More Efficient COVID Screening and Response with Technology Rentals

If you’ve traveled in the last year, chances are you’ve been screened for COVID-19. Since cruise ship travel resumed in June, travel and tourism operators have enacted vaccine and testing requirements to avoid further disruptions which have cost these companies millions of dollars during the pandemic. With strict CDC guidelines, these companies are now employing nurses and other trained medical professionals to administer COVID testing prior to disembarkment.

How it works

COVID-19 antigen or PCR tests prior to disembarkation will be administered onboard and paid for by the cruise line for those guests who require a test to return home. If a PCR test is required for any travel home, the cruise line will administer and pay for a PCR test, only for those guests whose home country specifically requires a PCR test.

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For passengers, you’ll be able to sign up for your test using an application on your phone or device. This application allows you to not only book appointments, but also identify yourself during a screening appointment and when entering the premises of the service provider (e.g. cruise ship, event, or airline).

For business organizations, this application serves as a one-stop-shop for various organizations to effectively manage that their employees, passengers, and guests have tested negative for COVID-19 before entering their premises.

Once the cruise line, traveling company, event organizer, or airline has decided upon an efficient mass health screening application, the next step is for them to secure the technology they need to manage all of that data – and additional PPE equipment to keep it sanitary.

Devices for efficient COVID-19 screening

Technology rentals from allow organizations to use our devices to manage the medical screening of their employees, guests, and passengers efficiently, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

Most screening applications offer multiple ways to register patients (e.g. migration, self-registration, registration by sampling personnel). Self-registration can be extended by appointment booking, advanced user eligibility verification (e.g. by ticket ID), or online payment. Sampling personnel will then use the mobile screening app to assign test kits to patients, collect the results, and gather data.

Here are some of our most popular device rentals for COVID-19 screening and how they are used:

iPhones: Preloaded with your choice of screening software, iPhone rentals will arrive ready to go. Controllers will use a mobile app to check test compliance when patients enter the premises of the service provider (e.g. at the entrance of an event, during boarding to a plane, boarding a cruise ship). Controllers don’t access medical data, only the assessment result.

Handheld Scanners: Employees, attendees, guests, and passengers will all have a unique QR code that gives the medical company access to the data they need to assess your test result. Handheld scanners are great because of their portability and seamless integration with other rental devices.

iPads and Laptops: Tablet and laptop rentals are great for managing users, premises, and gathered data via the web portal for your screening application.

Sanitizing and Screening Rentals

Accutemp Temperature Screening KioskWhile providing organizations with the tools to effectively screen for the COVID-19 virus is vitally important, it’s equally important to keep the equipment used sanitary along with your passengers’ hands – and not to mention temperature screening devices to efficiently scan for elevated temperatures in between COVID screenings. Here are some of the most recommended sanitizing and temperature screening equipment:

Accutemp temperature screening kiosk: With an 8″ iPS Full View LCD and stand included with the rental, the Accutemp Temperature Screening Kiosk is easy to set up, features a touchless design, and supports facial recognition, even while wearing a face covering. With the ability to scan temperatures within five seconds or less with a 99.7% accuracy, your employees and visitors will be pre-screened for entry into your place of business in no time. Learn more about the Accutemp Temperature Screening Kiosk.

UV-C Sanitizing Charging Locker: Keeping your employees’ or visitors’ phones charged is important, but their health and safety are the number one priority. With custom branding available, our phone charging stations come equipped with bacteria-killing UV-C lights in each chamber.

UV-C Sanitizing Shell: As a budget-friendly yet effective safety solution, our new low-maintenance and fully brandable standalone sanitizing dispensers are able to fit into any environment.

Touchless Hand Sanitizers: We all need to do our part in an effort to create a safe environment. We’re able to seamlessly add our new touchless hand sanitizing stations to any existing charging station product.

The importance of COVID-19 screening

The travel and events industries have taken a huge setback during the pandemic, cementing the need for efficient screening processes. The latest obstacle, the COVID-19 Omicron variant, has re-emphasized the need for safe health practices for cruise lines, events, and airlines alike. 

A number of cruise ship passengers have already been infected since the cruise industry resumed in the summer, so stricter guidelines are beginning to be enforced like wearing masks while not eating/drinking, more COVID and temperature screenings, and additional sanitizing equipment.

These stricter guidelines can easily be achieved due to technology rental companies like that are already familiar with all of these procedures and can advise your company on how to proceed with the new COVID variant.

Thanks to rental companies like, we can continue to enjoy life similarly to how we enjoyed it pre-pandemic.

Short-term technology rentals for better COVID-19 response

Are you looking into a device rental so your cruise ship employees can efficiently ensure that employees, passengers, and guests have tested negative for COVID-19 before entering their premises? Our iPhone rentals are perfect for running screening applications and can even be preloaded with the app of your choice before it is shipped to your company.

Tech Travel Agent TonyOnce you have your employees equipped with iPhones, you might be looking into iPads or laptop rentals in order to manage all of the screening data coming in from both employees and guests. Like our iPhones, these devices can also be preloaded with any software necessary to screen employees and guests. Learn more about how renting technology works.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact Tony Cipollone, one of our experienced Tech Travel Agents. Tony has worked with a number of medical companies, cruise lines, and event professionals during these trying times of COVID and can give you informed instructions on how to proceed with technology rentals for COVID-19 safety and screening.

Tony can answer any questions you have about computers and other necessary equipment, as well as the renting process. Contact Tony today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 241 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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