How to Use Jasper Boss Mode Like A Pro: An Easy Tutorial

What if there was a single writing tool that could help you with all your writing needs? From writing blog posts to creating stories, Jasper AI promises to do it all. 

But does this artificial intelligence writing software really deliver? Read on for our unbiased review of Jasper Boss Mode and find out for yourself.

Quick note: Jasper offers two plans: Starter and Boss Mode. The Starter plan is only useful for creating headlines, bios, descriptions, etc. Jasper Boss Mode is what all content creators and bloggers need. It helps you generate ANY type of content you want including longer articles, product reviews, stories, video scripts, and more.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is an “AI-based writing tool” that can help you write better content including blog posts, essays, stories, novels, Amazon product reviews, and more. 

Jasper analyzes your writing and generates content automatically. Jasper also suggests corrections and improvements to your writing. 

In simple words, Jasper can be considered as your writing assistant that automatically creates content for you. 

One of the things that set Jasper AI apart from other AI writing tools is its ability to generate QUALITY content. Jasper AI creates content way BETTER than its competitors. That’s why over 50,000 people are using Jasper for automatic content creation.

The best part?

Jasper can generate content in over 25 languages by translating using DeepL.

The languages Jasper supports include English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Swedish, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek.

So what are you waiting for?

Try Jasper Boss Mode today

Jasper Boss Mode: What Is It? How to Use It Like A Pro? Pricing & More

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode is useful to create long content such as in-depth blog posts, stories, emails, video scripts, novels, case studies, and more.

The Jasper AI Boss mode pricing plans start only at $59 per month (to generate 50,000 words/month) and go up to $3600 per month (to generate up to 5 million words/month).

Why should you go for Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode is useful for;

  • Creating detailed posts
  • Write anything 5 times faster
  • Create content that’s 100% original
  • Generate content that’s SEO optimized (with the help of Surfer SEO)
  • Access to Jasper commands to whatever you want
  • Improve your grammar and fix spelling mistakes with Grammarly
  • Access to Jasper’s 50+ copywriting skills 
  • Write and translate to 25 different languages and many more

Who Should Use Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode is extremely useful for the group of people;

  • Bloggers and writers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • SEOs
  • Content marketing strategists
  • Small business owners
  • YouTube video creators (as Jasper automatically creates video scripts, descriptions, etc)
  • Story writers
  • Social media managers and more

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for an AI-based writing software tool to automatically create BETTER content in a few minutes, Jasper Boss mode is an excellent choice for you.

Try Jasper Boss Mode NOW!

How to Use Jasper Boss Mode “Recipes” to Write Blog Posts  

Jasper Boss Mode offers an amazing workflow feature called “Recipes” which are pre-built workflows that consist of several Jasper commands to help you create better content.

Let’s talk about how you can use Recipes from Jasper AI to create incredible content.

You can access the Recipes feature from the left side on the Jasper dashboard which looks like this;

jasper recipes

Here are some of the commonly used Recipes offered by Jasper.

jasper recipe

Here’s how you can use a Recipe to write a blog post QUICKLY with Jasper.

To write a blog post, simply pick the “Blog Post” Recipe from Jasper.

jasper blog post

Click on the Run button;

blog post jasper

Once you hit the Run button, it will immediately take you to the Document editor where you can find a pre-defined workflow along with Jasper AI commands.

Here’s what it looks like;

jasper commands

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Blog Post Recipe by Jasper AI to write faster and better blog posts.

Step 1: Generate a content brief for your preferred topic 

Jasper AI command is: >write a brief for {TOPIC}

To generate a content brief with Jasper, simply run the above command (replace the topic with your preferred topic).

Let’s say you want to write about SEO. Once you run the command for it, it will instantly generate a content brief. Here’s what it looks like;

content brief

As you can see above, it immediately generates a brief for the topic. In case you’re not happy with the content brief, you can highlight the text and click on the Rephrase option to generate another version.

Here’s what it looks like;


Step 2: Generate titles for your blog post 

Jasper AI command is: >write blog title ideas

Once you’ve generated the content brief, it’s time to generate headline ideas for your post.

Simply run the above command and Jasper will create titles for you.

Have a look;

jasper titles

Pick a headline that you like and move on to the next step. If not happy with the headlines, you can also generate more headlines with Jasper.

Step 3: Write an introduction for your post

Jasper AI command is: >write an introduction

Once you run the above command, Jasper will create an introduction for your post.

Have a look;

jasper intro

If not happy with the output, you can also rephrase or give some better prompts to write better content with Jasper.

Step 4: Create an outline

Jasper AI command is: >write a blog outline

This command will generate an outline for your blog post.

jasper outline

See that? Jasper AI instantly generated an amazing outline for our example topic. Now, you can expand each of those outlines by using the same command.

Have a look at the output;

jasper tutorial

That’s how you can use Jasper to create an outline and fill out the section automatically.

Step 5: Finish your blog post with a blog conclusion

Jasper AI command is: >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}

The final part is to finish your post with a conclusion. You can use the above command to quickly generate a conclusion.

Here’s the conclusion generated by Jasper.


So there you go. That’s how you can easily use Jasper Recipes to create ANY type of content you want from scratch. 

The ONLY thing you need to remember is to give proper input to Jasper AI to generate quality content.

How to Use Jasper Templates?

Jasper offers over 50 copywriting templates to generate high-quality content. 

Have a look at some of the popular templates;

jasper templates

Let’s talk about a few Jasper AI templates to create amazing content.

AIDA framework

AIDA is one of the oldest marketing frameworks that use Attention, Interest, Desire, Action to persuade people.

Fortunately, Jasper provides you access to the AIDA framework.

To use it, open the AIDA framework template from the Templates section on Jasper. 

Enter a product or company name and give a brief about the product you want to create content around.


Once you click on the Generate AI content button, it will instantly produce multiple versions based on the AIDA framework.

Have a look;

jasper aida

See that? So if you’re looking to create content based on scientifically proven content formulas such as AIDA, Jasper AI is an excellent tool for you.

Video descriptions

Are you running a YouTube channel? Then, you should check out the “Video Description” template offered by Jasper to instantly generate unique descriptions for Youtube videos to get more views in search.

To get started with it, visit the Templates section and click on the Video Descriptions template.

Once you’re on the template, simply enter a video title and keywords that you want to rank for.

Here’s what it looks like;

video description

Hit the Generate AI content button to automatically create video descriptions for the above example.

video description jasper

See that? Jasper creates amazing video descriptions within a few seconds. Make sure to provide better input (such as headline and keywords) to generate QUALITY output by Jasper.

Jasper AI Keyboard Shortcuts

To effectively use Jasper AI, you need to learn some useful keyboard shortcuts that are listed below. 

Note: If you’re using Windows operating system, replace the “Command” with the “Control” button.

  • Command + Enter: This is used to write the next sentence; Place your cursor where you want to generate text in your document and run this command
  • Command + Shift + Enter: This is used to Run Command and keep the command visible on the page after running
  • Command + K: This is used to see the command history
  • Command + /: This is used to Re-run the last command  to try for better content
  • Command + Z: undo last change
  • Command + J: compose (Place your cursor where you want to generate text in your document and press CMD + J)

A useful tip: *** Place 3 asterisks in your content to prevent Jasper from seeing above that point. This is extremely useful if you want to prevent Jasper from generating duplicate content.

Jasper Boss Mode Pricing 2022: How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Jasper AI currently offers the following two pricing packages.

  1. The Starter Plan
  2. The Boss Mode Plan

Let’s discuss these two plans briefly.

1. The Starter Plan: This plan is useful for creating short content such as meta descriptions, author bio, headlines, etc. This plan starts at $29 per month and goes up to $499 per month where you can generate words ranging from 20,000 words a month to 1 million words a month.

You’ll get the following features with this plan;

  • 20,000 words credits/mo (to 1 million words credits/mo depending on the plan)
  • 600 character lookback
  • 50 copywriting templates including ads, headlines, Quora answers, etc
  • Unlimited user access
  • Unlimited projects

2. The Boss Mode Plan: This is the MOST RECOMMENDED plan for bloggers, writers, and marketers who want to create high-quality and detailed content. From longer blog posts to reviews to stories, you can create anything with the Jasper Boss mode.

We’re also using the same plan and we’re extremely satisfied with the results.

This plan starts at $59 per month and goes up to $3600 per month where you can generate words ranging from 50,000 words a month to 5 million words a month.

You’ll get the following features with the Boss Mode plan from Jasper;

  • 50,000 words credits/mo (to 5 million words credits/mo depending on the plan)
  • 3000 character lookback
  • Access to Long-Form Documents
  • 50 copywriting templates including ads, headlines, Quora answers, etc
  • Jasper commands
  • SEO mode
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammarly for grammar checking
  • Unlimited user access
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority chat support

So what are you waiting for?

Try Jasper Boss Mode today

How to get 2 months FREE with Jasper?

Want to get 2 months free? Looking to save more on Jasper pricing plans? Then, go with their annual plans as you can get a HUGE 16% discount (or 2 months free with annual plans).

Have a look at their annual pricing;

jasper annual

As you can see above, you’ll save 16% with annual plans. Here’s the pricing chart for annual plans on Jasper;

  • The Starter plan starts at $24/mo instead of $29/mo (if billed yearly) and goes up to $499/mo
  • The Boss Mode plan starts at $49/mo instead of $59/mo (if billed yearly) and goes up to $3600/mo

Save 16% on Annual Plans Now

What’s the Jasper refund policy?

Jasper AI offers a 5-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the content generated by Jasper or its features, then simply email [email protected] and they’ll instantly refund 100% of your money.

Can I use Jasper for free?

Yes, you can grab Jasper’s free trial to try it out for free. But it’s NOT a FREE AI writing tool. 

You can use their free trial to try their software free for the next 5 days with 10,000-word credits. It means you can generate up to 10,000 words with their free trial.

Try Jasper 5-Day Free Trial!

FAQs | Jasper Boss Mode 2022

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Jasper and Jasper Boss Mode.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is an AI-based writing tool that automatically creates content for you. You can use Jasper to automatically write blog posts, create Amazon product reviews, stories, novels, and more. 

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

What are the benefits of using Jasper Boss Mode?

Here are some of the benefits of Jasper Boss Mode;
– Write longer blog posts
– Write product reviews
– Create stories and novels
– Write lyrics
– Generate video scripts, emails, and more

What are the features of Jasper Boss Mode?

The features of Jasper Boss Mode include;
– Access to Jasper commands
– Long documents
– 50+ copywriting skills
– Generate 50,000 words/mo
– Create quality content in any industry

How much does Jasper Boss Mode cost?

Jasper is a subscription-based AI writing software with two different pricing tiers: Starter and Boss Mode. The Starter plan price starts at $29/mo and goes up to $499/mo. The Boss Mode pricing starts at $59/mo and goes all the way up to $3600/mo.

How is Jasper Boss Mode different from Jasper Starter Plan?

Jasper Boss Mode can be used to create ANYTHING you want. From longer blog articles to video scripts to novels and stories – you can write almost anything. Jasper starter plan is only useful for short content such as headlines, meta descriptions, etc.

What if I’m not happy with Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper offers a 5-day refund policy. So you can get a full refund of your money if you send a refund request email to [email protected] – so you’ve nothing to lose. 

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Final Thoughts on Jasper Boss Mode

Jasper AI Boss mode is the most incredible plan that can be used to create any type of content you want. Whether you’re looking to publish in-depth articles, product reviews, or video scripts, Jasper Boss mode is a perfect choice.

The best part? It is extremely easy to use. Just give some input, and let Jasper AI create content for you automatically.

So what do you think about the Jasper Boss mode? Are you going to try it out? Have any questions about it? Let us know in the comments. 

How to Use Jasper Boss Mode

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