Getting Your Social Media Accounts Verified

Social media was once a simple place to talk about your experiences and connect with others over a certain niche. While the connection is still at the heart of the medium, social media has evolved into the most profitable marketing platform in the world. Nowadays, social media allows people to build their dream jobs from the ground up, whether it’s becoming a successful YouTuber or launching an e-commerce store.

The goal of becoming well-known on the internet is to become verified through various platforms. Getting your account verified, however, isn’t as easy as you might think. Here’s how you can get your social media accounts verified and the perks that come along with it.

Learn What It Takes to Make It Online

Unfortunately, verification won’t happen at the drop of a hat. You need to really give it your all to be noticed by the masses. The first step involved is learning how social media works.

There are several keyholders for you to choose from, and each of them have their own unique requirements for verification. If you’re really serious about turning social media into a career, then earning a degree in communications or digital marketing is a good idea.

These degrees cover all the forms of communication, as well as how to reach the right people through targeted content. If you’ve already gone to school, your existing debt doesn’t have to affect your future plans.

You can easily get your new degree by refinancing your existing student loans into a new one through a private lender. Private lenders have lower interest rates, which make the loan easier to pay back and help you lower your monthly expenses a bit.

How You Can Get Verified

Your content must be engaging, authentic and relatable. This is how you build an audience and become popular enough to be worth verifying in the platform’s eyes. You also need to know how the platform works when it comes to handling content. Each social media platform has an algorithm, which is how they sort through each post.

If a person is verified, their content is more likely to be noticed because it’s designated as 100% authentic. Let’s take a look at YouTube as an example. YouTube’s verification process sounds simple enough; just obtain 100,000 subscribers and apply by going through your profile. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s unfortunately not that simple. Obtaining 100,000 subscribers is probably the most difficult thing you can accomplish on YouTube.

Rather than focusing solely on the verification, you should consider what type of community you want to build first. Follower acquisition can become something like a science, so you have to be willing to experiment if you want to crack the code for your specific target audience. This is another area where the right education comes in handy.

While there are many successful social media influencers with no formal training, and anyone can use things like tools for generating hashtags to get on the right algorithms, they got their start with these platforms in their hay day. Now, you need the know-how to tip the algorithm in your favor, boost visibility and capture your audience’s sought-after attention.

The Benefits of Being Verified

Being verified nets you a slew of benefits with some being unique to specific platforms. But the most notable benefits include having an advantage in the algorithm, getting access to special features and building more trust with your audience. The latter is perhaps the most important benefit because trust is the key to build long-lasting success as an influencer, affiliate marketer and a business owner.

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