Things Everyone Who Just Got Glasses Should Know

Glasses have been here for centuries, yet there are still some mistakes that all glasses wearers make, especially if you are someone who just got glasses. Getting glasses for the first time can be overwhelming since you have to figure out many things. Along with that, new glasses wearers find wearing glasses or managing them difficult.

If you are experiencing the same, then we have something that can help you out. We understand that it is difficult to manage your glasses for the first time. Therefore, below are the things everyone who just got glasses should know.

The easiest way to find your glasses

Whether you have been wearing glasses for a long time or have just started to, you must have encountered times when you could just not find your glasses. Such instances can make you feel frustrated as well as annoyed. One of the best tips is to add either glow-in-the-dark paint or tape your glasses to a small area of your glasses. This will help you find your glasses in the dark.

Also, when you cannot find your glasses in light, you should use your phone camera to do the same. This is the easiest way to find your glasses while the lights are off or on.

Keep a spare pair

No matter how much you take care of your glasses, you may encounter an incident where your glasses might break. This is why it is recommended that you keep a spare pair of glasses with you. Make sure that you keep this pair with you at all times; else, it would defeat their original purpose.

You do not have to invest a lot in your frames. You can go for any cheap and trendy eyeglasses found at your nearest drug store. The only thing you need to take care of is the power while buying a spare pair. Keep the power of the pair upgraded.

Go for UV protection

UV Protected Sunglasses

There are several additions that can further improve your glasses. A necessary addition that every glass wearer should go for is UV protection. Adding a layer of UV protection to your glasses will put you at ease while wearing your glasses on sunny days.

On the other hand, if you want to go for any other addition, you can always get prescription sunglasses. Despite what option you choose, make sure you wear these glasses while out in the sun to protect them from UV protection.

Don’t put your glasses to your head

It is common for glasses wearers to slide their glasses on their heads while taking a break from them or while doing something else. However, you should never put your glasses on your head. This is because it has the potential to damage your glasses. Sliding your glasses onto your head stretches your glasses making them looser.

On the other hand, bacteria and other dust can catch onto your glasses while they are on your head. Since your glasses are the closest to your eyes, you would not want bacteria, dust, or other particles on them.

Clean your glasses daily

You need to clean your glasses daily, whether they are dirty or not. Cleaning your glasses regularly would keep them clean and your vision clear as well. Along with that, clean glasses help you avoid eye infections or bacterial transmission to your eyes.

Clean glasses also last longer. Along with cleaning your glasses, make sure you take proper care of them. Always keep them in case they come in. Do not use anything but a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses. Most importantly, make sure you get them serviced whenever required.

Take a break

Constantly wearing glasses can also strain your eyes. So, make sure that you take a break from them. While you do so, close your eyes and rest them for a while. If you are someone who recently buy glasses, make sure you take your glasses off whenever you feel dizzy.


Apart from these things, make sure you avoid extreme temperatures as they can damage your glasses. Remember these tips as they will help you manage your glasses effectively. That was all! Now you know all the things you should know as a glasses wearer.

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