and content creation): 94% OFF

appsumo nichess

Finding profitable niches and content ideas could be a tedious task, especially for newbies. But not anymore!

Here is the solution – AppSumo Nichesss

Nichesss is a one-stop solution for finding niches, business ideas, creating social media posts, and marketing copy.

Why should you use Nichesss?

This is the best tool for every marketer out there.

  • AI Marketing Copy Generator
  • AI Idea Generator
  • Write your newsletters
  • Come up with email subject lines
  • Create Instagram posts and Twitter tweets

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Nichesss lifetime deal will cost you $59 as compared to its regular pricing of $999.

How to get this AppSumo Lifetime deal?

6. SendFox (Customized Email Solution): 93% OFF


You might have a blog with great content, a YouTube channel, or a Podcast with a lot of subscribers.

But the main concern is how to keep engaging with them and how to turn those followers and subscribers into customers.

Here is the solution SendFox

SendFox will facilitate you to send customized emails to your followers and subscribers automatically.

Why should you use SendFox?

If you are a content creator, whether it’s about a blog, YouTube channel, or any other platform and wondering how to convert your audience into customers then SendFox is for you.

  • It will assist you in creating, scheduling, and automating customized emails
  • Integrated weekly Smart Campaigns
  • RSS content updates
  • WSYWIG editor to customize the email the way you want in the simplest way
  • Create custom, branded Smart Pages and landing pages
  • Automated welcome email program

How much does it cost?

The original price of SendFox is $240 but on AppSumo you will get its lifetime deal for only $49.

So grab it before it gets sold out.

How to get SendFox Lifetime deal?

7. Book Like a Boss (Appointments scheduling): 50% OFF

appsumo book like a boss

Are you on the hunt for a solution to sell unlimited products and services without losing a cut of your sales?

Here is the solution – AppSumo Book Like a Boss

Book Like a Boss is an all-in-one solution that lets you create your own highly customized booking page to schedule appointments and sell your services online.

Why should you use Book Like a Boss?

This is the best platform for anyone who wants to eliminate scheduling emails and service selling.

  • Create your own booking page with zero technical knowledge
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Coupon feature to offer discounts
  • Syncing to your existing calendars
  • Automatically adjusts time zones for clients

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Book Like a Boss Annual Cappuccino plan will cost you $125 as compared to its regular pricing of $228.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

8. Spott (Create interactive content): 92% OFF

appsumo spott

Producing engaging images for a demanding audience consistently could be a tough job, right?

So you need an easy way to create interactive content that helps you boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Here is the solution – AppSumo Spott

Spott lets you create interactive content and generate maximum value from your marketing efforts.

Why should you use Spott?

This is the best tool for publishers, e-commerce shops, digital marketers, and creatives that want more audience interaction from their content.

  • Create products manually
  • Drag and drop to add interactivity to your images
  • Easy customization of interactive elements like buttons
  • Include calls-to-action, links, and tagged products
  • Best alternative to Joomag, Wirewax, and Thinglink

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Spott lifetime deal will cost you $49 as compared to its regular pricing of $588.

How to Grab this AppSumo Lifetime deal?

9. Hey Oliver (Automated Marketing Campaigns): 98% OFF

appsumo hey oliver

Are you looking for a solution that helps you nurturing visitors and turning them into paying customers in automation mode?

Here is the solution – Hey Oliver

Why should you use Hey Oliver?

  • Create hyper-personalized and automated marketing campaigns
  • Easy tracking
  • Engage visitors and build relationships
  • Provide first-class customer service with integrated live chat and support widgets

So, whether you are a marketer or an agency that wants to increase engagement through customized campaigns, Hey Oliver is for you?

How much does it cost?

Hey Oliver single plan will cost you only $49 with a lifetime deal which is normally available at $2640.

How to get this AppSumo Lifetime deal?

Get Hey Oliver lifetime deal at $49

10. WordHero (AI Content Writer): 96% OFF

appsumo wordhero

Writing content could be time-consuming and expensive, right?

What if tell you an AI writing assistant can do the heavy-lifting for you?

Here is the solution – AppSumo WordHero

Why should you use WordHero?

This is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, marketers, and writers who want to save time and money on content writing.

  • Access to 50+ writing tools
  • Write high-quality blog articles 
  • Generate Social media captions
  • Write marketing emails that sell
  • Write ads, sales copy, product descriptions, and more

How much does it cost?

The original cost of the WordHero is $1440 but at AppSumo you can get its lifetime access for just $89.

How to get WordHero Lifetime deal?

11. Woorise (Launch Contests and Giveaways): 91% OFF


Giving freebies to your customers is one of the best marketing strategies.

Just by tweeting or sharing your products on social media does not increase your bank balance. You need actual sales and lead generation to get better returns on investment.

Here is the solution Woorise

Woorise provides you a platform where you can launch better contests and beautiful giveaways to improve lead generation, social following, and overall sales.

Why should you use Woorise?

If you are looking to get more out of your social campaigns, there’s Woorise.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, social media marketer, or an e-commerce business trying to grow your audience and brand, go for Woorise.

  • Build professional surveys, social campaigns, and contests
  • Grow the community and build brand awareness
  • Increase subscribers, website traffic, and sales
  • Get more social media followers and better engagement
  • Templates and drag-and-drop tools to create surveys, polls, quizzes, and engaging forms

How much does it cost?

Woorise single plan will cost you only $49 with lifetime access which is normally available at $515.

So start launching beautiful giveaways to attract more customers with Woorise lifetime deal right now.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

A lot of posts are published and shared on social media every day.

If your social media links are too long and have a dull preview, believe me, nobody is going to click them.

Here is the solution – Switchy

Switchy is one of the best tools to boost engagement and conversions with customizable retargeting links.

Why should you use Switchy?

Whether you are a marketing agency, advertiser, and growth hacker who wants to manage and track their retargeting
links, just go for it.

  • Shorten, customize, manage, and track your links to boost conversion and social media engagement
  • Edit the title, description, and image so your links shine
  • Track users engaging with your post
  • Retarget everyone with ultra-segmented ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and more
  • Customize the appearance of a shared post on social media
  • Up-to-date analytics such as click numbers, referrals, and audience sources

How much does it cost?

Switchy single plan will cost you only $39 with a lifetime deal which is normally available at $600.

You write a post after so much research, so they deserve better than long URLs and dull graphics. So start using

Switchy for better user engagement and conversion with lifetime deal now.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

13. Sumo Size Your Success: 97% OFF

sumo size your success course

Who else wants to build a profitable online business that actually makes profits? Sumo Size Your Success is where you can learn a few PROVEN strategies to validate your business ideas, earn your first $1k, scale your business from scratch, and so on.

What’s all included in this course?

Are you wondering what all the lessons and modules you’re going to discover in this amazing course from AppSumo? Here’s the list.

  • 28 videos to guide you through the course
  • You’ll get access to 3 incredible course modules including “Coming up with your next big idea”, “Validating your idea”, “Getting your first customers”
  • You’ll also get access to an exclusive PDF of Noah Kagan’s “10 Commandments of an Entrepreneur”
  • Above all, you’ll be provided with 6 business generating activities and 5 validation techniques to scale your online business to make it a huge success in your market.

How much does it cost?

Sumo Size Your Success costs you just $19 for lifetime access, you will save 97% (Normally need to pay $600) and you can enjoy all the resources including videos, PDfs and course modules.

How to grab this deal instantly?

14. Socialmonials (Automated Social Media Campaign): 96% OFF


For a business, nothing seems better rather than a successful social media campaign, right?

But you might be tired of complex tools and still facing back to back unsuccessful campaigns.

Say goodbye to sponsored posts and complex tools, meet Socialmonials.

It is a social media superstar that will help you to optimize social media campaigns with automated posting, giveaways included with advanced metrics that further help better ROI.

Why should you use Socialmonials?

This is the best for Social media agencies and digital marketers looking for easy ways to build campaigns to get better ROI, Socialmonials is a great choice for you.

  • Social media posts scheduling with automatic reposts
  • Best alternative to Hootsuite
  • Integrate user-generated content
  • Launch engaging contests and giveaways
  • Influencers and social media metrics tracking

How much does it cost?

A quite expensive tool whose original cost is $1788 is now available for a lifetime at $69 only.

How to get this AppSumo deal

AppSumo Deals (WordPress)

15. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode (Create maintenance pages): 30% OFF

appsumo coming soon maintenance mode

Are you looking for an easy way to build an awesome Coming Soon page, show your site progress, and attract new visitors?

Here is the solution – AppSumo Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a white-label ready WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage custom coming Soon and maintenance pages in no time.

Why should you use Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode?

This is the best plugin for webmasters and marketing agencies who manage and maintain several WordPress sites looking to preview their progress.

  • 170+ professional themes
  • Collect emails
  • Show your progress
  • Connect social media to grab leads, plus
  • Manage site status remotely 

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Annual Agency Plan License will cost you $69 as compared to its regular pricing of $99.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

16. Screpy (SEO monitoring): 76% OFF

appsumo screpy

Do you really think you have enough control over your website? Or looking for an SEO professional to look after your site performance? Well, you don’t need to!

Here is the solution – AppSumo Screpy

An AI-Based solution that enables you to boost your website rankings and gives tough competition to other professionals.

Why should you use Screpy?

This is a must-have tool if you’re into web development or SEO.

  • PageSpeed ​​monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Keyword tracker 
  • Syntax Checker

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Screpy lifetime deal will cost you $49 as compared to its regular pricing of $204.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

17. WP Scheduled Posts (Automate and Collaborate): 75% OFF

wp scheduled post

Are you one of them who are frequently checking their laptops and mobile phones to post your blog stuff on social networks?

Then you are probably wasting your productive time. When it comes to WordPress sites, you can easily schedule what to post and when to post without your involvement.

Here is the solution – WP Scheduled Post

WP Scheduled Posts is an editorial calendar tool that facilitates you to streamline your content strategy and optimize productivity for your WordPress website.

Why should you use WP Scheduled Post?

This is the easiest way for Bloggers, creative teams, agencies, and small business owners to automate their WordPress workflow and collaborate on content.

  • Plan, create and publish your WordPress posts in a centralized way
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Auto-share on all major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  • Drag-and-drop feature to easily create, edit, and move posts right in the calendar

How much does it cost?

WP Scheduled Posts single plan is available at only $39 for lifetime access which is normally available at $149.

That means you will get a massive discount of up to 75%.

Just schedule and automate complete workflow with the help tools like WP Schedule Posts.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

AppSumo Lifetime Deals (Designing)

18. Epic PXLS (Beautiful Apps & Landing Pages): 85% OFF

epic pxls

Everyone wants to create beautiful sites, right?

Designing a beautiful one is not that easy especially if you are a beginner and don’t have any expertise.

But you don’t need to worry anymore.

Here is the solution – Epic PXLS

Fortunately, with the help of tools like Epic PXLS, you can easily design beautiful and customizable sites and landing pages.

EpicPxls is an online portfolio of design resources that helps you ship projects faster.

Why should you use Epic PXLS?

This is the best tool for design-challenged who still want to create beautiful websites, apps, and other frameworks faster.

  • Hundreds of premium designs and UI Kits
  • Streamline web designing with a library of professional templates and graphics
  • Zip files Preview before downloading
  • Download Customized fonts and use on your website, mobile, apps, and more

How much does it cost?

Epic PXLS starting plan will cost you only $39 with lifetime access which is normally available at $264.

So start designing with Epic PXLS to give your blog a stunning look and keep innovating with lifetime access now.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

19. Stock Unlimited (Stock Images): 93% OFF

stock unlimited

Are you looking for stunning royalty-free images? Stock Unlimited gives you access to over 1 million royalty-free assets that include graphics, photos, fonts, and icons. If there’s only one AppSumo deal you should grab right away as a blogger, it should be this one!

What are the benefits of using Stock Unlimited?

As a blogger, you’ll need plenty of graphics including;

  • Icons
  • Photos
  • Fonts and so on

But you need to take care of using only “royalty-free” images so you won’t get sued! Here’s where Stock Unlimited comes into handy which has a HUGE library of over 1 million royalty-free images.

The best way to use Stock Unlimited is to use it along with tools like Canva, Photoshop etc as you can upload any number of royalty-free images from Stock Unlimited and design appealing images for your blog such as blog posts, infographics, thumbnails for YouTube, social media posts and the list goes on.

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, you can get access to Stock Unlimited at just $49 where you’ll get 3 years access (it usually costs $684, so you’ll be instantly getting 93% discount).

How to grab this AppSumo deal?

Once you’re on the page, simply click on the “Buy Now” button where you need to pay $49 to get 3 years access to over 1 million royalty-free images.

More AppSumo Deals

20. AppSumo Plus (Save More on Deals)

appsumo plus

Want better discounts on almost every purchase you make on AppSumo even in the future? AppSumo Plus is for you which is an exclusive rewards membership program that offers features like 10% off deal purchases and access to KingSumo Web Pro.

Why should you use AppSumo Plus?

If you’re someone who is regularly using the AppSumo website to find and grab the latest products and tools, AppSumo Plus is definitely useful for you because you’ll be saving 10% extra discount on every deal!

Here’s how it works. When making a NEW purchase with your Plus membership on the AppSumo website, you’ll automatically get a 10% discount on the price of the product.

Here’s what you’ll get with it.

  • 10% off your AppSumo purchases
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro
  • You can cancel anytime
  • You’ll also get early access on select deals
  • You’ll get EXTENDED access to select deals (which means, you can grab few products “even after the sale is ended”)

How much does it cost?

AppSumo Plus costs you just $99 per year and you’ll get a ton of awesome features and benefits with it which are already mentioned above.

How to grab this AppSumo deal?

If you wish to join AppSumo plus, access the link below, click on the “Buy Now” button and you’ll be asked to create an account (with your email and password).

Once you’ve registered for free, you can go through the payment section and you’ll be instantly granted access to AppSumo Plus.

21. ShortySMS (Text Message Solution): 43% OFF

appsumo shorty sms

Are you looking for an affordable solution that lets you communicate with your audience in an effective way?

Well, competition is increasing day by day, and that’s why choosing the right marketing platform to grow your business is the need of the hour.

Here is the solution – AppSumo ShortySMS

An effective text-message solution from AppSumo that helps you maximize the power of SMS campaigns and get started right away!

Why should you use ShortySMS?

This platform is an all-in-one solution for SMS marketing, best suited for content creators, marketing agencies, and sales teams searching for an effective way to communicate with their audiences.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in lead generation forms
  • Private phone number
  • CSV import facility
  • List segmentation

How much does it cost?

Shorty SMS license tier standard cost is $103 but at AppSumo you can get its lifetime access for just $59.

How to get ShortySMS Lifetime deal?

22. How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course (The Ultimate Course): 85% OFF

how to make a 1000 a month business course

This is a revolutionary course that will help you step by step to turn your ideas into successful businesses within a month.

Why should you use this Business Course?

If you are a driven hustler and doer having some great business ideas but lacking implementation knowledge, then a course like this is certainly for you.

  • Action-based course that will help you build a successful company from ideas
  • You will learn how to go $0 to $1000 a month
  • Facebook group to get support from fellow entrepreneurs

How much does it cost?

The course that got a massive response when launched at $600 is now available for $100 for a lifetime is definitely a steal.

So get this deal today and live your dream.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

23. Linguix (Writing Assistant): 83% OFF


Writing emails, articles, and social media content are the core of online business, right?

It feels very embarrassing when you realize that the mails you sent, articles you published, or content you posted on social media had typo mistakes, but you are not alone.

And all these silly mistakes can be overcome by using an effective app.

Here is the solution – Linguix

It is an AI-based writing assistant that will assist you in writing a clean, crisp copy.

Why should you use Linguix?

If you are a marketer, non-native English writer, or any individual who is looking to improve their writing, Linguix is a must go.

  • Automatically grammar, punctuation check and style check
  • Linguix browser extension
  • Appropriate writing recommendations
  • Intelligent snippets
  • Best alternative to Grammarly

How much does it cost?

You can grab this writing assistant 1 year deal on AppSumo for $49 whereas its original cost is $288.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

24. KingSumo (The King of Giveaways): 79% OFF

50 Best AppSumo Deals for Bloggers to Grab in February 2022 [Lifetime Deals]

Do you want to bring your business or brand into the spotlight without breaking the bank?

Here is the solution – KingSumo

Why should you use KingSumo?

  • Run giveaways for physical or virtual products
  • Give bonus entries for additional actions
  • Social or traffic CTA
  • Embed widget
  • Automatic mid-giveaway and 
  • Final 24-hour reminders

So, all the entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to generate tons of new leads through viral giveaways, just go for it.

How much does it cost?

KingSumo Pro lifetime deal will cost you $49 as compared to its regular pricing of $228.

How to get this AppSumo deal?

Get KingSumo Lifetime deal at $49

25. TidyCal (Scheduling Solution): 75% OFF

appsumo tidycal

Are you tired of back-and-forth emailing to schedule a meeting? 

Yes, tracking person availability and coordinating between time zones is not an easy task. 

But what if I tell you an easier way to schedule meetings across your calendars?

Here is the solution – AppSumo TidyCal

Why should you use TidyCal?

This is a must-have tool for all the project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams who want to schedule meetings hassle-free.

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Detects recipient time zones automatically 
  • Handy Zapier integration
  • Best alternative to Calendly and Doodle

How much does it cost?

TidyCal lifetime deal will cost you just $29 as compared to its original price of $120.

How to get TidyCal Lifetime deal?


Here’s a list of a few important questions around AppSumo deals which you can find useful before giving them a try.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is the #1 online platform where you can find attractive lifetime deals and up to 99% discounts around all kinds of marketing products and tools ranging from SEO to email marketing to website development and so on.

What does lifetime deals at AppSumo mean?

AppSumo lifetime deals simply mean that with every tool or product you purchase from AppSumo, you will get access to it for a lifetime.

Does AppSumo offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you’ll get a standard 60 days money-back guarantee protection with AppSumo. So you can try any tool or product from AppSumo for 60 days and if you’re not happy, you can get a refund, it’s as simple as that.

How can I find upcoming AppSumo deals?

Almost every day (or every single week), you can find the latest and new deals on the AppSumo website. If you don’t want to miss any of the amazing AppSumo discounts, make sure to bookmark this page you’re reading now as we’re going to update it regularly whenever we find deals that are useful for all kinds of bloggers and marketers. Furthermore, you can subscribe to their newsletter as well.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus facilitates you with some exclusive benefits such as 10% off on all AppSumo purchases, access to KingSumo giveaway pro, and extended access to deals at just $99 for a year.

Does AppSumo provide customer support?

Yes, AppSumo offers world-class support and exclusive access to the founders & CEO of every single tool you buy from AppSumo.

What are the best AppSumo alternatives?

StackSocial, SaaSMantra, PitchGround, SaaSWiz, Dealify, DealMirror, and DealFuel are some of the best AppSumo alternatives.

Also Read: 12 Best Web Hosting Free Trials

Final Thoughts

So there you go, we’ve tried our best to provide you with the best deals which are most suitable for bloggers and all kinds of marketers. Most of the AppSumo discounts mentioned on this page provide you up to 98% or more discounts.

Meanwhile, you can also browse all the live deals at AppSumo.

The only thing is you need to act fast as most of the deals on AppSumo get sold out within a few days and won’t last for more than a week. So pick the right tools and products that suit your needs and get lifetime access to them at extremely cheaper prices.

If you’ve any questions around AppSumo deals and discounts, let us know in the comments below.

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