The Top Fall Trends, According to Nordstrom’s Fashion Editor

Nordstrom is a go-to retailer for basically everyone on the WWW team. As a result, we cover trending products from the brand on the regular. It’s also intriguing to learn what actual Nordstrom staffers are gravitating toward for further style exploration. One of the said industry insiders happens to be Nordstrom’s senior managing editor, Kate Bellman.

In her role, Bellman is responsible for leading editorial content and defining Nordstrom’s style and tone. So, yes, it’s pretty clear why her picks and sartorial point of view are of interest. On that note, Bellman shared the fall trends she personally thinks are important. The looks in question also happen to be key for customers as well. 

Keep scrolling for more. You’ll also find product recommendations from the Nordstrom Made brands we all know and love.

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