Wooden Cases

Phoneismobile have a passion FOR WOODEN CASES.  Wood from time over the generations, we can say is the original material of choice for making accessories, they come in different TEXTURE and densities from different woods from different countries around the world, it’s just the general look and feel of WARMTH OF WOOD that’s so appealing.

Newisdom – iPhone 6/6s Shockproof Wood case [Wood over Rubber]

Rocketcases Hybrid

So we shall turn this wooden OBSESSION WITH TIMBER INTO finding and talking about the best wooden cases for MobilePhones all CREATEd OUT OF WOOD.

Where this cases are massed produced these days, differentiating the best ones just by the Label and brand don’t do them good justice, which is why we take our time at not just looking at the materials used but also look at the the type of wood used for production.

Wooden Cases Best Wood – Best of BRANDS

Apple iPhone X Case, Wood Back Case Wood Cover for Apple iPhone X – Made from Real Wood from Snakehive – Rose

Durability: Wooden Cases are porous which makes them very light in weight depending on the amount of Wood used or wood veneer thickness used. 

The porosity  also gives them good shock absorbing properties enabling them to withstand drops and falls from high points, but yet they are durable, while some cases are treated to improve further durability and protection against drying out and becoming fragile, lookout for these ones.


iPhone 6 Plus Case, BELK [Air To Beat] [Slim Matte] Non Slip Wood Tactile Extra Grip Rubber Bumper [Extremely Light] Soft Wood Back Cover, Fingerprint Free Flex TPU Case, Walnut

Some Wood Cases are combined, incorporated or paired with other materials such as rubber, iron and even with durable polycarbonate plastic to name a few.

All these compbinations provide your SmartPhone even stronger resistance and shock protection.

Vesel Wood Series Case – Incorporated with iron and

Vesel Wood Series – Wood & Aluminum iPhone 6s plus Case (Frozen Titanium Gray & Walnut)

These Cases provide you with the option to further make your case even more unique by designing one of your own by way of Custom Engraving of anything you want like your name, a logo or any kind engraved design that comes to your mind, now this is a case that will stand out from the rest that will look like no other as wood is a very customisable material, if not the best.we have tons of pre-made designs to choose from and the feel of the engraved case in their hand.

Funda Novel Carving Wooden Case
Engraved Wooden Cases

YFWOOD Compatible for Wood iPhone 8 Case, Real Wood Engraving Tree Soft Rubber Cushion Shock Absorption Flexible Anti-Scratch Bumper Protective for iPhone 7/8 Case

SNAKEHIVE – Different Woods to Choose

With these cases you get a choice of different types of  wood to choose from as there are different types of wood, for example If you like a dark phone case, just select from rosewood, zebra, or walnut wood, alternatively you may go for a lighter colored Wooden Case, which you get from cherry or bamboo or mahogany for hard wood.

Like wine, wood gets better with age, the the longer you use the Wooden Mobile Case, it starts to look even better due to the oils from your hands, that in turn helps to bring out the grains in the wood as well as different colors, making it appear even better as time goes by.


Carved Live Edge Solid Wood Case – bring out the different colours and grains in the wood

While there are nice looking and slender carved out single-piece wood cases, that are made to run flush with the screen of your SmartPhone for ergonomic aesthetic value that feels nice in the hand.

Some are reinforced with a chassis consisting of different materials like plastic and capped with real wood veneer which could be different woods of choice.

Overall this set up makes the case more resistant to drops and impacts to the floor that could normally curse damage to an only-wood case.

kerf Case – Spalted Maple Wood iPhone 6/Plus Case crafted from a single-piece
Live edge cherry wood from KERF. Handmade Luxury Wooden iPhone Plus and iPhone Cases. Custom Made. Natural Wood.
crafted from a SINGLE piece of wood, lined with natural cork

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