This Is the Airport Outfit Everyone Is Wearing in 2022

When it comes to travel outfits, comfort is one thing that is always top of mind when I’m getting dressed. That often means that my looks have revolved around leggings and sweatpants because it simply doesn’t get more comfortable than that. Recently, though, I’ve been feeling inspired to get dressed in airport outfits that feel more polished, but still have the elements of comfort I’ve grown used to when wearing loungewear.

That is where the outfit micro-trend I’ve noticed picking up lately comes in. Recently, I’ve seen a growing set of celebrities and fashion insiders wearing a specific low-key outfit formula involving a hoodie, blazer, and jeans that is primed for flights. It incorporates the coziness of a sweatshirt, pairing it with relaxed straight or wide-leg jeans and an oversize blazer for a look that is comfortable, yet tailored. Ahead, see how to style the 2022 airport outfit uniform and shop the looks.

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