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My hands are shaking and it’s not because of my dance moves.

Staring at the girl just a foot away from me through the smoke of the nightclub, I was supposedly “in with a chance” but it didn’t register. The girl in front of me was a model 8 years previously in Chile and now she was the boss of the sales department I was working in. She stood 5’11”, caramel skinned, long black hair down to her curvy behind and DDs that she just couldn’t conceal from the world no matter what she wore.

In the past 4 weeks since she joined the company, all the other guys in our department had tried everything to get their wicked way with her. One guy invited her to dinner. Another just wouldn’t stop pestering her with text messages. Once I started talking to her in Spanish, I blew all the other guys out of the water.

“Vamos al hotel?” (Shall we go back to the hotel?) she asked in her distinctly Chilean Spanish.”Vamonos” (let’s go) I said, keeping up my 100% record of swooping hot Latina babes from right under the noses of non-Spanish speaking douchebags.

When we got back to her place, I unbuttoned her dress to reveal those large breasts. The panties came off with no resistance.

I had the last laugh that night because…

…most guys travel to Latin America without knowing how to talk to the local girls in Spanish…

…Which presents a HUGE opportunity for any man who learns the secrets of gaming Latinas in their own language.

Now be honest with me. If you’ve traveled to Latin America before, what was the biggest barrier to meeting the local women?Your level of Spanish right?

The harsh reality is…if you don’t speak any Spanish the only girls available to you will be gold diggers and prostitutes. If you can’t communicate properly then you’ll be scraping right at the bottom of the barrel. That chica will be with you based on your looks or money. Good luck finding a high-quality girl, a wife of even girlfriend material amongst that lot.

If you do happen to come across a high-class Latina while you’re there, as soon as you make your move in broken Spanish she’ll see you as just another gringo backpacker who is too lazy to make the effort to learn the local language. Consider your Spanish level a factor if you want to meet quality girls in Latin America, assuming you don’t want to pay.

I’ve been in Latin America for four years now and I’ve seen many western guys get played left and right by seductive hispanic women.

And I’m not just spending bucket loads of cash and promising “green cards” to attract shallow girls. Far from it. I build real rapport, respect and attraction all with my Spanish game skills.

But the truth is, I didn’t even know about the power gaming South American women in their own language until…

Eight years ago I was probably in a similar situation to you right now.

I was tired of the dating culture in the US where attractive women wouldn’t look twice at me unless I was a famous athlete, on television or looked like a male model. Do you know what I’m talking about?

My long term girlfriend had dumped me. Let’s just say it was “against my wishes”. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.

I was worried about the future, about finding a wife, having children. I eventually wanted to settle down with a feminine woman when I got older.

The question was, How can I improve my dating options? How can I get away from everything for a while to get over this break up?

The thing is, I’d always been hypnotized by Latin women. The swaying hips, tanned skin, voluptuous curves and jet black hair. The way they dress is just so damn feminine.

At one point I’d finally had enough of admiring Latin women from afar. I knew I had to visit some of these countries and experience the girls for myself so I decided to go to Latin America to recharge my batteries and get away from it all. I was sure my ‘exotic foreigner’ value would be enough to get the top-league women.

So it’s 2006 and I head to Costa Rica hoping it would be a new chapter in my dating life…

…and I was struggling…the only girls I could communicate with were foreign exchange students or backpacker girls from the US, Canada and the UK who drank at the same Irish-themed bars that I did.

Whenever I tried to approach a local beauty, she would strain to understand my butchered Spanish and then make a face and turn away.

The only local girls who showed any interest were the bottom-of-the-barrel chicks, who turned out to be “prepagos” (pros). Not my thing.

I didn’t want to be like a those pathetic gringos I saw who come to Latin America just to spend money on prostitutes.

Beginner Spanish learners will benefit from the course’s efficiency in focusing in on the bare essentials that you’ll need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking girls. Instead of spending an hour learning the words for pets and household items on Rosetta Stone, with Pickup Spanish you’ll immediately sort out how to carry on a conversation with Latinas, get their number and get them back to your Airbnb, apartment, hotel or hostel.

Pickup Spanish was extremely helpful, and I’d heartily recommend it for anyone who needs a quick crash-course and introduction to Spanish. If you’ve got a trip coming up in a month, you’ll reap the rewards of sweet Latina pussy far more with Pickup Spanish than a generic Spanish textbook, or Rosetta Stone.

I don’t plug products that I don’t believe in. And Pickup Spanish is the real deal.

But these painful experiences did have a positive long-term effect on me.

They made me realize that I had to get serious about learning Spanish to have any chance of distinguishing myself from all the other thirsty foreign guys chasing after the same group of local women.

Once I got back home and I studied religiously to learn Spanish. I threw myself into improving my Spanish any way I could, my visions of tropical countries full of ripe and perfectly tanned Latinas giving me more than enough motivation.

I watched the same Mexican movies over and over, learning the dialogues verbatim. I listened to songs and rapped along to improve my flow of words and pronunciation. I studied grammar books. I carried around reminder cards with verb conjugations on them.

After all this study I decided I was ready to give Spanish speaking girls another shot and moved to Mexico armed with my new knowledge of Spanish grammar.

…Well, I’d gotten better. I could now talk about the weather. I got compliments on my accent and pronunciation.

But I wasn’t leading the conversations anywhere romantic or sexual.

I still wasn’t doing well with latin women. I knew it wasn’t enough. I knew that Pilmsleur Spanish or Rosseta Stone would not teach me the kind of conversations that I wanted to have with attractive women. I was disappointed. My Spanish was better but I still wasn’t seeing results. I was fluent. I knew all the grammar but I had over-studied. I’d studied stuff I didn’t need to know.

I was disappointed. Because…let’s be honest with each other here…

Pickup Spanish is an absolute necessity for any man planning to travel to Latin America. I’ve seen the man work in Spanish and it’s smooth. Hell, I even can utter some smooth Spanish lines after I used his program for a few months and went out with the man.

I owe you my success! I have a WhatsApp full of women that I wouldn’t have been able to get without Pickup Spanish.

Now around this time I met a guy called ‘Martin’. Martin worked as a teacher giving a course titled ‘Business English’. He taught Mexican business men the verbiage, lines and tactics that they could use in business meetings and negotiations. While Martin’s Spanish wasn’t as fluent as mine, he seemed to be able to seduce in Spanish better than I could.

So one day, I decided to take action and ask him. Here’s the thought bomb he dropped on me that day:

I went back to all of my Spanish language materials and stripped everything non-essential leaving only the words and phrases I would need for attraction and dating. I lasered in on the Spanish I would need to hook up and ruthlessly eliminated every superfluous Spanish phrase. I studied every resource in the ‘pickup community’ and looked at it through the lens of Spanish. I was like a mad scientist or something…scribbling down pages of notes on how to seduce in a second language.

Once I combined Pickup techniques with my Spanish…

I took off. I was golden.

I could now enjoy an entire continent of curvy, ultra-feminine women who make great mothers with their wide hips and motherly instincts.

I arrived back to the United States a few months later in an odd, Zen-like state after destroying all of my old limitations about certain girls being “out of my league” and what types of girls I could get.

“After doing an initial 4 weeks learning Spanish in formal education in Uruguay I decided to use Pickup Spanish because I wanted to take back control of my schedule, give myself the time to practice conversations in the flesh as well as trying to improve my skills when it comes to attracting high quality women (as well as being significantly cheaper compared to what I was paying in Uruguay).

The 4 weeks of Pickup Spanish, after my initial 4 weeks in Uruguay, helped to propel me much further forward in terms of my speaking skills giving me great reference experiences both from a language and pick up perspective. It will continue to help in the future and has some incredibly innovative learning techniques that I have never seen in the formal education institutions.

Highly recommended if you want to build your Spanish quickly and get into conversations with beautiful Latin women.”

Pickup Spanish is not only beneficial, it’s almost essential for any man that likes Latin women. Traveling to Latin countries combined with the necessary Spanish language skills to meet and charm young and attractive local girls is an experience of a lifetime. To connect with these great girls you absolutely need to be able to communicate verbally, there are no shortcuts, and Pickup Spanish teaches you exactly that in the most efficient and simple way possible. This program was great for me because it opened up many opportunities and led to some experiences that would not have been possible had I not known the basics of the language, specifically tailored to allowing me to converse with the local women. Greatly recommended, and you will not regret it! ”

Pickup Spanish is the first online system teaching guys Spanish targeted for dating and attraction.

Foreigner exoticness & Dating Level Spanish = You’ll be dangerous. You’ll slaughter all the local competition and other gringos so badly its almost not fair.

This is your opportunity to cash in on something that all the other gringos traveling to Latin America without a lick of Spanish are going to ignore. You might meet other foreign guys in Colombia or Argentina who are taller, blonder, richer and better looking than you but if you know ‘Pickup Spanish’…

I’ve done ALL the work for you. I’ve spent four long years in the trenches doing all the research to discover every technique available for non-native speakers of Spanish.

In my years of learning Spanish to increase my dating options, I’ve studied every single book, ebook, CD and course I could find.

But I was never satisfied by what I could find.

I’ve developed and refined this system with the help of experienced international playboys as well as experts in the field of second language acquisition.

The Pickup Spanish system uses established techniques such as mnemonics, repetition and word-association to ensure you know all the Spanish words you need to meet, attract, date and close stunning latina women.

This ensures complete privacy – no embarrassing packages in the mail, no DVDs to hide, no ebook that you have to worry about people finding on your laptop! Just log in to the site with your unique username and password. Its that simple!

The site is very exciting because it’s dynamic –meaning it will be updated and expanded so you’ll get more value for your money. Members get every update without having to pay for the new version.

You can dynamically interact with the author and if you don’t understand something the author can expand or update the site.

A typical book could never offer a service like this. This is revolutionary and will ensure your success. It also eliminates risk, because if you’re unsure about something, all you have to do is ask and the information can be instantly updated to help you.

The ’80/20 Principle’ or ‘Pareto’s Law’ applied to the Spanish language says that a small number of words in the entire Spanish language will give you disproportionate results. Here you will learn how to hack the Spanish language. We will show you how to convert many thousands of words you already know in English into their Spanish equivalents. You will learn the minimum amount of verbs and vocabulary that you need to communicate in record time. These are the fundamentals that you will need to master before we add the following three ingredients

• Unit 1: Vocabulary Generator
• Unit 2: Familiar Friends
• Unit 3: Verb to Noun Construction

• Unit 4: Adjective to Adverb Creation
• Unit 5: Power Verbs – The Big 6
• Unit 6: Verb Families

This module covers messaging, chatting to and getting to know girls on various dating and social networking websites. We will help you get as much attention as possible to your profile, show you how to maintain chats with girls and get them keen to meet you. You’ll have so many dates lined up your problem will be time management.

• Unit 1: Latin Profile Composition
• Unit 2: Mass Messaging – Smashing The Online Piñata
• Unit 3: Online Chatting & Building Trust

• Unit 4: The Virtual Bounce
• Unit 5: Spanish SMS Game and Meet Up Organization
• Unit 6: Hacking Badoo, Tinder And Cupid in Latin America

Day Game focuses on starting conversations and getting numbers during the daytime. Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be getting intimate on the same day you meet her. This stage is all about breaking the ice, not scaring her away, getting her contact details to set up a later date. We’ll guide you on the wrong & right mindset as well as all the material you need to start and continue conversations in a wide variety of daytime locations

• Unit 1: Spanish Ice Breakers
• Unit 2: The Amigos Chat
• Unit 3: Hispanic Humor & Flirting
• Unit 4: Grandes Historias: Your Back-Story

• Unit 5: Insta – Date
• Unit 6: Adios & Number Acquisition
• Unit 7: Specific Venue Vocabulary

When you hit the bars, clubs and other nighttime venues in Spanish speaking countries you will need a different arsenal of Spanish skills. Loud music, male competition and a plethora of short skirts and high heels will put your Spanish to the test. This is where you’ll find the hottest talent and the best chance of a quick hook-up. But it won’t be easy. We’ll make sure you are ready. We’ll prime you with all the vocabulary you need to ensure you clean up:

• Unit 1: Ideal Nighttime Venue Identification
• Unit 2: Macho Approaching
• Unit 3: Disarming amigas and amigos

• Unit 4: After-party, taxi home and logistics
• Unit 5: At your casa
• Unit 6: Bedroom Seduction Spanish

Detailed city overviews, top-secret insider tips and information on the Dominican Republic. Want to know the hotels that will allow you to bring girls back? Where are the best clubs for finding the most attractive women? Where are the safe areas and those that are not so safe? How not to get ripped off? It’s all here. This PDF book will be delivered instantly by digital download.

International playboy and Colombia expert Nacimiento has written an insider guide on how to pick up the famously beautiful women of Colombia. Nacimiento has offered exclusive free access to his 100+ page Gaming ‘Grade A’ Colombian Women resource for everyone who orders Pickup Spanish. Gaming ‘Grade A’ Colombian Women takes you inside the mind of the man that knows what turns an average foreigner in Colombia into a master with a harem. This PDF book will be delivered instantly by digital download.

Masculine Profiles is a travel blogging heavyweight and international playboy. He is sought after for his expertise in online dating, budget travel and gaming foreign women. Masculine Profiles has offered exclusive free access to his 140 page A Bachelor’s Guide to Central America to everyone who orders Pickup Spanish. This book is THE Bible for men who want to visit Central America to meet women. The country guides, from Costa Rica to Panama and El Salvador are outstanding. It is an excellent roadmap for becoming an international playboy instead of a sex tourist.

Everything in the course is entirely digital. You’ll be given access to the complete Pickup Spanish portal and all complimentary resources through the secure members area. You’ll also be added to an exclusive updates & improvements mailing list, to ensure you always have access to the latest Pickup Spanish content.

Listen, I don’t want the major cities of Latin America to be played out. I don’t want it to get to the point where a girl in a mall in Medellin, Colombia says “why does every foreign guy keep asking me the same thing?”. Imagine if hundreds of guys all sent the same instant message to the same girl on Dominican Cupid? The effectiveness of this material would be diluted. The good times will be over.

Part of the reason I’m only allowing 300 guys in is that so that I can make it private and so NOT EVERY GUY CAN DO THIS.

We back our instructional course with our “100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee!”

If you don’t learn anything that dramatically improves your Spanish and helps you seduce Latin American women, we’ll refund your money and let you keep the 3 bonuses just for giving the course a try.

We’ve created this guarantee for the honest 99% that are naturally skeptical – the group you represent – not the 1% out to take advantage of the offer.

Just email explaining why you’re not satisfied and we’ll process your 100% refund as quickly as possible.

Just click on the GET STARTED RIGHT NOW button on this page. Follow along through the checkout process. Once your transaction is complete, you’ll get an email from us with your username and password, and where to go to login into our Pickup Spanish portal. You pay once… and you get to use this system for as long as you want… and then every single month you get access to new information…

To your success and I’ll see you in Latin America,
El Conquistador

P.S. Wouldn’t you like to be able to prove to your family, friends and people who’ve doubted you that you can get hot women? Wouldn’t you like to be able show them some photos of the stunning Latinas you’ve been with? Well, pretty soon, you’ll be able to exactly that.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you’re totally covered by a bulletproof guarantee. If Pickup Spanish doesn’t change your love life with Spanish speaking women, or if you want your cash back for any other reason, you get a full and immediate refund plus you get to keep the bonuses for giving the course a try. No questions, no excuses. What have you got to lose?

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Buy | Pickup Spanish is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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