Best Affiliate Programs & Networks for Bloggers to Make Money in 2020

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If you’re looking for ways to make money with your blog, you have to check out this article on the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

By applying and signing up for these affiliate programs, you have the chance to transform your blog from a hobby into a true money-making machine!

When we first started our travel blog Adventure In You, my partner Tom and I looked at dozens of ways to monetize our blog. We spent more than a year struggling to make any kind of money until we realized that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn some serious cash (passively) all while continuing to build and grow our blog.

By focusing on joining affiliate programs that are directly related to our readers and being smart about how we inserted our links, Adventure In You’s income slowly started to build and eventually skyrocketed!

It took some time to get it rolling, we’ve transformed our blog into an Affiliate Machine, with affiliate marketing as one of our main sources of income.

In 2019 alone, we made more than $200,000+ in affiliate income from various income streams.

The best thing about affiliate marketing for bloggers is it allows you to make money even when you’re not working!

Tom and I have been traveling full-time for the past 5 years because our blog consistently generates money through affiliate programs. We have complete time freedom and get to live the life of our dreams, thanks to effectively implementing affiliate marketing on Adventure In You.

Keep reading to find out about the best affiliate programs for bloggers and why they’re worth joining today. 

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What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a partnership that a brand or company sets up where they pay individuals to promote their products or services through an online link. When the link is clicked and a purchase is made, the brand or company shares a commission or a portion of the sale with the affiliate (that’s you!). 

Affiliate programs work well for everyone involved. 

Brands and companies get referral traffic by having bloggers promote links to their sites, and affiliates can earn through strategically inserting these links into their blog content. The reader also benefits because they get genuine recommendations of products and services they’ll love!

Affiliate programs are a win-win situation in all directions!

There’s a tremendous variety of products, services, and niches when it comes to affiliate programs. Seriously, you can find an affiliate program for just about anything!

Most affiliate programs are slightly different in terms of how they work, what you can earn money for (plus, how much!), and the general payout structure. 

Typically, affiliate programs work based on one of these 3 structures:

  • Percentage of Sale: This is the most typical affiliate program structure and generally the one that’s most worthwhile for bloggers. Percentage of sale is exactly what it sounds like. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will get a percentage of the money spent. 
  • Commission: Alternatively, some affiliate programs work on a commission structure where the company will pay out a set commission each time a certain action is performed. This may be a set amount of money each time someone clicks your link and signs up for a program, makes a purchase, or all of the above.
  • Freebies: Finally, there are some companies that work on the basis of offering their affiliates a free product or service in exchange for promoting it or the company in general. This can be a fun way to get to try out different tools you may have your eye on or products that you’re interested in, but overall, it’s not the best way to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you’ve ever wondered how bloggers make so much money, more times than not it’s through affiliate marketing.

As a blogger, you’re able to join multiple affiliate programs, place links within your content, and then sit back and wait for the clicks to roll in. 

In order to make good money from affiliates, you have to make sure you understand the user journey and consistently provide value. Bloggers who do this very well are able to fit in links naturally and incentivize readers to click on them and make a purchase. 

Once your readers realize that quality products and services that actually matter to them are being recommended, they’ll continue to return to your blog for advice and suggestions and keep on clicking those affiliate links… which translates to money in your pocket.

For the complete rundown on how to do affiliate marketing effectively and turn your blog into an Affiliate Machine, check out this article!

Tips on Joining Affiliate Programs

When joining affiliate programs, here are a few key tips to keep in mind.

Choose Programs Relevant to Your Readers

The best way to make money with affiliate programs is to choose ones that are actually relevant to your readers. 

In order to get people to click on your affiliate links and ultimately make a purchase, you’ll want to recommend companies, brands, products, and services that will hit a nerve with your target audience. 

If your readers see that your recommendations are directly relevant to them, they’ll be 100x more likely to click on your links and make that final purchase.

Understand the Difference Between Self-Hosted Programs and Affiliate Networks

Not all brands and companies have an affiliate program, but the ones that do are considered to be self-hosted. This means that the brand or company itself runs their own affiliate program and affiliate payouts come directly from them.

On the other hand, many companies host their affiliate programs through third-party affiliate networks like AvantLink, ShareASale, and AWIN.

This allows brands to offer a commission or percentage of sale to affiliates without going to the trouble of having to create their own affiliate platform or managing the program themselves. 

Third-party affiliate networks opened the floodgates to affiliate programs because they allow any brand or company to get involved with minimal effort on their part.

It also benefits affiliates because these platforms allow users to easily manage the programs they are part of as well as track metrics like commission rates and reports all in one place. 

The downside is payouts can be restricted through third-party networks and commissions are generally highest from the company itself. That’s why it’s always worth looking to see if a company has an affiliate program through their own website before tapping into the wider networks. 

Do Your Own Research

If you’re interested in a brand or company, simply Google their name and tack on “affiliate program” at the end to see if they’re offering anything that you can get involved in.

Some affiliate programs accept anyone who’s interested while others have an application process to choose affiliates who fit the best.

It’s also worth noting that many companies offer affiliate programs on multiple networks, with varying commission rates. This makes it so important to check around to see which platform is most profitable.

Plus, each affiliate program and network has different details that are worth knowing before you sign up.

These details can range from minimum payout, how commissions are distributed, any commission tiers, and more. Knowing these details will allow you to choose a program or network that’s most efficient when it comes to maximizing your earnings and getting paid when (and how) you want. 

Look around and see what you can find. You’ll be surprised at how many brands, companies, products, and services have affiliate programs that you can get involved with.

Best Affiliate Networks for Bloggers

There are heaps of affiliate networks out there that allow brands and companies to run affiliate programs. All networks have different policies and terms, as well as different affiliate programs they support.

You can kind of think of affiliate networks as a one-stop shop for affiliate marketing.

They allow you to join different programs, track your conversions and generate custom links to insert into your content. It’s easy to keep things organized as you’re able to join and manage several programs on a single network, fitting everything into one place.

No matter what blogging niche you’re in, chances are you’ll be able to find products and services relevant to your readers on affiliate networks.

Here are some of the most popular and well-regarded affiliate networks that you should consider joining.


ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks out there, with more than 3,900 merchants to choose from, covering every category imaginable.

They’re among the most reputable affiliate networks and offer quality programs, analytics, and customer support. ShareASale is certainly a great place to start if you want to get involved in affiliate marketing.

CJ Affiliate

Another big affiliate network is CJ Affiliate, which is utilized by bloggers far and wide.

Well-established on the market, CJ Affiliate has loads of affiliate programs to sign up for and a user-friendly interface. One of the best parts of CJ Affiliate is the awesome analytics dashboard where you can see all pertinent information in one place.

Affiliate Window (AWIN)

AWIN is an affiliate network that’s easy to use, making it a great choice for beginner bloggers.

There’s a simple application process for joining new affiliate programs and a user-friendly interface to keep up with your progress. AWIN has all sorts of merchants to select, ranging from outdoor gear to travel to accessories, insurance, gardening, crafting, and more!


AvantLink does it all, from allowing you to join programs to keeping track of your conversion to creating your own custom links. They’re home to many popular brands like Patagonia, REI, Osprey and beyond.

Their customer service is prompt with staff happy to assist with anything, allowing users to fully take advantage of all that AvantLink has to offer.


Earning consistent awards as the best affiliate network out there, Rakuten packs a punch with more than 100 million orders placed globally.

This network has tons of big names behind it, like Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and more, allowing affiliates to find the perfect programs for their site. When it comes to scaling your affiliate marketing on a global scale, Rakuten can help make it happen!

Best Travel Affiliate Programs

As travel bloggers ourselves, Adventure In You has joined many of the affiliate programs listed here. Being a part of these affiliate programs has allowed us to grow from a hobby blog to a money-making Affiliate Machine! 

Affiliate Programs for Transportation

For travel bloggers, transport is a key affiliate area to tap into. Most of your readers are (or will be) planning a trip, so giving solid options for flights, trains, buses, and cars can be a great way to help them with recommendations and make some money. 


Cheapflights is a global network that allows users to find cheap domestic and international flights from thousands of airlines across the world. It’s a great way for budget travelers to find flights without totally breaking the bank!

Cheapflights affiliates can insert links into their content and earn a commission based on clicks rather than actual transactions.

Commission Rate: $0.45 per click-out for desktop and tablet; $0.25 per click-out of mobile

Qatar Airways

You’ve probably heard of Qatar Airways before, but if not, they’re a leading airline offering flights around Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond. 

Qatar Airways is easy to integrate into most travel blogs as they fly to more than 160 destinations worldwide. Considering their flights typically range from $1,000 to $5,000, a 2% commission rate is a seriously good deal. 

Commission Rate: 2% of total sale
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly

Etihad Airways

Another airline that has a solid affiliate program is Etihad Airways, the second-largest airline in the UAE. 

While it’s headquartered in the Middle East, Etihad has flights traveling all over the world. With commission on the total flight sale, affiliates can wind up with decent earnings when people book from their links!

Commission Rate: 2% of total flight sale 
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly


An all-in-one type travel affiliate, Travelpayouts is a network of 60+ travel affiliate programs that includes flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. 

Commissions can come from multiple programs and are paid out altogether, once a month. Travelpayouts has lots of trusted travel-related brands in one place and is a good place to start looking for travel affiliates. 

Commission Rate: Varies according to the individual program
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via WebMoney, PayPal or bank transfer. Minimum limits may vary


Used all over Asia, 12Go is a great affiliate for travel bloggers who have a focus on this region.

We’ve been promoting them for years and have been really happy with the outcome. They have trains, buses, ferries and flights (typically best for trains and buses, though) that you can promote in your content. 

According to their website, affiliates make about $2.90 per booking. 

Commission Rate: 50% of 12go’s revenue from each confirmed booking
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly (300THB minimum – less than $10), via PayPal


Bookaway is another budget travel service in Asia with tickets and timetables for trains, buses, ferries, and more. 

If you have a travel blog with a heavy Asia focus, this is a great affiliate to integrate. On their website, they state that the average affiliate commission is $5.70.

Commission Rate: 5% of revenue share
Cookie Length: 30 days


Europe travel bloggers rejoice as Eurail has a great affiliate program for promoting train travel through Europe. 

Train tickets in Europe can be rather pricey (with an average order value of $714), so you can expect some pretty decent payouts when people book through your link. 

Commission Rate: 3% on sales
Cookie Length: 30 days

Japan Rail

Another train-centered affiliate program, Japan Rail is obviously focused on train travel in Japan. But they also offer other products and services you can promote for a commission like regional rail passes, pocket WiFi, and airport meet and greet services. 

Purchases with Japan Rail are relatively pricey with an average cart value of $700… aka great payouts. 

Commission Rate: Up to 10% on sales
Payout Details: Monthly, via Transferwise


RentalCars is one of the largest online car rental reservation agencies in the world, covering more than 46,000 locations throughout the world. 

If you’re a travel blogger, RentalCars is a great affiliate program to join, especially if your content covers road trips, itineraries, or exploring through driving. We love that affiliates are able to integrate a widget into their blog content that allows readers to search for car rentals! 

Commission Rate: 6% from each completed booking
Payout Details: Monthly


One of the most well-known car rental companies in the world, Hertz has a global affiliate program that is run through third-party networks. 

Typically, rental cars can be pretty pricey, especially if they’re rented for an extended period of time. Considering you get a commission based on the total sale, Hertz is a great way to go if your readers are looking for a reputable brand to rent from.

Commission Rate: 3% on sales
Cookie Length: 1 day


This is a great affiliate option if you’re looking for a convenient car rental affiliate in the United States. Slightly different from traditional car rental, ZipCar is more of a car-sharing service where you have a membership and then are able to rent a car by the hour or day.

ZipCar is super convenient and located in 41 U.S. states, hundreds of cities, and even at universities! 

It’s important to note that their commission is a flat fee based on people signing up for memberships, rather than renting the cars. 

Commission Rate: $10 flat per annual application, $30 flat per business application
Cookie Length: 1 day
Payout Details: Monthly, via check, direct deposit or Payoneer

Travel Gear Affiliate Programs

Recommending travel gear is an outstanding way to earn money through affiliates, if you have a travel blog. You can create packing lists, buying guides, custom recommendations, and more!


If you ask just about any blogger about affiliate marketing, Amazon will be one of the first things to come out of their mouths. There are thousands upon thousands of bloggers who recommend products from Amazon and receive a monthly payout from it. 

With such a wide range of products (come on, Amazon has almost everything under the sun) it’s super easy to find recommendations that will suit your readers and entice them to click on your links and make a purchase. 

One of the best parts of using the Amazon affiliate program is that rather than earning a commission each time someone buys a specific product you recommend, you actually earn a commission on their entire cart when they click on your link and start buying things on Amazon! 

This can result in hefty payouts, because who has any self-control when they’re shopping online these days?

That being said, if someone doesn’t stuff their cart full and makes a simple purchase, you’re looking at commissions ranging from $0.10 to a couple of dollars each time due to the cuts that Amazon recently made to their program which is a huge blog to publishers.

Commission Rate: Amazon’s commission rate depends on the products but ranges from 1% to 10%. For travel-specific products, you’re looking at a commission of 4% to 5%. 
Cookie Length: 24 hours, or 90 days if someone adds a product to their cart while using your link
Payout Details: Monthly ($10 minimum), via direct deposit, Amazon gift card or check


REI is a pillar of the outdoor and adventure community in the U.S. and is a go-to shop for many Americans looking for gear. They’re also the largest online outdoor store with a huge selection of useful items that ship internationally (with restrictions surrounding certain products). 

REI has an affiliate program that’s run through AvantLink and is definitely worth looking into if you have an adventure or outdoor-focused travel blog.

Commission Rate: 5% on sales
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly via PayPal or direct deposit 

Mountain Hardwear

For more outdoor gear, Mountain Hardwear has a massive online shop with clothes for men and women, as well as outdoor equipment. They have especially great jackets that you can promote to take on future travels! 

However, keep in mind that Mountain Hardwear only ships to the United States. 

Commission Rate: Up to 10% on sales
Cookie Length: 21 days

Hotel Affiliate Programs

One of the largest parts of travel is finding somewhere to stay! Luckily, there are lots of hotel affiliate programs that travel bloggers can join to earn a commission each time a reader books a stay using your link.

With more than 1 million accommodation options available on, it’s no wonder this is one of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers to join. It’s free to sign up and confirmed instantly, meaning no pesky application times.’s affiliate program is pretty awesome because you can decide which properties to highlight on your blog, allowing you to tailor the picks to your unique content, audience, and location.

Commission Rate: 25% to 40% of’s commission, not the total purchase price. pays affiliates based on the commission they get from each accommodation (which can vary greatly).
Cookie Length: During session only
Payout Details: Monthly (€100 minimum – about $113), via direct deposit or PayPal


Agoda is another popular hotel booking platform that has an affiliate program with lots of bells and whistles. 

When you sign up, you get free tools like the hotel data file to help you design the right experience for your readers, a search box that allows readers to look for properties right on your blog, call out banners, and of course, the classic text link.

If you want to learn more about how much you can make as an Agoda affiliate, they have a nifty calculator on their Partners page

Commission Rate: 5% to 7% of total sale 
Cookie Length: 1 day
Payout Details: Month following guest checkout (minimum $200), via direct deposit 


An all-in-one hotel platform, HotelsCombined actually combs all the other hotel listing platforms (, Agoda, etc) to bring users the best offers. 

Their affiliate program has an interesting approach, where they actually pay between $0.50 and $2.00 per click depending on certain factors like the value of the room, user demographics, and how you as an affiliate have been performing. 

Keep in mind that this is a pretty good deal, but if you don’t convert, your commission will drop and your account will eventually be shut down.

Commission Rate: $0.50 to $2.00 per click, depending on different factors
Cookie Length: 365 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($100 minimum for PayPal; $500 minimum for direct deposit)

Dusit International

For high-end travel blogs, you can target luxury travelers with Dusit International, a collection of luxury hotels in destinations like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, the Maldives, and more.

They have 4 different hotel brands that you can promote on your blog, with a decent commission on each sale. And since they’re luxury stays, payouts can be rather luxurious as well! 

Commission Rate: 6% on Best Available Rates; 4% on Offers and promotions
Cookie Length: 30 days

Activities & Adventure Affiliate Programs

Giving your readers awesome suggestions of things to do, activities to sign up for, and adventures to have is a stellar way to build trust with your audience and make a buck or two at the same time. 

You’d be shocked at how many activity and adventure companies have affiliate programs to get their name out there. May as well take advantage of it and recommend your readers something fun to do at the same time!


Who doesn’t love a good cooking class? Cookly offers authentic cooking classes in 100+ cities all over the world! It’s a great way to encourage your readers to learn about local culture and cuisine through their travels and promote Cookly for a commission in return. 

Cookly offers up to 10% commission on sales, with a $100 average basket size per booking. They have an application process to become an affiliate (which is reviewed manually by a real team!) and pay out commissions after bookings are completed. 

Commission Rate: 10% commission on sales after booking is completed
Cookie Length: 45 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum), via PayPal or Payoneer


Viator is a giant website with more than 345,000 activity listings spread all over the world. From touring the Colosseum in Rome to cooking curry in Sri Lanka, you can bet Viator will have an option. 

There are a couple of choices for Viator affiliate programs. One route is affiliates get a custom widget that they can integrate into their blog and every time someone makes a booking through this widget, they get an 8% commission. 

Alternatively, Viator is also partnered with Awin and ShareAsale, where affiliates can generate a custom link that they can insert into their content with uncapped commission.

Do keep in mind though that you won’t receive a commission until the booked activity is completed. 

Commission Rate: 5% of total sales price when booked through affiliate link, 8% if booked through custom widget
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum), paid out once the booked activity is completed


A place to book tours, activities, and beyond, GetYourGuide is an industry-leading booking website, with a mind-boggling number of options.

Their affiliate program is perfect for travel bloggers, who earn a commission each time a booking is completed through their link. 

GetYourGuide also has widgets that can be integrated into your blog to allow readers to check out trending activities! For their affiliate program, GetYourGuide runs on a tiered partnership structure, with 3 different categories based on traffic and tools needed for specific websites. 

Commission Rate: 8% base commission, with room for growth
Cookie Length: 31 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum) after activity is completed, via bank transfer

Adrenaline Hunter

For all the adventurous travel bloggers, joining Adrenaline Hunter’s affiliate program is a must. These guys collect the most incredible and badass activities from 66 countries and put them on this cool platform for bookings. 

To become an affiliate for Adrenaline Hunter, you have to fill out an application form and send in pertinent website information. Once you’re accepted, you get to start earning! 

Their commission structure is tiered, so when you’re first starting out you get 8% but based on your performance, affiliates have the chance to earn up to 10% commission per sale! 

P.S. Their support is out of this world, with a dedicated account manager to help out 24/7.

Commission Rate: 8% to 10%, depending on performance
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly (€50 minimum – about $56), via direct deposit

Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures offers different tours and experiences in more than 120 destinations. On their site, they have over 1,300 unique itineraries that cover food, culture, sightseeing, local gems, and more. 

Since Urban Adventures’ target market is any kind of traveler looking for an authentic and affordable experience, they make for the perfect travel blog affiliate.

Affiliates have the option to insert banners or links on their blog to drive people to Urban Adventures, and in return get a 10% commission for every confirmed booking… Pretty good deal, right? 

But the best part is that the Urban Adventures cookies last for a whopping 6 months! That means that if someone clicks on your link and books a tour within the 6 months, you’ll still get a commission. 

Commission Rate: 10% for each confirmed booking
Cookie Length: 6 months
Payout Details: Monthly ($150 minimum)

Travel Insurance Affiliate Programs

Travel insurance is a popular travel product and something that many people turn to travel blogs to learn more about. Promoting different travel insurance choices through honest reviews and in-text links is yet another great affiliate choice for travel bloggers. 

World Nomads

World Nomads is definitely one of the most popular travel insurance options out there.

One of their key selling points is that they allow travelers to buy insurance while they’re actually traveling! They offer coverage that includes 24/7 emergency assistance, coverage for 200+ (but not all) adventure activities, and even trip protection if that’s what you’re after. 

The World Nomads affiliate program is used by bloggers worldwide and offers benefits like unlimited referral fees, simple and easy integration (links and a widget), and no fixed-term contract. 

Commission Rate: 10% for every sale referred
Cookie Length: 60 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($250 minimum), via PayPal or bank account


Another travel insurance to promote through affiliate marketing is SafetyWing, which is a newer player that is captivating travelers worldwide. We like them as they allow you to take monthly plans and have fantastic COVID19 coverage.

To become an affiliate, you have to submit an application and once you’re accepted, you can begin adding links to your content. If you click the link above, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a link to their Ambassador’s Program.

Commission Rate: 10% per client referred to SafetyWing (up to 364 days per client)
Cookie Length: 1 year
Payout Details: Monthly, via PayPal

Best Software & Tech Affiliate Programs

You’d be surprised at how easy it is for any kind of blogger to integrate tech and software recommendations into your content. Not only will these tools help you out, but promoting them can help other bloggers out, as well!


A super cool website, AppSumo brings people the best deals on software and tech. Their affiliate program is a great way to spread the love and make some money at the same time. 

AppSumo’s affiliate program operates on a pay-per-sale for each initial translation delivered, with unlimited commissions through your unique link. They offer 10% commission on all affiliate purchases made by returning customers, PLUS 100% commission (up to $50) if a new customer signs up and makes a purchase. 

Commission Rate: 10% on purchases made by existing customers; 100% commission (up to $50) if new customer signs up and makes a purchase
Cookie Length: 30 days


Shopify is an ecommerce platform where users can sign up and start selling their products. Bloggers can promote Shopify as an affiliate and earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan using your specific referral link. 

What’s more, is if someone purchases a Plus plan, you can earn up to $2,000! Shopify has plenty of strategic places to link to in order to increase conversions. Interested parties must apply to be a part of the affiliate program. 

Commission Rate: 100% commission on first and second payment for basic plans ($29 per month) and up to $2,000 for Shopify Plus sign-ups. 
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: PayPal only. 


A tool that does it all, Clickfunnels is useful for any kind of blogger and great to promote as an affiliate. In short, Clickfunnels is a marketing tool for generating leads, creating landing pages, selling products, and email marketing. 

Their affiliate program is run through Tipalti and has different ways for you to earn a commission.

Affiliates can display a ClickFunnels badge on their website and when someone clicks it and signs up, the affiliate earns a 20% commission. 

Affiliates can also insert referral links into their content and receive 30% of the total value of products a person buys when they click on their link.

Finally, affiliates can work their way up the ladder and become “qualified affiliates” who earn a 40% commission on all ClickFunnels products. 

Commission Rate: 20% for badge sign-ups; 30% of total product value for basic affiliates; 40% on all products for qualified affiliates. 
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: 45 days after the 30-day “cooling off” period 


Fiverr is a place to find freelance and remote workers to assist with just about everything you could ever need. It’s an outstanding resource for bloggers or businesses who are looking to outsource some of their workload. 

Fiverr has 2 affiliate commission structures but the most common one is Fiverr CPA which pays out $15 to $50 to the affiliate each time a first-time buyer purchases a service (commission depends on service purchased). 

There’s also Fiverr Hybrid which offers $10 CPA and 10% RevShare. This means that the CPA is fixed for first-time purchases, but you also get a revenue share for 12 months. 

Either way, affiliates get to choose which commission structure they prefer and earn money on their terms!

Commission Rate: $15 to $50 each time a first-time buyer purchases a service (commission depends on service purchased)
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($100 minimum), via PayPal or Payoneer for less than $1,000; wire transfer for amounts over $1,000


An online platform with more than 27,000 courses, Skillshare is an amazing way to learn new things and spread knowledge of their own. 

Skillshare’s affiliate program is simple, with a $10 commission for every new customer that uses your link to sign up for a Premium Membership or free trial (yes, you get $10 when someone signs up for free!!!). 

Commission Rate: $10 each time someone signs up for a Premium Membership or free trial using affiliate link
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly


All bloggers need hosting, so recommending Bluehost as an affiliate is generally pretty easy for bloggers. 

Bluehost’s affiliate program is generous and straightforward, with a $65 commission each time a visitor clicks your link and signs up for hosting. It couldn’t be easier!

There’s no cap on commission earnings, so promote your heart out. 

Commission Rate: $65 for each sign-up
Cookie Length: 90 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($100 minimum), via PayPal

Best Online Retail Affiliate Programs

While Amazon is certainly the largest, most popular and arguably the most effective affiliate program for bloggers, there are still dozens of other affiliate programs for ecommerce and general shopping online. 


Everyone knows and loves eBay because you can find pretty much everything and anything on their platform. Since they’re so well-known, eBay makes for a quality affiliate program option for bloggers as the company’s reputation carries some weight with readers, no matter who they are. 

Their affiliate program works by having affiliates recommend specific products to readers who can then make a purchase through the affiliate link. Affiliates get 50% to 70% of eBay’s revenue share. 

A great perk is that if a new or reactivated user buys something through your affiliate link, commission doubles! This works well for bloggers who can make money by recommending quality products that their readers will love.

Commission Rate: 50% to 70% of eBay’s revenue share (not total sale price) for existing buyers. Doubled for new or reactivated customers. 
Cookie Length: 24 hours
Payout Details: Monthly (minimum $10), via PayPal or direct deposit


Another huge name in the ecommerce world, Etsy is a marketplace for artists of all kinds to sell their wares. They have an affiliate program that’s great for lifestyle, crafting, and art blogs, just to name a few! 

Through the Etsy affiliate program, affiliates can promote links to specific products and earn a commission on qualifying sales. The program is hosted through Awin, and Etsy provides resources like product category banners, tracked links, curated pages, and more.  

Commission Rate: Etsy doesn’t publicly state their commission rate, but based on third-party reviews it appears to be somewhere between 4% to 8%. 
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly or twice a month, via check or direct deposit


Ah Target, the holy mecca for most Americans. With thousands upon thousands of products available, it’s no wonder that their sweeping online store draws in people from the 50 states and beyond. 

The Target affiliate program offers up to an 8% commission on popular categories (though it’s typically more like 3% to 6%), with a 7-day cookie length.

The difference with Target’s program is affiliates get paid every time someone makes a purchase with their link during the active cookie period, not just the first time.  Affiliate commission also increases with more conversions.

While Target is targeted towards the U.S. market, they accept affiliates from anywhere in the world.

Commission Rate: Up to 8% on popular categories. Commission increases with more conversions
Cookie Length: 7 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via bank transfer


Walmart also has an affiliate program that offers varying commission rates for promoting different products. Their rates range between 1% to 4% (depending on the department), giving affiliates free range to recommend whatever products fit best on their blog.

Walmart affiliates are able to place specific links in their content or integrate customized banner ads to drive readers to purchases. There’s also a dedicated team that helps maximize sales and allows affiliates to make the most of the program.

Commission Rate: Between 1% to 4%, depending on product department
Cookie Length: 3 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via bank transfer 

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

It’s typically pretty natural for most bloggers of any kind to recommend clothing and shoes to their readers. Here are some solid affiliate programs in the fashion category that you can use to share specific product recommendations with your readers. 


Zappos is one of the largest online shoe retailers, with an expansive inventory of more than 1,500 different brands. While it’s a solely U.S. company and only ships to the United States, Zappos accepts international affiliates that drive U.S. customers to their site. 

Zappos offers affiliates a 7% commission rate per sale, and is ideal for fashion, lifestyle, or even travel bloggers who want to recommend quality shoes on their blog!

Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Length: 14 days


A popular sportswear brand, Reebok hardly needs an introduction. Their affiliate program grants bloggers a 7% commission per sale, and let’s just say, their shoes and clothes don’t come cheap! 

Reebok is a solid affiliate program choice for fashion, sport, or any other niche where you can recommend shoes and activewear(travel included!). 

Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum), via direct deposit or check


ModCloth is an online retailer with the trendiest clothes and latest styles. It’s pretty affordable and quite popular with a young and hip crowd (if you will), making it an ideal affiliate program for fashion bloggers. 

By promoting their website with links, banners, or ads, ModCloth affiliates earn a commission starting at 5% for each purchase made. 

Commission Rate: Between 5% to 7% per sale
Cookie Length: 45 days 

Free People

As far as fun clothing goes, Free People is the place to be. They’re specialists in flowy, flowery, and “free-spirited” styles… and let me just say, their clothes are to die for. 

That being said, they’re also extremely expensive, leading to great commissions for affiliate partners. Free People affiliates can earn a 3% commission per sale, which can add up to a lot if your readers like to shop.

Commission Rate: 3% per sale
Cookie Length: 14 days

Rent the Runway

A captivating company that has risen in popularity in recent years, Rent the Runway is a designer clothing and accessory library where users can rent pieces for any occasion. 

The largest draw to Rent the Runway is the 90% markdown from retail prices, allowing pretty much anyone to feel like a designer Cinderella.

Rent the Runway has an affiliate program run through third-party networks and they offer a 7% commission on transactions. 

Commission Rate: 7% per transaction
Cookie Length: 30 days

Warby Parker

Relatively new on the accessories scene, Warby Parker has made serious waves in the affordable eyeglass industry with some show-stopping styles and super reasonable prices. 

The best part about this awesome brand? For each pair of glasses sold by Warby Parker, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Stylish and socially responsible? Yes, please!

Warby Parker’s affiliate program is generous, with up to 20% commission on sales (with the average sale around $125), a lead commission of $0.50 for Home Try-Ons, and $10 affiliate referrals if you get other bloggers to join the program! 

Commission Rate: Up to 20% for sales; $0.50 per lead for Home Try-Ons; $10 per affiliate referral
Cookie Length: 45 days

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

Beauty bloggers rejoice because there are plenty of affiliate programs available to join and promote to your readers. 


One of the largest beauty names in the world, Sephora is a mega beauty outlet with more than 200 brands and 13,000 products. Sephora operates in 33 countries all around the world, making it a great affiliate program no matter where you are.

 It’s also a program worth joining if you’re in the beauty sphere because other large companies like Amazon and Target pay very little commission to their affiliates for beauty products.

Sephora offers affiliates a 10% commission for new customer purchases, and a 4% commission for returning customer purchases. 

Commission Rate: 10% for new customers; 4% for returning customers
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum)

The Skin Store

A premium skin, hair, and makeup product supplier, The Skin Store has loads of products for beauty bloggers to promote. 

Their huge product range makes conversions easy with The Skin Store, translating to hefty earnings for affiliates. Affiliates can earn a commission of up to 10% (with an average order size of $130) and the program is run through Awin for ease of access and use.

Commission Rate: 8% as standard rate, but up to 10% per sale
Cookie Length: 30 days

Style Korean

As the frontrunners for all things skincare and beauty, Style Korean is a hub to get your favorite Korean beauty products at an affordable price. They cover loads of brands and have endless product offerings, appealing to Koreans and Westerners alike. 

Style Korean also has heaps of organic makeup and natural skincare products that have been known to work wonders on sensitive skin… a great sales point! 

Style Korean offers 7% commission on sales to affiliates, and ships worldwide, so no matter where you’re blogging from, Style Korean can be an affiliate to add to your list!

Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum) 

Mica Beauty Cosmetics

Mica Beauty Cosmetics has a huge offering of natural and organic makeup and beauty products on their website – and they ship worldwide. 

Their affiliate program is super interesting and gives lots of benefits to those involved.

On the basic level, affiliates get an 18% commission from each sale. But on top of that, Mica Beauty has a tiered commission system where affiliates are rewarded for recruiting more affiliates. 

Not only do they earn a primary commission, but affiliates also earn a commission based on the sales made by the affiliates they’ve referred. Seems confusing, but it’s actually really cool. 

Here’s the example they give on their site: “The tier system offers your affiliates the ability to recruit other affiliates from whom they can then, in turn, earn tier commissions from. So, if for instance, Bonnie refers Jane, Bonnie would earn a tier commission each time Jane delivers and earns a primary commission.”

Pretty cool, right?

Commission Rate: 18% primary commission from sales; 5% to 8% tiered commission based on affiliate referrals
Cookie Length: Lifetime for tiered commission
Payout Details: Monthly ($20 minimum)

Best Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs

Regardless if you promote healthy living, exercise, home workouts, or meal prepping, there are a gigantic number of health and fitness affiliate programs available to join. 

Doing this can really round out your health and fitness blog by providing quality recommendations to your readers and putting some money in your pocket at the same time. 

The Vitamin Shoppe

A major vitamin store in the U.S. and huge online retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe offers a good affiliate program for health, wellness, and fitness-centered content creators. 

The affiliate program is run through Commission Junction and allows bloggers to use logos, text links and/or banners to promote the Vitamin Shoppe. Any purchase made through your affiliate link earns a commission of up to 10%.

Commission Rate: 4% as a base for sales, with the chance to increase to 10% with proven traffic and sales
Cookie Length: 7 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via PayPal, direct deposit or check


Vitamix is a popular blender brand that accepts affiliates who have a blog centered around health, food/nutrition, fitness, or other related topics. 

To join their affiliate program, you also must commit to at least 6 machine sales every year, with a commission rate of 3% per sale. It’s a pretty good idea if smoothies are relevant to your audience and you’re looking for a high-end item to promote!

Commission Rate: 3% per sale
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Quarterly, via check

Bowflex Home Gym Equipment

Speaking of high-ticket affiliates, nothing is more expensive than gym equipment… especially for your home. Bowflex offers a huge variety of exercise equipment from treadmills to weights and a whole lot more. 

They have an affiliate program through Commission Junction, with 7% commission on all orders. We’re talking some big payouts here!

Unfortunately, the cookie length is pretty short, especially for such an expensive purchase, but the ones you can capture will be well worth it in the end. 

Commission Rate: 7% on all sales
Cookie Length: 3 days

Mukha Yoga

For yoga and wellness-centered blogs, Mukha Yoga is a prime affiliate program choice. 

They have a huge offering of yoga gear and clothing for both women and men, as well as great online resources for the yoga community. Mukha Yoga has a commission rate of 8% with 60-day cookie length, making it an attractive option for an affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 8% on sales
Cookie Length: 60 days


No need to explain who Nike is, but if you’re looking for a general athletic affiliate program, Nike has one.

They accept affiliates who run websites surrounding sports, fashion/clothing/shoes, news, health & fitness, shopping directories and general blogs, making it easy to qualify to promote their products. 

Affiliates can earn up to 11% commission on all valid sales, which is a pretty good deal considering how pricey Nike products can be!

Commission Rate: Up to 11% on all valid sales
Cookie Length: 30 days

Under Armour

Another general fitness affiliate, Under Armour has a huge range of athletic clothes, shoes, and gear. They run an affiliate program through Awin and offer an 8% commission on every sale through an affiliate link. 

Commission Rate: 8% on all sales
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via check, direct deposit or PayPal

Best Food Affiliate Programs

Calling all food bloggers! Affiliate programs surrounding food are a great fit for you, making them an attractive way to monetize your blog.


HelloFresh is a meal kit system that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to people’s doorsteps. It’s an innovative company that has made it easy to eat well at home by portioning ingredients and catering the boxes to personal preferences. 

HelloFresh has an affiliate program through Commission Junction and varies in terms of commissions based on the affiliate’s location. For the U.S., affiliates receive $10 per sign-up. 

Commission Rate: $10 per sign-up
Cookie Length: 14 days

Thrive Market

Thrive Market operates on the motto that “healthy living has never been easier”. It’s essentially a jumbo healthy grocery store offering organic and non-GMO food products for delivery. 

They carry more than 6,000 products, offer free shipping on all orders over $49 and boast loads of savings. Thrive Market is available in the U.S., making it an ideal affiliate if your blog’s audience is American and interested in healthy living. 

Commission Rate: Tiered commission on 2 membership options; $40 commission on purchase of annual membership; $5 commission on purchase of 1-month membership
Cookie Length: 14 days is exactly what it sounds like: an online marketplace for nuts and beyond! In addition to nuts, carries seeds, dried fruit, snacks, sweets, coffee and other dried goods. 

Other than food blogs, this is a great affiliate if you have an outdoor or road trip-focused blog because these are the treats you’ll always want in your bag on the trail! 

However, keep in mind that the affiliate program is only available to those living in the U.S. and Canada. 

Commission Rate: 8% on new customer orders; 2% on returning customer orders
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly (minimum $50), via check or direct deposit

More Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Just for fun, here are a few interesting affiliate programs for bloggers to look into! 


For dog lovers and pet-centered blogs, Barkbox is a choice affiliate program. It’s a monthly subscription service that delivers a customized box of treats and toys to your doorstep once a month for your furry friend.

Plus, 10% of proceeds are donated to shelters and rescues across the United States and Canada! 

Barkbox isn’t forthright with their commission rates, but based on third-party reviews, it seems like they offer an $18 commission per sale of classic Bark Box.


Commission Rate: Varies, but generally $18 per sale of classic Bark Box.
Cookie Length: 30 days


Society6 is an awesome website that takes artist creations and turns them into home decor. You can get just about anything on Society6, from wall art, bedding, furniture, apparel, and more! 

With their affiliate program, bloggers can insert Society6 links into their content and earn a 10% commission on purchases made through the link. It’s a pretty good deal and with such a huge variety, Society6 is great for most types of bloggers!

Commission Rate: 10% on purchases made through link
Cookie Length: 30 days
Payout Details: Monthly, via PayPal


One final affiliate program for bloggers to consider joining is Zazzle, a platform that allows users to create and purchase custom designs. The options here are endless, from greeting cards and invitations, to clothing and accessories, even office and home decor! 

Users can upload photos or artworks and then have it placed on an item, or purchase custom work from designs.

Zazzle has a dreamy affiliate program, where bloggers can insert links and banners and in turn receive a 15% commission per sale. Pretty good, huh?

Commission Rate: 15% per sale, with up to 17%
Cookie Length: 45 days
Payout Details: Monthly ($50 minimum), via PayPal or check

While this list has a large number of some of the top affiliate programs for bloggers, it’s by no means a comprehensive account. You may also want to check out our list of best high-ticket affiliate programs!

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there for bloggers to make money with… you’d be surprised at how many brands and companies take part in an affiliate system! 

So no matter what you’re looking for or what kind of blog you have, there’s an affiliate program (or multiple!) out there for you.

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Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers | Affiliate programs are the best way for bloggers to make money... Check out our complete guide to find the best programs to join, no matter what niche you're in!
Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers | Affiliate programs are the best way for bloggers to make money... Check out our complete guide to find the best programs to join, no matter what niche you're in!

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