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These 17 “Miraculous” Weight Loss Benefits Have Been Featured On:

DID YOU KNOW?  Your body can easily burn stubborn and diet-resistant fat. How? By eating foods that when combined and eaten at night produce large amounts of this natural “thinning enzyme.”

DID YOU KNOW? We are being lied to by the mainstream media. Forget deprivation diets. They never work. Oprah is still fat. Dr. Oz was born skinny. Let’s get real. The secret for the rest of us is eating these enzyme-triggering delicious fatty foods. Let God’s natural weight loss agent do its job!

DID YOU KNOW? Combining certain delicious fatty foods makes this enzyme work—no matter where you live. These are foods that were once “forbidden”. Doctors hate this advice. Makes them feel stupid. But they can’t argue with the results. Patients look younger, thinner, and feel fantastic!

Today you can do something about your weight and your health. Something that works fast. Relatively easy too. Nothing this effective is “easy”, but this is as easy as it will ever get. It’s also tasty and satisfying, using ordinary foods you can buy anywhere.

I write this letter to you today full of optimism. Optimism for your future. Our future – one where our nation returns to a healthy and active land.

However, I’ve been sitting back for decades watching people I love die of diabetes. Heart disease. Cancer.

And so many who aren’t dying are hardly living. Just getting fatter and sicker. Aging 10 years for every year they live…if you can call that living.  

This is not how God intended humankind to live…and I believe His message to you is:

You know it’s true. You feel it in your bones. You can see it when you look in the mirror.

Are you thin and vibrant? Or does it hurt to get out of bed every morning? Your gut hangs over your belt. Your thighs rub together. Why step on the scale? What’s the point?

You already know the truth because you see it every day…

…and it’s getting worse.

If you’re still healthy enough to read this letter consider yourself blessed. I’m about to reveal the story of a strange little enzyme. One that your body can make on its own. One that feeds on fat. One that your body has stopped producing due to some bad stuff in our Western foods and soil.

And a simple solution that, of all the crazy things, asks you to eat more fatty foods at night.

I get it. That sounds bizarre. However, you’ll see the science. You’ll see the results others are experiencing. And then you can try it for yourself.

Before I share the good news, I need to introduce you to Stamatis Moraitis. You’ll see how his near-death experience accidentally sparked national interest in this enzyme…

…and accidentally started a health and weight loss revolution…

In 1959, Stamatis Moraitis was in his mid 30’s. He was living in a beautiful community in Boynton Beach, Florida. He and his wife Simone had 3 wonderful children. A big 3-bedroom house. A successful business. They were the picture of the American dream.

A dream that in a matter of weeks turned into an American nightmare.

Stamatis came down with what he thought was a bad cold. His cough wouldn’t go away. It kept him up at night. Simone urged him to go see a doctor.

The news he delivered that day was soul-crushing. He was given a death sentence by his doctor.

He was given just 9 months to live.

Stamatis’ story thankfully didn’t end there. He did something most of us would never dream of doing…

So what did he do? He simply went home. Home to a little island off the coast of Greece where he spent the first 23 years of his life.

Maybe it was seeing old friends. Or the Mediterranean climate. Or the healthier foods. Whatever it was, within a few weeks his energy had returned. A few more months passed. His color returned. His skin improved. He lost 35 pounds simply eating the native foods.

Near the nine month mark, Stamatis booked an appointment with his cancer doctor back in the States. The test results were so unusual, his doctor asked if he’d been taking experimental cancer drugs. “No, I just went back home to die to be honest.”

“Stamatis, you’re not going to die…at least not for a long time. Your cancer appears to be in remission. I can’t explain it.”

No one could explain it. But the rumors of “The Island Where People Forget To Die” seemed to be true, at least for Stamatis, as he died in his sleep of natural causes at 92 years old.

While not quite a universal treatment for cancer, this little island has its fair share of miracle stories. And until recently, the land was shrouded in mystery.

It’s a remarkable place that The New York Times calls “The Island Where People Forget To Die.”

Other publications call it:

The nicknames for this obscure island off the coast of Greece all center around its almost magical powers of health, healing and vitality.

What’s important however is not where this island is but something in the island’s native foods might possibly be able to turn around your health and your life.

University of Athens cardiologist Christina Chrysohoou studied the diet and lifestyle of these islanders for years. But it wasn’t until recent research into one particular enzyme from a team far away in Denmark that this island’s mystery revealed itself…

This thinning enzyme has caught the attention of the medical community. Recent research has sparked national interest with this statement…

So what is it about these island foods that’s elevating this miracle enzyme naturally? And why are these weight-reducing foods so different from Western foods? Dr. Christina Chrysohoou from the University of Athens studied this island to discover the answer. She said:

So can we just start eating these foods ourselves? That’s a common sense question if ever there was one!

Unfortunately, Dr. Chrysohoou doesn’t think so. While these are “healthy” foods, the native versions have elevated enzymatic producers thanks in part to the fertile soil specific to this island.

At that time, a new answer to solving the problems of obesity and health we face here in the West seemed to fly out the window.

However, that was five years ago…

This is such tremendous news if you struggle with your weight and health like so many Americans.

And it’s more than that.

I believe this could end the plague of obesity sweeping our nation. Help us ween off the drugs supplied by Big Pharma (at least most of them.) Regain our youthful zest and vitality.

This enzyme is that important. Our bodies stopped making it in large amounts decades ago. Crappy Western foods, cheap farming practices, pesticides and chemicals in our soil…the reasons why are long and a bit boring.

All that matters is you can now do something about it.

I’m not a doctor. I’m just an average Joe who has been pafsionalty pursuing the truth for almost 40 years. But I took the initial research and teamed up with a team of American experts. Nutritionists, medical doctors, and even a chef.

It took a few years, but we finally cracked the enzyme code. We tracked down the foods grown right here in America that, when eaten at the right time of day and combined together, produce staggering levels of this fat-burning enzyme.

It’s helped me lose over 60 pounds and regain the health I enjoyed in my youth. It gave me more mobility than I’ve had in years. It shut down my cravings for some of the bad stuff I was putting in my body.

I never had to leave America to get it.

You never have to leave home either. You may not even have to walk out your front door.

Before I share the good news about the fat-eating foods you need to start eating today to trigger this amazing weight-loss enzyme…fatty, delicious foods combined at just the right time to produce large amounts of this fat-eating enzyme…

…I’d like to share why I’m on this mission…

My name is John Rowley. Perhaps you’ve seen me recently on Fox News, CBS, ABC, in The Huffington Post, and other major media outlets.

I’ve been sharing how this thinning enzyme breakthrough is forcing medical textbooks to be rewritten. How thousands of folks are now losing weight and regaining their health by eating more fatty foods. How traditional diet approaches will never be used again…

But one talking point has me in hot water. I was a bit too honest as to why big bellies mean big business here in the Western world.

I even carried around this poster just to shock people and get them to see the truth:

I tried to put this on Facebook. They censored me and almost banned my account. No surprises there. Today I’m getting similar backlash from Google just for having this letter online.

So please, read this letter now. I honestly don’t know how much longer it will be available to the public.

Some say I’m too intense. Too passionate. This “American Genocide” thing really sounds scary. “Yes, it should sound scary, because it is!”  I’m standing my ground.

Maybe my website gets censored like so many others have, and only a FEW people are lucky enough to read. Maybe it’s more important to protect certain snowflakes who don’t want the truth.

Then I’ll keep fighting for what’s right.

Hopefully you’re not afraid of the truth like so many people are today.

Yet I really do feel like we’re watching a genocide of our own people at the hands of ourselves. Starchy, sugary foods and pharmaceutical drugs have become the modern weapons of terror. They’re putting us into early graves.

It’s not all our fault. Sure, we put the food into our own mouths, but we’ve been programmed for decades by some pretty shady characters as to what those foods should be.

Billions of dollars are poured into the pockets of Washington politicians to push grain-based foods, cheap man-made cooking oils, and what I call Frankenstein foods. These are foods you may be eating every week believing they’re good for you.

So you’ve been duped, along with just about everyone else. And that should make you mad as hell. I was duped too, so we’re in this together.

And you already know about the fast food industry. They spend even more billions on ad campaigns, and hundreds of millions more on putting addictive chemicals in their foods.

A study published by Gerber et al in The Curriculum of Drug Abuse, a medical journal on substance addiction, revealed chemicals added to fast foods created drug-like dependencies in test subjects.

Take a good, hard look around you.

All around you, heart disease is skyrocketing. Obesity is at near-epidemic proportions. Type 2 Diabetes is now about to hit the 50% mark. Half our country will have diabetes in ten years.

And it’s affecting our kids and grandkids. They suffer the worse. Think about it: did you ever see obese 12-year-olds by the millions when you were twelve? Me neither. Now it’s commonplace.

Thanks for letting me vent. It’s just that I so badly want to see our nation and the world reclaim our health. To help put a dent into this massive wall that stands between us and the life I believe God desires for us both.

That said, I’m guilty myself.

That’s why I’m not casting judgment on you. I’d be throwing the first stone. You see, I was in the same boat as you may be right now. As millions of Americans are this very moment.

Truth is… I haven’t always been healthy. Not even close.

I grew up right outside of New York City. My pops had this Grecian pal named Alexandros. He turned us on to his native way of eating early in my life. We’d enjoy these delicious fatty meals late at night.

Memories I’ll never forget. The laughter. The pure joy of eating.

We were all slim, strong, healthy.

I just thought it was normal. Was I ever wrong…

I left home at 19 and fooled myself into thinking I was smarter than those “old folks.” I studied to be an exercise specialist. I got into low-fat diets… calorie counting… long bouts of hard workouts…

It wasn’t long before I forgot about my roots. For a while my crazy fitness lifestyle worked. In my 20s and early 30s I was pretty fit. I was miserable, eating a diet fit for a Spartan and having no social life, but I was fit.

And then about when I turned 40, it was as if God Himself flipped the light switch off just to teach me a lesson.

My whole life fell apart.

First I got bored. Bored of the strict diet and insanity-level workouts. So naturally I started eating like a madman.

Soon the Western fast foods wrapped their tentacles around my soul. A new food addiction set in…and later kicked into high gear.

I got fat and sick, just like most other Americans. I put on over 60 pounds. But that wasn’t the worst part.

I developed heart disease in my 40s. So serious that I had to have surgery to undo the damage of nearly 25 years of a Western diet. They actually had to crack my chest open.

I was “this close” to death’s door, but I wasn’t about to knock…

I started trying to eat “better”…whatever that means. It was so confusing. I had eaten my way to near-death after all.

I went back to the low-fat “healthy” diet and workouts because that’s all I knew. Months later I was weak. Fat. Sore all over. I just assumed my best days were behind me.

Then one day I picked up a travel magazine. Inside there was an article, The Island of Long Life with the picture you see below.

What is this magical place called?

The article spoke of this island and their people. They are full of life and vitality. Warm smiles, friendly faces, and folks look a decade younger than their age. 80% of the men between 65 and 85 are still very sexually active.  

And where obesity is practically unheard of. This is where it gets the nickname, “The Thinnest City On Earth.”

“What on earth is the secret of Icaria?,” I asked myself. Over and over again. I knew there had to be a way to take their secrets home to America…

The foods the Icarians feast on are almost identical to the foods I ate as a kid. A few differences here and there, but my folks were right all along. (Silly me.)

So the first thing I did was pretty simple: I went back to eating the foods of my childhood. At first, I just felt better. I may have lost a few pounds, but nothing worth writing home about.

A few months later, I teamed up with Chef Solomon, a Grecian food expert, and my cardiologist pal Dr. Joseph Falsone. I told them about Icaria and showed them my own research. I also joined forces with some nutrition pros along the way. Men and women dedicated to the same cause.

It took another seven months of research. The science guys did the hard part. I just tested the foods to see what happened. It was then we realized what other researchers had missed:

I stopped eating as much during the day and started feasting at night. I combined a few foods together during each nightly meal. The rest of my food was just normal, healthy stuff.

Within a few weeks I had dropped 11 pounds. It started to work. The weight really started to come off. My energy returned. My libido too…with a vengeance!

After dropping about 20 pounds, I knew I was on to something. It wasn’t just the weight. My health returned. And I was looking at least 10 years younger.

Sure enough, my levels of the “thinning enzyme” were through the roof.

My career in health was reborn. I ended up losing over sixty pounds of blubber and reversing most of my health problems only eating these fatty, enzyme-rich foods at night.

I even ended up as the Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association. Me, a former fat guy with crippling heart disease. God works in mysterious ways, right?

Let me tell you more about this mysterious fat-burning enzyme…

…and then exactly how you can force your body to make tons of it naturally…

The ground breaking research on this magical enzyme was done years ago. Since then, other researchers have analyzed the bloodwork and unique foods of the Icarian people.

What they found was remarkable levels of an enzyme called Pancreatic Lipase… what we now call Lipase-P.

Now before we go any further please hear this:

Lipase-P is not a supplement, pill, or drug.

This is nothing you take. This is something your body can produce when fed certain fatty foods.

Lipase-P is the strongest form of the fat-metabolizing enzyme made by your pancreas. It literally eats fat for fuel. It’s made by your pancreas only when certain foods are eaten.

What does it do that’s so great?

Remember that old video game Pac-Man? And how that little guy would gobble up all those dots? Picture those dots as globs of fat. Belly fat. Thigh fat. Arm fat. Even face fat. Lipase-P’s only job is to gobble it all up. Then break it down so your body can use it for energy.

That’s pretty great, wouldn’t you agree?

Now not everything is hunky-dory…

And that’s one of the main reasons we’re getting fatter and sicker by the year.

Most American foods trigger little if any Lipase-P production. That’s why so many of us have struggled to lose weight. And since our bodies store fat around our internal organs, we suffer from serious illnesses because of the lack of Lipase-P.

If you’re interested in more of the science of Lipase-P, I’ll cover much more later.

For now, let’s get to the best part of all…

Ordinary foods you can get at any grocery store trigger Lipase-P when eaten at night in the right combination…and they’re absolutely delicious!

What’s awesome is the foods that produce this thinning enzyme can be eaten as often as you want. It’s almost impossible to overeat too. That means no more starving in the name of weight loss.

And we’ve made this powerhouse enzyme even more potent by combining other enzyme-rich foods together in a specific way. One that helps heal your gut. One that digests food lightening fast so your body stops storing it as fat. One that leaves you feeling energized and lean, even after a heavy nighttime feast.

Your body starts to burn its own fat for fuel around the clock.

Your joints and muscles stop hurting all the time.

And you begin to feel truly alive again.

…but that’s what happened.

Once I started to talk about this new way of eating on national news outlets, my name got attached to Lipase-P and the benefits of eating foods that boost this thinning enzyme.

Then it got really crazy. Everyone and their dog came to me for advice. Actors, celebrities, athletes, folks you’d know just by their first name. I’ll leave it at that.

“John, what should I eat?” “What’s the best nighttime weight loss foods?” “Do you have a recipe guide?”

It was a bit overwhelming.

I knew I had to put something together so I could just hand it to anyone who asked me, just to save my sanity. Something simple. A “thinning enzyme” weight loss handbook.

One that spells out exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how much weight you can lose when you do…

*”Eat The Fat Off” is a digital product and images are for visualization purposes only.

This simple little guidebook will walk you by the hand. You’ll discover the fatty foods and enzymatic-boosting foods you should eat (especially at night!) to lose 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more…all while you watch your healthy and vitality soar like never before.

Forget about starving yourself. Say “so-long” to counting grams of fat or worrying about eating out. Never fret about eating late at night ever again—especially right before bedtime.

Eat The Fat Off changes everything when it comes to weight loss and living like you mean it—healthy, vital, full of energy. Like you felt in your prime…

This diet isn’t new. It was born 2,800 years ago in Ancient Greece. Passed down generation to generation. Lost for centuries at one point and later rediscovered by the people of Icaria, Greece.

And today, thanks to scientific breakthroughs made over the past few years, we’ve isolated the miraculous power of Lipase-P. We now know how to force your body to produce massive amounts of this thinning enzyme naturally.

And oh, boy: these foods are spectacularly yummy! Downright addictive foods that your body can’t get enough of—and that’s okay because you NEED TO EAT MORE of them to lose weight and return to vitality!

This means you can eat real food. You can dine at your favorite restaurant. You can enjoy eating tasty, fatty foods without a shred of guilt.

Not just on your “cheat” day. Every day…

Here just a few of the “side effects” of increasing Lipase-P stimulating foods…along with the benefits Eat The Fat Off will bring into your life…

It doesn’t work if you don’t follow it.

In that way Eat the Fat Off is like sunscreen. It doesn’t do a thing for you if you leave it in the tube and don’t apply it.

That’s why the best results come when folks apply these simple principles. Just a few minor tweaks to your meals is all it takes. It’s hardly a “lifestyle overhaul.” Even so, you still have to eat more food and follow my simple step-by-step plan.

And we both know the truth: none of the radical diets, crazy pills or workout gadgets ever have worked for you. Or for me. Or for anyone I know. Right?

You need something that works simply…and simply works. That’s what you’ve found.

Now before I reveal why I cut the price in half, despite what my publisher insisted, I want to level with you…

It’s one thing to know about Lipase-P. It’s another to find the foods and system that just about everyone loves and everyone can do.

That took a lot of time to test and figure out.

That said: You can do this on your own if you want.

If you’re willing to do the research. Mine the archives. Spend a few years in trial and error testing. I am sure you could find your way to a similar approach to Eat The Fat Off.  

To be blunt: I ain’t no rocket scientist.

I had to dig through all of the research. I experimented for almost two years. So in short I’ve been your Guinea pig.

Then I had to create a simple blueprint any everyday guy like me would voluntarily follow to the letter. That wasn’t easy. But with help, I did it.

So if you’re willing to do a few years of research you can figure this stuff out on your own.

Then start to piece together something that may work for you…but:

I’ve already created The Eat The Fat Off System for you. I’ve already put the nutrition plan to the test. The action steps into one short, simple and easy to understand guide.  

I set it up so you can breeze through this. You will put this into action in about 2 hours. That’s it. Short, to the point with zero fluff.  

So I’ll let you decide:

Search the Internet and piece this together for yourself, or just pick up my handbook today.

I think you know which one is the smarter option.

Besides, you’ll spend more at McDonalds than you will on Eat The Fat Off as you’ll see in a second…

I tested this on my most stubborn friends before I ever took it public.

Crazy George is 74 and swore he’d “never eat anything green.” He lost 42 pounds and got his libido back. (His wife thanked me more than he did.)

Susie Q (not her real last name, but she loves the song) is a grandmother of 5 and told me, “John, I lost my figure back in 1989 and it isn’t even going to call me, let alone come back!” I love her sense of humor! And I loved it even more when she dropped 19 pounds the first 21 days.

My best friend’s son used Eat The Fat Off to return to his military weight. “I looked at the diet and wondered how the hell it was going to do anything but make me fat. Well, it made me thin again.”

Then came the TV shows. The media coverage. The secret celebrity phone calls (they prefer “Dr. You-Know-Who” for advice.)

And then came *HUNDREDS of case studies that proved it conclusively:

When I first met Danielle she was preparing for her dream wedding. She was grinding it out in the gym hours every day. Starving herself. Still not meeting her goals.

When she asked me for help, I told her to workout a lot less and to eat foods that trigger Lipase-P. She was skeptical at first but trusted me. She simply followed the protocol you are about to learn.

Her transformation was what I expected. She was shocked because it was the opposite of what everyone else was telling her to do.

She quickly and easily dropped 29 pounds. She looked stunning on her wedding day. Plus she is a mom to boot!

As a wife, mom and business owner I have little time to waste, which is why I started the Eat The Fat Off program. I got it to save time but it has really saved my sanity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life in a minimum amount of time.

–Kristi Frank, star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, as seen on Oprah.

As a full time insurance agent, mom and grandmother, time is of a premium. Taking care of my health and fitness is extremely important to me.

With Eat The Fat Off I was able to target fat loss while eating real food in an extremely efficient way and boy oh boy did it ever melt away the diet and exercise resistant fat I was carrying around. Eat The Fat Off took YEARS off the way I look!

–Jill Grainer, Mom, insurance agent, Pilates instructor (I’m the grandmother in the blue shorts hanging with my girlfriends who are more than 20 years younger than me)

I am eating the weight off just like John says.  To date I have lost 57 lbs. My shortness of breath, knee and back issues have all vanished.

I have changed some of the things I used to eat but I replaced them with healthy alternatives. I still enjoy my food and have the occasional treat like birthday cake.

I know I can eat this way for the rest of my life while taking care of my health.

–Michelle Ann Ulanecki Perez

“As a busy mom, business owner and fitness professional time is very valuable to me. At 50 years old and being a nutritionist I can say without reservation that this is the best way to eat.

I am so thrilled that John finally came out with this program. It takes away all the fluff and what is left will get you into top shape in a minimal amount of time. It is really the foundational concepts that should be the focus and John has captured this in an easy to follow way.”

–Kim Shackleford, NTP, CGP, RWP

“When your doctor asks what are you doing to stay in shape, you know you’re doing something right, especially at 69 years old.”

That is me on the right standing next to my son’s friend who is on the rowing team at Harvard.

When I started following the Eat The Fat Off™ system I was very skeptical to say the least. Eat the fat off, yeah right, like that would work. To my surprise and delight I have lost 35 pounds in the last 60 days. My blood pressure went from  180/100 to 124/84 My blood sugar went from 400 to 120 . All while eating. I ate my fat off and I’m amazed!

*NOTE: Results experienced may not be typical and your results may vary.

Before I tell you the price that pissed my publisher off royally, let me share a few of the specifics with you so you’ll know what to expect and what to do first…

Phase 1 of Eat The Fat Off is what you might expect: elevating your Lipase-P through the roof.

Phase 1’s eating plan was actually documented in part in the writings of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. To this very day, physicians have to take The Hippocratic Oath. He’s the Father of Medicine…and when he said, “Let food be thy medicine,” this Phase is what he meant.

During Phase 1 you’ll eat what I call a ketone-modifier diet. This is different than the “Ketogenic Diet” you have probably heard about. Why is that? Because I include enzymatic gut-healing foods that are the foundation for Lipase-P production.

Without them you won’t kickstart your thinning enzyme production. You’ll just be on another “diet”…and we know that won’t work for you.

It’s critical to not go longer than 12 days on this step. It’s that powerful.

You’ll be tempted to keep going with the weight loss and energy you’ll experience. Just trust me though…

…it gets even better…

Now that your Lipase-P is zooming, it’s time for you to EAT.

You’ll eat delicious foods that you’ll swear MUST be “bad for you”…

…they’re not. They’re the foods that rebuild your hormones. Restore your natural fat-eating enzyme levels. Kick your energy into the next high gear.

The foods you’ll enjoy for LIFE.

And when I say “life”, I mean you’ll stop existing and start really living…

This is a plan proven over the centuries, recently unearthed and refined for 21st century lifestyles like yours and mine.

Eat The Fat Off is the culmination of my life’s work. However, I cheated (kinda.)

Thanks to good luck (and I believe God’s providence) I grew up eating this way with loving parents. I had friends like Stamatis. I discovered early research into increasing Lipase-P’s power by a factor of three times or more. My colleagues came together and helped put Eat The Fat Off to the test.

No man is an island. No one has all the answers. And I simply can’t take all the credit for the results folks like you are seeing with Eat The Fat Off. That would be immoral.

And that’s one of the reasons I priced Eat The Fat Off so low. To me it would be immoral to charge more for this handbook.

I worked hard to test it, sure. I went on a mission to spread this word, absolutely. But I didn’t create it alone. I stood on the shoulders of giants.

And that’s why I feel so passionate about getting this book into the hands of as many people as possible.

That means the price must be 100% FAIR AND REASONABLE… AND:

I thought I’d start at this low price. I’ll keep it there until I simply can’t keep up with the volume of customer support emails. Plus, I get a lot of ‘thank you!’ emails and I think it’s only right to answer them all.

And honestly, this is not some super-fancy book with a million-dollar publisher’s ad budget. This is a simple, comprehensive, blue collar, to-the-point guide book that will give you what you need in as little time as possible.

No fluff, no hype. Oprah isn’t going to add this to her book club anytime soon, ‘cause it ain’t so fancy.

It’ll just transform your body and your life if you apply it. So who cares if it’s just a simple e-book if it will do all that for you.

I am so confident that Eat The Fat Off will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine right now…

…restoring your body’s fat-melting Lipase-P and healing your gut for good…

…which means you’ll lose weight almost without trying as you let your body do what it was designed to do…

…that I’m willing to give you TWO specific guarantees:

Let me front the risk for Eat The Fat Off for you. I’m willing to do that. Use my system for 60 days on my dime. No matter what your goals are (lose weight, regain your health and vitality, etc..) I will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t exceed them, no questions asked…

If you don’t like anything about Eat The Fat Off… the customer service you’ll receive, the look of the book, the ease of the checkout experience you’ll enjoy today… you name it… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your investment.

I won’t be happy unless you are beyond happy. I stand behind this new movement in weight loss, and I am totally committed to YOU and your success.

Just one word of caution…

Eat The Fat Off Is WRONG For You IF:

Oh, here’s my dad and I at his pool. He is in his 80’s in this picture…

If you pass those three tests, you’re in. You are a welcomed friend and customer…

I’ve made Eat The Fat Off ridiculously simple to understand and follow. You can put it to the test tonight. It’s that easy.

Just don’t be tricked by how childlike simple it is.

The Eat The Fat Off approach may appear too simple to work. All I ask is that you just try it. Trust the process. You will see in no time how incredible you will look and feel… GUARANTEED.

Now, to take this from an absolute YES to a YES, RIGHT THIS SECOND!…

…I have a few gifts that will make your journey even more enjoyable.

I insist that you have them free today:

This is John’s breakthrough Eat The Fat Off Principles spelled out for you in a simple, no-fluff, easy-to-read booklet…

The Blueprint that’s helping thousands of folks just like you finally get on the track to weight loss success!

You’ll get a digital copy today, right to your inbox, the moment you say “Yes!”

This is your exact list of foods you need to eat for maximum weight loss…

Foods that you can get right down the street… Simple foods that taste great… AND foods that trigger The Eat The Fat Off Effect!

Alice recently wrote John about her experience with The Eat The Fat Off Grocery Guide, saying:

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This removes all the guesswork on what to eat and when to eat it…

So you are always triggering The Eat The Fat Off Effect…

And let me just tell you: this Blueprint was a lifesaver for me, and for Jeff as well… who said:

“It’s hard enough to be a single dad, yet I know I have to take care of myself and the kids. So imagine my surprise when my I found out that John had literally done the meal-planning for me! It really comes in handy, especially during those super-busy days.”

This is The Eat The Fat Off “Cheat Meals Are Mandatory” Plan that helps you feel free from any guilt the next time you want to splurge…

And enjoy your favorite foods… even desserts…

And know for a fact you’re still right on the plan to lose even more weight!

Laurel raved about this simple, 10-page “Freedom Guide”, as she calls it, saying:

“Okay, I have to admit that I ordered Eat The Fat Off because I felt I had to. It’s the only diet plan that made sense to me. However, I really hate dieting. So the Cheat Your Way Trim bonus really sealed the deal for me. It’s like a freedom guide – I know I’m only a few hours away from anything I want, and that keeps me on track. Thanks John!”

Lipase-P is only produced inside your pancreas. Most of the supplements you see these days now that the word is out are plain-old lipase. That’s the form of the enzyme after it leaves your pancreas.

The trick is to boost levels inside your pancreas. These supplements are a ripoff if you’re wanting the thinning enzyme effect.

Lipase-P is free. It is produced naturally in your pancreas in large amounts if you eat the way I’ll show you in a few minutes.

First, you need to hear about Lipase-P and it’s connection to the current opioid epidemic…

Low Lipase-P is also a key factor in agonizing joint pain and morning and nighttime muscle stiffness. Why? Because when your body can’t digest fat it robs your muscles and bones of nutrients it needs.

A study published by Dr.Richard G. Fessler[2] revealed Pancreatic lipase may be beneficial in treating autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and some food allergies.

We here in the West have been turning to dangerous drugs to solve our pain problems. Opioids now kill over 70,000 Americans every year. Even over-the-counter painkillers like Advil can cause liver and kidney damage. It also causes GERD… that painful acid reflux you may be feeling at night. That’s why increasing Lipase-P naturally is a FAR better answer to pain relief than dangerous drugs.

A study published in World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pharmacology[3] revealed Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy has been shown to treat pain caused in chronic pancreatitis.

Your body wasn’t designed to live on drugs. We both know that. It was designed by a Master Craftsman… at least that’s what I believe. And, while some medications are useful and necessary, many are not. Especially these dangerous opioid painkillers.

And since food is the most powerful drug I need to tell you this:

Your body was never meant to run on cheap food like starchy carbohydrates. I’m talking about too much bread, pasta, squash, potatoes, and sugar. These foods destroy your pancreas’ production of Lipase-P… even if they’re “healthy” carbs.

( Rest easy — I eat some yummy carbs and so will you. Just at the right time. Deal? )

That’s not all: high carb diets also cause inflammation. Inflammation makes your joints, back, and neck hurt even worse.

A study published by Suny Downstate Medical Center[4] shines the light on the connection between carbs and painful inflammation. This study indicates that a diet low in carbohydrates is also more effective than a diet low in fat in reducing saturated fatty acids in the blood and reducing markers of inflammation.

So now you have a double-whammy. These high-carb “healthy food” diets (and junk food, of course) destroy Lipase-P plus cause terrible pain… at the same time.

I bet you thought you were just getting old. I did too. I used to get up in the morning and curse the day before I ever made it to the bathroom. Everything hurt. My back. My knees. My wrist would hurt when I held my toothbrush.

Not anymore. Those days are long gone. And the only thing I did was add specific fatty foods to my nighttime meals…along with enzymatic foods to help heal my pancreas and belly…

Now, I have one more word of warning:

My goal when creating this program was to get it into as many peoples hands as quickly as possible.

Remember The American Genocide I spoke of earlier? My friend, 822 people die every day in America alone from obesity-related disease. I’m called to help stop this genocide.

You are CRITICAL to this mission. That’s why when you join me in this mission today, you can go to sleep this evening knowing, “I did something for myself, sure…but also for my country.” I mean that. Your results will come quickly. You’ll be asked time and time again, “What on earth are you doing to look and feel this good?”

And then you’ll help spread the word.

So be very proud of your decision to join the Eat The Fat Off family today. It’s a wise decision.

Not everyone reading this right now will make that wise decision. And so for them (not for you) I have some tough love to share…

I’ve been 100% honest with you from the start. I’m not going to stop now.

My parting gift to you is a strong dose of reality. A reality you already know. All too well.

You can keep doing what you are doing and reap the same results you’ve been getting. You will add more weight. The odds are good your current lifestyle choices will land you in the hospital or a nursing home long before your time. That is if you live that long…

And even if it doesn’t get that bad, your quality of life will be far less than you deserve.

You won’t have the energy for the things important to you. Playing with your kids or grandkids.  Enjoying weekend activities with your friends. Your favorite hobbies. Before long a walk around the block will seem like a marathon. Even walking up a flight of stairs may become a chore.

Your life will slowly but surely deteriorate… and my friend, let me tell it to you straight:

You will get to the end of your life never having lived it at all.

I know you are going to make a wise decision today. Take control of your health. Start losing weight this very week.

That’s the better path. The wise path. The only path that’s right.

I look forward to walking it with you.

Yours in Grace, Truth, and Health,

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