The Advantages of Tax Season Rentals

During busy accounting periods like tax season, sometimes the equipment you have on hand just isn’t enough. And when you have a lobby full of anxious clients waiting to have their taxes filed, this isn’t the best time for all of your accounting clerks to be sharing printers, copiers, or workstations. Many businesses even decide to hire additional workers during the busy tax season, which means the equipment you have on hand may be even more backed up with jobs waiting to be completed.

With potential new hires and an influx of new clients in the first few months of the year, your office copiers and printers can quickly become overwhelmed. A flexible printer, copier, or workstation rental is a great way to deal with a sudden increase in workload. With a printer or copier rental, you’ll eliminate long-term capital expenditures for short-term isolated issues.

Printers, copiers, all-in-ones, and workstation rentals are great for:

  • Spikes in document production requirements like audits, litigation, regulatory submissions, or corporate mergers.
  • Season peaks like tax time or year-end reporting

When you’re busy with year-end reporting, tax season, or other stressful periods, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your equipment can handle the job requirements. This is a great time to consider technology rentals for these times of increased production – after all, they may even qualify for a tax deduction.

Rental equipment is tax-deductible

If your business is in need of rental equipment for this busy tax season, or for other purposes, you may be eligible to deduct the cost from your taxes if you follow the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) guidelines. The IRS allows business owners to claim a deduction for any expense that is necessary for the operation of their business. The only requirement is that the rental equipment must be reasonably relatable to the business in which you operate.

For example, if you own a tech company and need to host training classes, computer or workstation rentals would qualify as a deductible business expense. Or if you own an event production company and need to rent dozens of iPads or laptops specifically for an event, this would also qualify as a deductible business expense.

When to deduct these rental expenses depends on the accounting method you use. If you use the cash method to report income and expenses, then you should claim the expense in the year you pay for the equipment rental. However, if you use the accrual method, you must claim this expense in the same year you start using the equipment – which may not be the same year you pay for the rental fee.

For example, if you’re going to be using technology rental equipment for your business event in 2022 and you sign the rental agreement and prepay in December 2021, you would deduct the expense on your 2021 return if you’re using the cash method but you would wait until 2022 to claim a deduction if you’re using the accrual method.

Whether your business is a corporation or sole proprietorship will determine how to report your equipment rentals to the IRS. If you operate your business as a corporation, you should report your equipment rental deduction directly on the corporate tax return on Form 1120. However, if you are a sole proprietor, you should report your equipment rentals and all other business deductions on a Schedule C attachment to your tax return.

Best rental equipment for document overflow

Our office equipment rentals can help bridge the gap between the capacity of your current machine and the demands of your business allowing your team to print jobs quickly and easily without all the wait. 


From black and white high-speed models to full-color machines with the ability to duplex, staple, collate, scan, and fax, our floor model copier rentals can print up to 90 pages per minute on a variety of paper sizes. Our HP copiers have an extra-large input capacity and versatile paper-handling options to handle big print jobs fast. The Sharp MX series is designed for big, heavy-duty printing jobs. Ricoh copiers are known for delivering fast-paced copies with a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi.


For smaller offices, a behemoth like a floor model or multifunctional copier may not be practical. When your tax preparers need to print small tax return jobs in-office, our desktop printer rentals give your team the capacity to print more client paperwork without ever leaving their desks. 

For high-volume black and white printing, our HP Laserjet rentals offer 1200 x 1200 dpi printing up to 40 pages per minute. If you plan to have a small group of tax preparers sharing a copier, our Brother HL series rentals can deliver higher print volumes at a low cost per page. Finally, if you need all the bells and whistles of a floor-size multifunctional copier in a space-saving design, the Canon Imageclass series offers print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities on your desktop in both color and black and white. 



If you’re employing new workers during the busy season, you may not have a sufficient amount of computers to keep them busy. This is where powerful Windows-based workstations from HP, Dell, or Lenovo come into play. There are multiple options when it comes to workstation rentals, whether you’re looking for portability, multiple processors, increased RAM, or even high-end graphics. While renting a gaming PC for tax season may be overkill, a workstation or mobile workstation rental may work perfectly during hectic times in business.

Workstation rentals

Paper shredders

Does your office perform a lot of shredding during tax season or at the end of the year? Shredding documents is a great way to protect your clients’ data that potential criminals could use to commit identity theft. Whether it’s a copy you made a mistake on, extra copies that clients brought in, or unused paperwork when you need to destroy hefty amounts of paper at your office and on your schedule, a paper shredder rental delivers the solutions you need. Powerful enough to shred CDs, 30-50 gallon shredders give you the flexibility to shred massive amounts of paperwork without worrying about sorting out staples and paper clips.

Printers, copiers, and workstations delivered to your office

For many offices, bringing in seasonal help like temporary tax preparers and administrative staff is necessary to ensure the additional workload can be handled. Equipment should be treated no differently, as printing massive amounts of paperwork for your files plus your clients’ personal copies can mean an extra workload that your current equipment isn’t prepared to handle.

Our multifunctional copier rentals, desktop printer rentals, and other office equipment rentals can give you the capacity you need to meet the needs of your clients. You set the terms of your rental, including how long you need to keep your copier, how many prints you’ll need, and the size and brand you want, and we deliver it to you – putting you in the driver’s seat of controlling your budget. has the equipment you need to meet your deadline as efficiently as possible. Our skilled technicians ensure that all of your office technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your office to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your copier and printer rental needs today!

Tech Travel Agent TonyAre you looking for a short-term rental of copiers, printers, shredders, or other tax office equipment? You’ll have peace of mind knowing Tony Cipollone has vast experience in renting computers, printers, copiers, servers, wifi hotspots, tablets, and more for tax offices. Tony can answer any questions you have about renting tax office technology or anything you need–in any quantity, for any type of event. Contact Tony today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 241 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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