Bussmann / Eaton SCF Self-Control Fuses are ideal for battery packs

Bussmann / Eaton SCF Self-Control Fuses are triggerable fuses that provide overcurrent and overcharge (overvoltage) protection. The Bussmann / Eaton SCF fuses feature a three-terminal surface-mount design in a compact and low-height footprint. These circuit protection devices offer 12A to 45A nominal current ratings. These SCF Self-Control Fuses come in three footprints (4030, 5432, and 9550) for compact/high-power applications and are ideal for single-/multi-cell battery packs.


  • Three-terminal surface mount circuit protection device in compact and low-height footprint
  • 12A to 45A nominal current ratings
  • Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
  • Ideal for single-cell and multi-cell battery packs
  • Three footprints offered for compact and high-power applications

Equivalent Circuit


more information: www.eaton.com

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