The 15 Best Natural Body Lotions, Hands Down

I’m going to be honest with you: Writing about beauty has made me a lot pickier about my bodycare routine. It just comes with the territory. I’ve learned a lot about what ingredients are generally winners and which ones to avoid, but I’ve also just learned a lot about what my skin does and doesn’t tolerate. My skin is actually pretty sensitive and doesn’t always react well to harsh or heavy ingredients in body lotions so I decided it was time to go the organic route. 

Just to clarify, products labeled as “organic” usually still have some kind of synthetic ingredients in them to preserve and stabilize the formula. Synthetic ingredients don’t automatically equal bad. But it is nice to use a body lotion or two that isn’t loaded with dyes, parabens, or strong fragrances. I’ve tried quite a few natural body lotions over the years and I can say with confidence that the ones on this list are the best—especially if you’re like me and have sensitive skin. For the best natural body lotions and oils to incorporate into your routine, take a peek below and find your new favorite.

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